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Tool, Part 2

So, I gather we all agree that Tool are/were badass, artistic, intellectual metal monsters who cannot be
compared to anyone (except perhaps Opeth, whom they are/were FAR superior to)....we went through thier studio catolouge yesterday just in case you've been in suspended animation for the last 20 years and are unfamiliar, today, we get to the meat of the issue......Tool, live shows, demos, rarities, and all THAT good shit.......I said this yesterday, but I think Tool is destined to be one of those bands (think maybe the Velvet Underground, the New York Dolls, The MC5, a few others) who will not be fully appreciated for thier greatness until maybe 20 years down the road......these classic albums will stand up forever, and the brilliance of this more rare material is unquestionable as well.....seriously, I think Tool are one of the greatest of all American rock bands, ever, and I think that in the future, we will appreciate that.....timeless, brilliant music, maybe a "Velvet Underground of the 1990's-2000's" if that makes a bit of sense to ya at all!

So, if you are a Tool fan in the first place, you had all the stuff I put up yesterday......but I had to do it, ya know, a couple of non-argueable CLASSIC albums, some just-short of classic discs, and some damn fine EP's as well......if you are a newb, my God, I can only imagine what you thought....so, anyway, today, we are going to bombard you with the "rest" of my Tool stash, and still, I ask for opinions on whether you wish for me to continue with Maynard's solo project Puscifer, which is interesting at the VERY least.......let me know......

OK, so what can the Big hombre pull out for the discriminating Tool fan? Well, we have a smattering here, let's see........too bad the live shows don't come with visuals as thier concerts are pretty intense, visually,, but so it goes......OK, let s crack open the vault......

Let's start with "Ultra Rare Trax", not sure how "ultra rare" they are, but for sure, it is some bad ass Tool, and that is what we are here for today.....this includes a lot of silly covers (Sublime's "Wrong Way", Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs", etc......), as well as a generous handful of demos and stuff.......might as well start here, Tool neophytes!

Next up we have a very recent discovery of mine, a remixed "Aenima"......Tool's long, complex
compositions lend themselves well  to remix techniques, and this is a surprisingly good album...please check this out, it is worthwhile.

"Tool Oddities" contains all KINDS of weird shit, demos, remixes, live cuts, and tandems with other bands, notably Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit......lots of stuff for the discriminating fan, and a lot of WEIRD stuff, basically for the rest of ya!

"The Tool Shed Demos" (1991) is a fine collection of early versions os some of thier best work, such as "Sober" and "Crawl Away", I think it is fairly rare, fans of the band will REALLY want this one.

Got several live shows, it is unfortunate, as I've said before, that they are not DVD's, because the Tool experience is a good part visual......let's start with a 2006 2-disc show from Vancouver, a perfectly professional rundown through a good bit of thier best stuff ("Stinkfist", "Schism", lots more).

Also from 2006, we have a Rosemont show, 2 discs as well, and  very similar setlist...a good version of "Wings For Marie" highlights this set.

We have a single disc, undated set from a Coachella show, a bit older obviously, as it focusses on the great "Undertow" and "Aenima" material......a fine version of "Prison Sex" highlights the show, "Sober" and "Stinkfist" are here as well in a compelling performance.

Also undated is a NYC show, single disc, but obviously "Aenima" era or so......their finest live number, in my estimation, was always "Pushit" which is here is all it's ugly glory.

Again undated, we have a set from Houston from around the same time, similar set list, "Prison Sex" and "Pushit" are great, and the encore "Sober" brings it all home.

OK, one more....1996 Washington DC.....this is a good single disc set, featuring "Pushit" as well as "Crawled Away", "Hooker With a Penis", and "Bottom".......a great set, from a great fucking band.

Last and by FAR the strangest is "Lullabye Renditions of Tool", the title says it all, strange, strange, strange, but that's what I be here for, right?

One of my very favorite modern day bands as you may have ascertained.......great and brilliant band,
for further listening, check A Perfect Circle whom I profiled here long ago, and if interested, PLEASE inform me that you would like a post on Puscifer, it's kind of an acquired taste, but is rewarding......but I need to know.....you guys want a Puscifer post or not? It's "Tool-Lite", but it is damn interesting at times as well, so PLEASE comment and let me know your preference......but, I will tell you, that post 1990, VERY few bands, I think, have been as great, hard rocking, significant, and thought provoking as have been Tool.........tremendous band, underappreciated for now, but as i said earlier, in the future they WILL be appreciated as influential and brilliant, when the Nicklecrack shit the kiddies are listening to will be relegated to the garbage heap of history.

ULTRA  RARE TRAX-01 Santa Monica & Orange/02 Spasm (Peach Cover)/03 Silly Love Songs/04 You Lied (Peach Cover)/06 Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover)/07 Wrong Way (Sublime Cover)/08 Passenger/10 Cold & Ugly (demo)/11 Hush (demo)/12 Part of Me (demo)/13 Crawl Away (demo)/14 Sober (demo)/15 Jerkoff (demo)/16 No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Cover)

AENIMA (REMIXED)-01 Forty Six & 2/02 Hooker With a Penis/03 Stinkfist/04 No Quarter/05 Pushit/06 Euology/07 Aenima/08 Third Eye

TOOL ODDITIES-01 10000 Days (Secret Synch Track)/02 Crawl Away (demo)/03 H (remix)/04 Hush (String Quartet Tribute/05 Opiate (Limp Bizkit Live Boston 1999)/06 Parabola (Rockabye Tribute)/07 Parabol (Rockabye Tribute)/08 Pushit (Demo)/09 Revolution (Rage Against the Machine/Tool)/10 Schism (Live)/11 Sober (Acoustic Cover-Staind)/12 Sober (interpretation) Mikhail Martynov (Boss Loop Station Contestant)/13  Spasm/14 Stinkfist (Inure Remix)/15 Tool Dubstep Medley (Sober/Stinkfist/Eulogy)/16 You Lied (Peach Cover)

TOOL SHED DEMOS-01 Cold and Ugly/02 Hush/03 Part of Me/04 Crawl Away/05 Sober/06 Jerk Off

VANCOUVER DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Stinkfist/03 The Pot/04 Forty Six & 2/05 Jambi/06 Schism/07 Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned

VANCOUVER DISC 2-01 Intension/Right In Two/02 Sober/03 Lateralus/04 Intermission/05
Vicarious/06 Aenima

ROSEMONT DISC 1-01 Stinkfist/02 Jambi/03 46 and 2/04 The Pot/05 Schism/06 Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned

ROSEMONT DISC 2-01 Wings For Marie/02 10000 Days/03 Laterallus/04 Vicarious/05 Aenima

COACHELLA-01 Intolerance/02 Hooker With a Penis/03 Stare Into the Water/04 Prison Sex/05 Eulogy/06 Stinkfist/7 Sober/08 Pursuit/09 Aenima/10 Opiate/11 Encore

NYC-01 Third Eye/02 Forty Six & 2/03 Eulogy/04 Prison Sex/05 Pushit/06 H/07 Encore

HOUSTON-01 Untitled/02 Useful Idiot/03 Eulogy/04 Prison Sex/05 Pushit/06 H/ 07 Sober

WASHINGTON DC 1996-01 Hooker With a Penis/02 Unknown/03 Crawled Away/04 Unknown/05 Pushit/06 Bottom/07 Stinkfist/08 Prison Sex/09 Stranglehold

LULLABYE RENDITIONS OF TOOL-01 The Grudge/02 Sober/03 Opiate/04 Disposition/05 Schism/06 Parabol/07 Parabola/08 Sweat/09 Reflection/10 Lateralus/11 The Patient

OK, guys.....I put a bit O work into this and I know you will LUUUUUUV it, it's the shit.......any interest in Puscifer, or should I move on to something else? your call....If I get just ONE VOTE one way or the other, that is the way it shall go, so each opinion is REALLY important!

Tool is/was the fucking bomb.........bad ass, heavy, scary, dark, bleak, artistic, intellectual...what more could ANYONE ask?

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