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Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Couple of weeks before we embarked on my retirement/holiday to the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St.
Petersburg Florida, I posted a couple video links to Florida natives Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performing on the roof of that venue, as well as a documentay they filmed there......what the hell I will repost them.....


Once again we had a fine time there, as always, but it got me to thinking that I have a handful of Petty boots I've not shared here.....now, I will say that I am not a HUGE fan of his work 1980 or so, and I don't REALLY know why, he really hasn't changed a lot......I just thought his first three albums were great, saw him in concert about 1978 and he was phenominal, and here are a few bootsfrom that same era......

First up, an old one, 1977to be exact.....great, soon-to-be-classics ("American Girl", "Breakdown", "I Need to Know"), mixedup with stuff like "Dog On the Run" and "Route 66".....a fairly rare and mos interesting early set.

The other two I have here are double disc sets.....from 1979 comes a double disc fom Houston with lots of"Damn the Torpedos" material ("Even the Losers"(my fave), "Refugee", "Shadow of a Doubt" and more, all the classics from the first two albums ("I Need to Know" will loosen your fillings), and as a special bonus, the album ends with rare remixed versions of "Don't Do Me Like That", "Refugee", and "Breakdown".....not to be missed for fans!

The other 2 disc set I have here is from 1980, from Hammersmith Oden, all the songs you'd want to hear, done up right, another fine set from a REALLY good live band, closing with a frantic "Century City".....

Some good stuff here...Petty's had a decent tune or three since "Torpedoes", just hasn't really been on
MY personal radar......if you have any good boots or demos from this era, the world would love to hear them!

ROCKPALLAST 6/14/77-01 Surrender/02 Jaguar and the Thunderbird/03 American Girl/04 Fooled Again/05 Breakdown/6 Listen To Her Heart/7 Strangered In the Night/08 I Need To Know/09 Anything That's Rock N Roll/10 Dog On the Run/11 Route 66/12 Shout

HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Shadow of a Doubt/03 Anything That's Rock N Roll/04 Fooled Again/05 Here Comes My Girl/06 Even the Losers/07 The Wild One, Forever/08 I Need To Know/09 Don't Do Me Like That/10 Cry To Me/11 Refugee/12 Listen to Her Heart/13 American Girl

HOUSTON 6/12/79 DISC 2-01 Breakdown/02 Too Much Ain't Enough/03 Shout/04 Anyway You Want It/05 I Fought The Law/06 Strangered In theNight/07 Route 66/08 Don't Do Me Like That (Remix)/09 Refugee (Remix)/10 Breakdown (Remix)

HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 1-01 Shadow of  a Doubt/02 Anything That's Rock N Roll/03 Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)/04 Here Comes My Girl/05 Even The Losers/06 The Wild One, Forever/07 I Need To Know/08 Don't Do Me Like That/09 Cry To Me/10 Stories We Could Tell/11 Refugee

HAMMERSMITH ODEN DISC 2-01 Listen To Her Heart/02 American Girl/03 Breakdown/04 Too Much Ain't Enough/05 Shout/06 Girls Were Made To Love/07 Strangered In the Night/08 Don't Bring Me Down/09 Something Else/10 Century City

Some totally rocking shit here, blew me away my Junior Yearin high school and still soundng fne today, comments, please?

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