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Graham Parker Part 3

Here are the remainer of Geep's studio output from "Struck By Lightning" until present.....note that is
THREE posts in ONE day, mostly becaues I wanted to get the lesser stuff out of the way before moving on tomorrow to the ferocious live sets....be advised, I am not terribly familiar with these albums, likely I have heard them once or twice, maybe three times......still, it is Parker, and there are still moments when we realize, that, well, it is Parker.....

"Burning Question", from 1992, is (for Parker) a so-so effort, there's alway a highlight or two, this time how about "Just Like Joe Meek's Blues", and "Love Is a Burning Question".....Parker then took a nearly ten year reprieve from recording, coming back in 2001 with "Deepcut to Nowhere".....sounding somewhat rejuvenated, "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again" and "Syphillus and Religion" nearly have the spark of the "vintage" GEEP.....2001 also saw the release of the fabulous "That's When You Know", a collection of some older demos and the legendary "Live at the Marble Arch" effort......EASILLY worth it just for that!. 2004's "Your Country", while not "great", brings back a bit of the old "angry" Parker, with stuff like "The Rest Is History" and "Almost Thanksgiving Day", as well as an interesting version of "Crawling From the Wreckage".

2005's "Songs of No Consequences" is farily aptly named, if you're a "fan (I am), perhaps you will
enjoy this or that, say "Suck and Blow" or "She Swallows it" (theme running through this perhaps?)...."Don't Tell Columbus" came out in 2007, NOT SURE  if I've ever even heard it, but it's on my shelf, so why the hell not?, I THINK I have heard 2010's "Imaginary Television", can't really tell ya much about it, see for your self and report back, I don't remember any "lost" classics here, but what do I know....and finally in 2012 (in conjunction with "This is Forty?" I don't know......the original Rumour backed Parker on "Three Chords Good", a more than acceptable piece of work...."Snake Order Capital of the World" and "A Lie Gets Half Way Round the World" are pretty fair tracks.......GEEP and the R......together again, as it SHOULD be.......I wanted to wrap this up so I can get to the bitching LIVE sets the next couple days, TRUST ME, that's where the party is headed.....please leave TONS of comments on this comprehensiver Parker post (so far), what do you like? what do you dislike? but it will be rendered inconsequential by the staggering live shows yet to come!

BURNING QUESTIONS-01 Release Me/02 To Many Knots To Untangle/03 Just Like Joe Meeks Blues/04 Love is a Burning Question/05 Platinum Blond/06 Long Stem Rose/07 Short Memories/08 Here It Comes Again/09 Mr Tender/10 Just Like Herman Hesse/11 Yesterday's Cloud/12 Oasis/13 Worthy of Your Love/14 Substitute

DEEPCUT TO NOWHERE-01 Dark Days/02 I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again/03 If It Ever Stops Rainin'/04 Depend On Me/05 High Horse/06 Cheap Chipped Black Nails/07 Blue Horizon/08 Tough On Clothes/ 09 Socks  N Sandals/10 It Takes a Villiage Idiot/11 Syphillus and Religion/12 Last Stop Is Nowhere

Soul/02 Stargazer/03 The Raid/04 You're On the Wanted List/05 Hit Town/06 Soul Shoes/07 That's When You Know/08 Let It Rain/09 Sunny Side Down/10 Hole In the World/11 Move It Down the Line/12 It's Alright Child, It's Alright/13 Gypsy Blood/14 Express Delivery/15 Not If It Pleases Me

YOUR COUNTRY-01 Anything For a Laugh/02 The Rest Is History/03 Cruel Lips/04 Almost Thanksgiving Day/05 Nation of Shopkeepers/06 Queen of Compromise/07 Things I've Never Said/08 Sugaree/09 Tornado Alley/10 Fairground/11 Crawling From the Wreckage (Revisited)

SONGS OF NO CONSEQUENCE-01 Vanity Press/02 Bad Chardonnay/03 She Swallows it/4 Chloroform/05 Evil/06 Dislocated Life/07 Suck N BLow/08 There's Nothing on the Radio/09 Ambivilent/10 Go Little JImmy/11 Local Boys/12 Did Everybody Just Get Old

DONT TELL COLUMBUS-01 I Discovered America/02 England's Latest Clown/03 Ambiguous/04 The Other Side of the Reservoir/05 Suspension Bridge/06 Love Or Delusion/07 Total Eclipse of the Moon/08 Stick to the Plan/09 Somebody Saved Me/10 Hard Side of the Rain/11 Bullet of Redemption/12 All Being well

Report/02 Broken Skin/03 It's My Party (But Won't Cry)/04 Bring Me a Heart Again/05 SNowgun/06 Always Greener/07 See Things MyWay/08 You're Not Where You THink You Are/09 Head on Straight/10 More Questions Than Answers/11 1st Responder

THREE CHORDS GOOD-01 Snake Oil Capital of the World/02 Long EMotional Ride/03 Stop Cryin' About the Rain/04 She Rocks Me/05 Three Chords Good/06 Old Soul/07 A Lie Gets Halfway Round the World/08 The Moon Was Low/09 Live In Shadows/10 Arlington's Busy/11 Coathangers/12 Last Bookstore In Town

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