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The best Edgar Broughton Band post, ever

.....and I do mean EVER. One of the true great English bands of the 1970's, fairly unknown stateside, I always liked their stuff during their peak years.....they tredge on even today, you know I'm NOT a fan of that kind of thing, but we will investigate. These s cranked out some spectacular heavy/psych/blues, built around some heavy blues guitar and Edgar Broughton's bombastic vocal style, not unlike that of Captain Beefheart, to whom his vocals mot generally draw comparison, Edgar and his brother Steve were the mainstays of the band over the years, they went through many lineup changes that I feel are pretty insignificant.

First album was 1969's "Wasa Wasa", a bluesy effort that showcased the band's sophisicated, interesting songwriting ("Death of an Electric Citizen") and unusual song structure ("Dawn Crept Away").....not a GREAT album, but a decent starting point. A far more psychedelic effort (also a BETTER effort) was the follow up, "Sing Brother Sing"....you could practically hear the band maturing on each track. Full of good tracks, "There's No Vibration, But Wait!" and "Psychopath" standout, a good album leading up to......

Their third, and best album 1971's brilliantly titled "Edgar Broughton Band"......great album, a perfect blending of the bands psych, blues, and metal infuences, one of the greatest of the lesser-known rock albums of the early 1970's. There are LOTS of great tracks here, but two are flat-out spectacular, the amazing "House of Turnabout" and the stoned-out "Don't Even Know Which Day It Is"......tremendous album.

I find the remainder of their studio LP's to be "fan" material, spotty stuff with some highs and lows, listen to albums #2 and #3 and you will pretty much decide whether you wish to hear "Inside Out" (1972), "Oora" (1973), "Bandages" (1975), "Parlez-Vous English?" (1979), and "Superchip: The Final Silicon Solution" (1982). Some good, some bad, depending on your tastes.

Now, we have an absolute MOUNTAIN of live stuff from the boys here, seemingly they were the shit in concert, wish I could have seen em. Select from "Live at Abbey Road 1969 (Keep Them Freaks a Rollin")", "Chilly Morning Mama" (from 1972), "Live Hits Harder", "Live London 1972 It's Not You", "Live at Rockpalast", and "Demons at the Beeb"......hit or miss, some good stuff here, some not so great, but if you were previously a Broughton fan (or, hopefully have become one du to this post) there is a trove of stuff for you here.

Obviously a lot of links here, I likely won't get them all up until tomorrow......maybe Zippy will have another kick-ass performance as it did with all those Adam and the Ants discs the other day.

Leave a comment if you wish.....little known psych/metal of the early 1970's is obviously a genre (is it even a "genre?") that I love, teaming the sounds I love with memories of a lost youth.

"I don't beleive it......don't even know which day it is....." Perfect!

WASA WASA-01 Death of an Electric Citizen/02 American Soldier Boy/03 Why Can't Somebody Love Me?/04 Neptune/05 Evil/06 Crying/07 Love in the Rain/08 Dawn Crept Away

SING BROTHER SING-01 There's No Vibration, But Wait!/02 The Moth (A) The Moth (B) People (C) Peter/03 Mamma's Reward (Keep Them Freaks a Rollin)/04 Refugee/05 Officer Dan/06 Old Gopher/07 Aphrodite/08 Granma/09 Psychopath/10 It's Fading Away

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND-01 Evening Over Rooftops/02 The Birth/03 Piece of My Own/04 Poppy/05 Don't Even Know Which DayIt Is/06 House of Turnabout/07 Madhatter/08 Getting Hard/What is  Woman For/09 Thinking of You/10 For Dr. Spock (Parts 1&2)

OORA-01 Hurricane Man/Rock N Roller/02 Roccococooler/03 Eviction/04 Oh You Crazy Boy/05 Things On My Mind/06 Exhibits From a New Museum/Green Lights/07 Face From a Window/Pretty/Hi-Jack  Boogie/Slow Down/08 Capers/09 Slow Down/10 Hi Jac Boogie/11 Pretty/12 Face From a Window/13 Capers

INSIDE OUT-01 Get Out of Bed/There's Nobody There/Side B/02 Sister Angela/03 I Got Mad/04 They Took It Away/05 Homes Fit For Heroes/06 Gone Blue/07 Chilly Morning Mama/08 The Rake/09 Totin' This Guitar/10 Double Agent/11 It's Not You

BANDAGES-01 Get a Rise/02 Speak Down the Wires/03 John Wayne/04 The Whale/05 Germany/06 Love Gang/07 One To Seven/08 Lady Life/09 Signal Injector/10 Fruhling Flowers/11 I Want To Lie

PARLEZ-VOUS ENGLISH?-01 Little One/02 Waiting ForYou/03 Drivin To Nowhere/04 Meglamaster/05 Didecoi/06 April in England/07 Revelations One/08 Anthem/09 Down In the Jungle/10 Rentasong/11 Young Boys/12 All I Want to Be

SUPERCHIP: THE FINAL SILICON SOLUTION-01 Metal Sunday/02 Superchip-The Final Silicon Solution/03 Who Only Fade Away/04 Curtain/05 Outrageous Behavior/06 Not So Funny Farm/07 Nighthogs/08 Innoent Bystanders/09 Pratfall/10 O.D. 47600/1162/1118000/11 Do You Wanna Be Immortal?/12 Subway Information/13 The Last Electioneer/14 Goodbye Ancient Homeland/15 The Virus

LIVE AT ABBEY ROAD 1969 (KEEP THEM FREAKS A ROLLIN)-01 Smokestack Lightning/02 What is a Woman For?/03 Yason Blues/04 Refugee/05 Dropout Boogie/06 American Soldier Boy/07 Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freaks a Rollin)/08 Out Demons Out

LIVE LONDON 1972 (CHILLY MORNING MOMMA)-Side By Side/02 Call Me a Liar/03 Poppy/04 The Rake/05 Gone Blue/06 Chilly Morning Momma/07 I Got Mad/08 It's Not You

LIVE HITS HARDER-01 Side By Side/02 Love in the Rain/03 One to Seven/04 Hotel Room/05 Evening Over Rooftops/06 Freedom/07 Poppy/08 Signal Injector/09 Smokestack Lightning

DEMONS AT THE BEEB-01 For What You Are About to Recieve/02 Why Can't SOmebody Love Me?/03 Side By Side/04 Call me A Liar/05 Poppy/06 The Rake/07 Gone Blue/08 Chilly Morning Mama/09 I Got Mad/10 And It's Not You/11 Out Demons Out/12 The Actor

AT ROCKPALAST-01 Evening Over Rooftops/02 Anthem/03 Speak Down the Wires/04 The Moth/05 Why Can't Somebody Love Me?/06 Refugee/07 Momma's Reward (Keep them Freaks a Rollin)/08 American Soldier Boy/09 Homes Fit For Heroes/10 Dr Spock/11 Love in the Rain/12 Revelations/13 Hotel Room/14 Last Electioneer/15 Out Demons Out

Again, If I don't get these links up tonight, check back tomorrow....this is going to be a good bit of work, but I hope to find at least a couple new fans for this longtime underappreciated band. Hope you like them.

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