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Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 18

Deliberately keeping the posts short during vacation week, basking on the beaches of Florida,
swimming with the dolphins.......but still gonna TRY to keep my blog active till I get home, then I'll get back to......well, normal? Hopefully Apantabapanta will be back from his buisness trip and the Greek punk series can resume, Dave Sez talks of a second chapter of Magazine's post, dealing with thier reformation (should be interesting, I was not even aware they had done so)......anyway, a little more Hendrix today, we're to the bones by now finally.....today we have "The Blues Project Outtakes" which is pretty much tipped off by the title (It's a Bad of Gypsys effort) and really IS very interesting, probably what I would consider the best version of "Belly Button Window", for whatever that is worth.

The other disc I'm presenting today is one that I had forgotten about, "Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead", utilizing the talents of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and the recently deceased Johnny Winter......it's kind of a mess, really, basically free form jamming, Morrison is clearly intoxicated (the odds of this must be STAGGERING) and doesn't really contribute a lot......but out of respect for Winter I did dig this one out and give it a partial listen........not the greatest, but you may want this one as a possible historical curiosity.

THE BLUES PROJECT OUTTAKES-01 New Rising Sun/02 Country Blues (Straight Mix)/03 Hear My Train a-Comin'/04 Belly Button Window/05 The Things I Used To /06 Villanova Junction Blues Jam/07 3 Little Bears/South Southern Delta

WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF DEAD-01 Red House/02 Woke Up This Morning and Find Yourself Dead/03 Bleeding Heart/04 Morrisons Lament/05 Tomorrow Never Knows/06 Uranus Rock/07 Outside Woman Blues/08 Sunshine of Your Love

Keeping them short this week, and enjoying vacation, but still not forgetting about you, my blog friends!

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