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Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 14)

I am trying like hell to get way ahead of myself with
some shorter posts, as this upcoming weekend, myself, BigCarla66 and BigGrant97 are going to embark on a little retirement vaation for myself, at the luxurious Don Ceasar resort in sunny St. Petersburg Florida.....anyway (It is Monday, 7/21 as I write this), I'm hoping to continue daily posts while gone, using my Kindle, I Phone, Laptop whatever, just want to have the shit ready.....not sure yet if I'll be finished with the Hendrix by then or not....

A couple more live sets today, a 2 disc from Stockholm Sweden, another multiple-set performance, and a good one..just my opinion, but I always thought the three best tunes the Experience did live were "Fire", "I Don't Live Today", and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", (also to be specific, maybe "Love or Confusion")....all three of those tunes are here in kick-ass versions, along with most of the usual suspects, "Hey Joe", "Purple Haze"........hey, it's another good set. I know there is similarity in quite a few of them, but what the hell, again, this is good stuff.

Also for today a single disc show from Maui Hawaii, 7/30/70, a Band of Gypsys show, with stuff more along the lines of "Ezy Rider" and "Dolly Dagger", and also plenty of the "Classic" stuff as well.......

Dig in, I've got a few left yet.......hope they aren't getting boring for you, once I wrap this up, maybe we'll do a big Stranglers or Talking Heads post or something, just to serve up the variety that I try to take pride in, and, yet, once again, I choose to paint myself into a corner by focussing on one artist so exclusively........ah, well, it IS Hendrix I guess.

STOCKHOLM DISC 1-01 Audience/02 MC Intro/03 Jimi Intro/04 Killing Floor/05 Spanish Castle Magic/06 Fire/07 Hey Joe/08 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/09 Red House/10 Sunshine of Your Love/11 MC Outro

STOCKHOLM DISC 2-01 Jimi Intro/02 I Don't Live Today/03 Spanish Castle Magic/04 Hey Joe/05 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Red House/08 Fire/09 Purple Haze/10 Star Spangled Banner

MAUI HAWAII-01 Loverman/02 Hey Baby (New Sun Rising)/03 Message To Love/04 Foxey Lady/05 Hear My Train a-Comin'/06 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/07 Fire/08 Purple Haze/09 Dolly Dagger/10 Untitled Instrumental/11 EZ Ryder/12 Red House/13 Freedom/14 Jam Back at the House/15 Land of the New Rising Sun

I have recieved the first part of Dave Sez' Magazine megapost, he intends to send out the other half today/tonight, and as soon as I get it all it will be shared. (I DO, in fact, have maybe another week worth of Hendrix stuff, which I will resume after Magazine, but the "Can there be TOO MUCH...." question has been answered........YES.....never thought I could get so sick of him as I have with this......makes me glad I DIDN'T do the 300+ Nirvana shows I thought about back in April, because there can be too much ANYONE!)

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