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Can There be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 10)

"Stages" was an excellent box of four shows, one from each year 1967-70, covering the Experience at
their on-stage peak. For covering a four-year period, there is not maybe as much variatin in the set list as we may prefer, but the fourth disc misses the ultimate popularity of "Electric Ladyland", thus the bulk of the mateial is taken from "Experienced" and "Axis", not necessarilly anything wrong with that as the performances still rock.

Disc 1 from Stockholm 1967, opens with "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"  and features explosive versions of two of their best live slammers, "Fire", and "I Don't Live Today", encoring with "Purple Haze" as was typical for them.

The second disc comes from a Paris 1968 show, an interesting set list that features some (slightly) lesser knows stuff which were concert staples, "Catfish Blues", "Drivin South", "Killin Floor".......another killer "Fire", and a fine "Little Wing".

San Diego 1969 is in my view the best of the four discs, blasting out with "Fire", a slamming coupling of "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Spanish Castle Magic", a mind-meltin "I Don't Live Today" and a fantastic show stopping "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".....this one never lets up, they were truly on thier game on this night.

And finally, we go to Atlanta for the 1970 disc, this one adding the "Star Spangled Banner", the not-tht-often done live "Room Full of Mirrors", the great choice of "Stone Free", and another encore of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)......four excellent discs out of four, released in 1991 (since out of print)

So let me know your feelings, we're getting to some of the great live stuff in the vault now, hope you
guys are liking it.....I AM starting to get a little bored with it (with Hendrix?!?!?!) but I am going to run the rest of them out.....but the answer to the question in the post title might be, "Well, possibly"....

DISC 1 STOCKHOLM 67-01 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/02 Fire/03 The Wind Cries Mary/04 Foxey Lady/05 Hey Joe/06 I Don't LiveToday/07Burning of the Midnight Lamp/08 Purple Haze

DISC 2 PARIS 68-01 Killin' Floor/02 Catfish Blues/03 Foxey Lady/04 Red House/05 Drivin' South/06 The Wind Cries Mary/07 Fire/08 Little Wing/09 Purple Haze

DISC 3 SAN DIEGO 69-01 Intro Riffs/02 Fire/03 Hey Joe/04 Spanish Castle Magic/Sunshine of Your Love/05 Red House/06  Don't Live Today/07 Purple Haze/08 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

DISC 4 ATLANTA 70-01 Fire/02 Lover Man/03
Spanish Castle Magic/04 Foxey Lady/05 Purple Haze/ 06 Hear My Train a-Comin'/07 Stone Free/08 Star Spangled Banner/09 Straight Ahead/10 Room Full of Mirrors/11 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

More live shows tomorrow and likely the rest of the week, probably also a few other goodies left on the shelves.....and as I said before, as soon as DaveSez sends me the files for his Magazine mega-post, we will take a tiny "Hendrix Break"

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