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Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? (Part 9)

OK, good set for today.....six live discs documenting the Winterland Concerts from the Experience, 1968, for my money as that band was right as it's best, in particularly on the stage where they were absolute dynamite almost each time out.

In October 1968 the Experience gave six smoking performances in three nights, all of which are captured here.....while there is obvious similarity in the set lists, and some of the equipment problems which occur on stage (and the excessive onstage tuning) are not exactly great listening experiences......but, it WAS 1968, and there are some great moments here.....

Well, Disc 1 is the early show from 10/10/68.....it's a fine set, with notably great performances of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" and "Like a Rolling Stone" which I always thought Hendrix peformed majestically on stage.....we get the first of five "Purple Haze"closers (disc 6's "Wild Thing" closer is MUCH superior, IMO), and honestly, the "Star Spangled Banner" can get a bit old on record as well, as thrilling as it might have been there to wittness it.....

Disc 2 (Late show, same date) is similar, but includes a fine "Sunshine of Your Love", "Hear My Train A-Comin'", and "Hey Joe" surprisingly left off the early set.

Disc 3/4 are a pair of shows from the following night (10/11/68), Disc 3 is a near copy of Disc 1, actually, except it omits"Like a Rolling Stone" for whatever the reason. Disc 4 is not nearly as similar to Disc 2 (as #3 is to #1, if you get my point), throwing in the great selection of "Spanish Castle Magic" and the always thrilling live "Fire".....

Discs 5/6, then, cover the early/late shows frm 10/12/68, quite a workload, actually, Disc 5, on which the playing is very sharp, replaces the "Purple Haze" encore with "Wild Thing",and, again,  very, very fine version of "Fire" and "Like a Rolling Stone".......Disc 6 is perhaps (argueable) the strongest disc of the set, given the addition of "Manic Depression" for the first time, as well as a fine "Little Wing"......

Geez, let's give these guys some credit, I can't think of too many who would perform 6 shows in 3 nights nowadays, and if they WERE TOO, they'd do exact carbon copy sets I almost promise.

I love this set, think it is tremendous, you may not wish all six discs upon you, but some careful editting can make for a damn good listening "experience".

BY THE WAY, there is a good bit more Henrix to come, yet, mostly live stuff, but we'll see what else.....however, we WILL take a break in it soon, as tremendous friend of the blog Dave Sez has created a super-mega post covering the great band Magazine, whom  have never profiled here, so I am quite excited about it, and as soon as he releases the files, you will be getting them, personally I can hardly wait, for one I LOVE guest posts, and for another, Dave Sez is the best, and thirdly, Magazine was a fine band of whom my collection is a bit lean, so I'm looking forward to it.......look for it, according to Dave Sez, in the next few days!

DISC 1-01 Intro/Tune Up/02  Are You Experienced/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/04 Red House/05 Foxey Lady/06 Like a Rolling Stone/07 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/08 Purple Haze

DISC 2-01 Intro/Tune Up/Jimi's Intro/02 Tax Free/03 Lover Man/04 Sunshine Of Your Love/05 Hear My Train a-Comin'/06 Killing Floor/07 Hey Joe/08 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/09 Purple Haze

DISC 3-01 Intro/02 Are You Experienced/03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/04 Red House/05 Foxey Lady/06 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/07 Purple Haze

DISC 4-01 Intro/02 Tax Free/Drum/Bass Jam/03 Spanish Castle Magic/04 Like a Rolling Stone/05 Lover Man/06 Hey Joe/07 Fire/08 Foxey Lady/09 Purple Haze

DISC 5-01 Intro/02 Fire/03 Lover Man/04 Like a Rolling Sone/05 Foxey Lady/06 Drum/Bass Jam/07
Tax Free/08 Hey Joe/09 Purple Haze/10 Wild Thing

DISC 6-01 Intro/02 Foxey Lady/03 Manic Depression/04 Sunshine Of Your Love/05 Little Wing/06 Spanish Castle Magic/07 Red House/08 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/09 (This is America) The Star Spangled Banner/10 Purple Haze

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