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Can therebe TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 6

A good rarities sampling today, a Japanese,  2000 six-disc release, "The Complete PPX"
recordings......this has some good live perfromances and some more polished studio stuff than some f the last sets have had.....BY THE WAY, I had intended to post (today) the 2-disc "Silver Blue to Bloody Red" set, however, I find that disc 2 is ANOTHER one of those discs that will play in my car, will play in my stereos, and WILL NOT BE READ BY ITUNES......I'm gonna look on the Bay for a replacement, but if I can't find one and one of you happen to have it, please share and I will credit you in full.....it's a pretty good set, and includes Johnny Holiday's french reading of "Hey Joe".......anyway, I'm not going to simply post disc 1, I'll either find a replcement or move along to some MORE Hendrix-type stuff........

These are from the pre-Experience days, the Curtis Knight era (appx. 1965-66), and I find them simply fascinating.....you could tell evn here that something special was brewing.

Lesser-known tracks abound here, but fine ones......the discs are QUITE short and most likely could be pared down to 2 or 3......Disc 1, "Get That Feeling", features the title track, "Hush Now", "Simon Says"......no "Purple Haze" here.....Disc 2 "Flashing" includes a fab cover of the Beatles "Day Tripper",  "Hornet's Nest", "Gloomy Monday".......LESSER KNOWN, blusier stuff, but just great to hear.

Disc 3 ("The Ballad of Jimi") is about half-instrumental, but there are some other fine tracks here title track, "UFO"......Disc 4 "Live at George's Club", lottsa instros here, as well, but, the closing "Shotgun" gives us a  into the future.

"Something On Your Mind" is the title of Disc 5, an almost even blend of studio/live, and of
instro/vocal, all quite of interest, and the only Hendrix effort I remember on "I'm a Man".  The final disc is another blend of studio/live, a version of "Satisfaction" wraps up series, also fine efforts on ? "Money"and "Mr. Pitiful".

I consider this set a beautiful historical archive, I'm glad I have it......listen to it and you can just HEAR and FEEL where this man was headed. he had so much talent and so many ideas, and he left us far too early, as few would argue.....

Something more tomorrow, as they Yeah Yeah Yeahs say "Take deep breath cause ba-bee we just STARTED!"

DISC 1-01 Get That Feeling/02 How Would You Feel/03 Hush Now/04 No Buisness/05 Simon Says/06 Gotta  Have/07 Strange Things/08 Welcome Home

DISC 2-01 Love Love/02 Day Tripper/03 Gloomy Monday/04 Fool For You Baby/05 Don't Acuse Me/06 Hornets Nest/07 Flashing/08 Oddball/09 Happy Birthday

DISC 3-01 UFO/02 You Don't Want Me/02 You Don't Want Me/03 Better Times Ahead/04/Future Trip/05 Wah Wah/06 Everybody Knew But Me/07 Mercy Lady Day/08 If You Gonna Make a Fool of somebody/09 My Best Friend/10 The Ballad of Jimi/11 Second Time Around

DISC 4-01 Drivin' South/02 Ain't That Peculiar/03 I'll Be Doggone/04 Ive Got a Sweet Little Angel/05 Bright Light Big City/06 Get Out Of My Life Woman/07 Last Night/08 Sugar Pie, Honey Pie/09 What'd I Say/10 Shotgun

DISC 5-01 California Night/02 Level/03 I Feel Good/04 Left Alone/05 Knock Yourself Out/06 Something On Your MInd/07 I Should've Quit You/08 Hard Night/09  I'm a man/10 Instrumental

DISC 6-01 On the Killing Floor/02 Money/03 Nobody Loves Me/04 Love/05 You Got Me Runnin'/06 Mr Pitiful/07 Torture Me Honey/08 Sleepy Fate/09 Satisfaction

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