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Can There Be TOO MUCH Hendrix? Part 3

Pretty good reception for the multi-disc epics of the past couple of days, here is yet another.....this
one perhaps my favorite, very comprehnsive with lots of previously unreleased tracks...the four CD (plus one DVD, sorry, too much of a pain to upload the DVD)-set "West Coast Seattle Boy" was released in 2010, athough to be honest, is one of those "fan" comps, not always the highest quality recordings, BUT better than "average bootleg" quality for the most part.

Disc 1 I find the most interesting as it includes a variety of early Hendrix session work with lots of other artists....the two Rosa Lee Brooks tracks were included on the "51st Anniversary" set, but also a strong variety of a lot of others, The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, King Curtis......amazing how identifiable and unique his sound was, even on this session work.

Disc 2 offers up a lot of alternate takes and mixes, the diffent mixes of "Love or Confusion" and "Fire" a very interesting, a handful of "home recordings", a live "Wind Cries Mary" which also appears on the "Stages" live set (I'll get to it)......for fans, mostly, but nothing if not interesting. The third disc gives us a it of everything, from a 20-minute (!) jam between Hendrix and keyboardist Larry Young, some live Fillmore East material, and perhaps my favorite song title ever, "Untitled Basic Track"......hard to get much more creative than THAT now isn't it?

Final disc is highlighted by the Hendrix/Arthur Lee collabration "Everlasting First", a fairly killer live Band of Gypsies "Stone Free", and assorted other odds and ends......some of it now scraping the barrel ("All God's Children", "Peter Gunn/Catasrophe")......clearly, this set if for fans/completists, if one were a more casual fan or novice, this could easilly be pared down to 1 awesome, very listenable disc, with some easy re-programming.

Nonetheless, as a fan I am glad to have this, worth it for the highlights, don't know what the focus
will be yet for tomorrow, once I get started on some of the fantastic live shows, you'll be amazed at how many good ones there are.

DISC 1-01* THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Testify/02 DON COVAY& THE GOODTIMERS-Mercy, Mercy/03 DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS-Can't Stay Away/04 ROSA LEE BROOKS-My Diary/05 ROSA LEE BROOKS-Utee/06 LITTLE RICHARD-I Don't Know What You Got But It's Got Me/07 LITTLE RICHARD-Dancing All Around the World/08 FRANK HOWARD & THE COMMANDERS-I'm So Glad/09 THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Move Over and Let Me Dance/10 THE ISLEY BROTHERS-Have You Ever Been Disappointed/11 RAY SHARPE-Help Me (Get the Feeling) (Part 1)/12 THE ICEMEN-(My Girl) She's a Fox/13 JIMMY NORMAN-That Little Old Groovemaker/14 BILLY LAMONT-Sweet Thing/15 KING CURTIS-Instant Groove

*NOTE-Late dicovery, track 1 ("Testify") on my disc is defective.....I'm going to see if I can find another copy on the Bay, but if you happen to have one handy won't you please this track? (I will let you know if I find one).......Thanks to my buddy Baxterdogg for coming up with another copy (see comments)......and ARRRRRRRGGGGH, See "edit" on Disc 3 track list

DISC 2-01 Fire (Alternate Mix)/02 Are You Experienced? (Alternate Backing Vocal)/03 May This Be Love (Alternate Mix with Double Tracked Vocal)/04 Can You See Me (Mono mix)/05 The Wind Cries Mary (Live Stockholm 1967)/06 Love or Confusion (alternate vocal mix)/07 Little One (original instrumental with Dave Mason and Mitch Mitchell)/08 Mr. Bad Luck (original mix)/09 Cat Talking To Me (original version)/10 Castles Made of Sand (alternate backing vocal track)/11 Tears of Rage (home recording)/12 Hear My Train a-Comin' (home recording)/13 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (home recording)/14 Long Hot Summer Night (home recording)/15 My Friend (home recording)/16 Angel (home recording)/17 Calling All the Devil's Children (unreleased studio track)/18 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (instr. w/ Hendrix on all instruments)

DISC 3*-01 Hear My Freedom (unreleased studio track)/02 Room Full of Mirrors (re-edit)/03 Shame
Shame Shame (re-edit)/04 Messenger (unreleased studio track)/05 Hound Dog Blues (unreleased)/06 Untitled Basic Track (God I LOVE that cryptic title)/07 Star Spangled Banner (Live San Diego 1969)/08 Purple Haze (Live San Diego 1969)/09 Larry Young/Hendrix Jam/10 Mastermind (vocal by Larry Lee)/11 Message to Love (original mix)/12 Fire (Live Fillmore East 1969)/13 Foxey Lady(Live Fillmore East 1969)

*GRRRRRRR some of these damn CD's of mine.....they play just fine in my stereos, my cars.....and my fucking computer won't read them.......if anyone else has this exact set and are able to share Tracks 01-05, please help out if ya can.....at least no problems with the 20-minute jam, or, most critically, "Untitled Basic Track"!

DISC 4-01 Stone Free (Live Fillmore East 1969)/02 Burning Desire (unreleased)/03 Lonely Avenue (unreleased)/04 The Everlasting First (w/Arthur Lee/Love)/05 Freedom (alternate mix)/06 Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (original mix)/07 In From the Storm (original mix)/08 All God's Children (original version)/09 Red House (Live Berkeley 1970)/10 Play That Riff (Thank You)/11 Bolero/12 Hey Baby (Bolero and Hey Baby mixed as single track as orginally recorded)/13 Suddenly November Morning (home recording).......

Lots more where this came from, hope you're enjoying these!

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