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60's Garage Fuzz Part 5

Another day, and another chunk of 1960's garage rockin greats, both well known and
unknown....rescued from a huge Pirate Bay torrent, I am unsure of the creator whom I'd love to credit, it's an amazing stash of stuff, reminiscent of the classic torrent work of ChrisGoes or Katrakyla.....the alphabetical order thing has the mark of Katrakyla on it, but I haven't heard from him in years. Anyway, this has been very well recieved here, and once again, by the time I'm finished, you'll be slack-jawwed over the sheer volume of how much stuff is really here......feel free to reprogram any way you wish, and repost/reshare anywhere.....this is fine fine stuff so let's get it spread around!

DISC 13-01 LOVE CORPORATION-Love Corporation/02 LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise/03 LUV'D ONES-Please Get Up/04 LUV'D ONES-Portrait/05 LUV'D ONES-Up Down Sue/06 LUV'D ONES-You'll Never Know/07 LUV'D ONES-Your Mind Is/08 LUVIN' KYND-Missy D.M./09 MG & THE ESCORTS-A Someday Fool/10 MG & THE ESCORTS-Please Don't Ever Change/11 MAGIC PLANTS-I Know She's Waiting There/12 MAGIC PLANTS-I'm A Nothing/13 MAURAUDERS-Our Big Chance/14 MARSHMALLOW STEAMSHOVEL-Steamshovel/15 MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/16 MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS-Lonely Man/17 MC5-Looking At You/18 MEDIA-Endless Dream/19 MERCY-Fireball/20 MERGERS-You Funny Thing/21 MERLYN TREE-Look In Your Mirror/22 MICKEY FINN-Garden Of My Mind/23 MIJAL AND WHITE-I've Been You/24 MIKE ALEXANDER & THE VISIONS-Your Day Has Come/25 MIKE BURNETT-Saying Things/26 MIKE JONES GROUP-Funny Feelings/27 MIKE RENOLDS AND THE INFANTS OF SOUL-When Will I Find Her/28 MINUTE MEN-Disillusion/29 MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/30 MISUNDERSTOOD-Children of the Sun

-Changes Brought To Me/03 NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N-Feeling Zero/04 NEW BREED-I Got Nothing To Say To You/05 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/06 NEW WING-I Need Love/07 NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/08 NIGHT MIST-Last Night/09 NIGHT PEOPLE-The Shadow is My Soul/10 NIGHT RIDERS-Don't Say/11 NIGHTCRAWLERS-Want Me/12 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Wild Illusions/13 NOBLEMEN-Short Time/14 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Colors and Shapes/15 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl Need You/16 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Jungo Partner/17 NOISES N SOUNDS-How Much Lovin/18 NORSEMEN-Home On a Cloud/19 NOTATIONS-Everything's Alright/20 NOVAS-Suburban Life/21 NUCHEZ'S-Open Up Your Mind/22 NUNSUCH-They Threw Sticks and Stones/23 OEDIPUS & THE MOTHERS-(I Remember How It Used To Be)/24 OLIVERS-Beaker Street/25 OLYMPIANS-Hopeless Endless Ways/26 OMEN & THIER LUV-Maybe Later/27 OMENS-Searching/28 ONE EYED JACKS-Love/29 ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb

DISC 15-01 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Got To Have Your Lovin'/02 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the Rising Sun/03 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-I Can't Explain/04 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Soul Finger/05 OSCAR FIVE-I Won't Be Your Fool Again/06 OTHERS-Buzz the Jerk/07 OTHERS-Revenge/08 OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/09 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear My Heartbeat/10 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (live)/11 OUTSIDERS-Won't You Listen/12 OXFORD CIRCUS-Fourth Street Carnival/13 OXFORDS-Time and Place/14 PAGE BOYS-All I Want/15 PAINTED SHIP-And She Said Yes/16 PALACE GUARDS-No Comin' Back/17 PANDAS-Girl From New York City/18 PANDAS-Walk/19 PANICKS-You're My Baby/20 PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN-I Been Thinking/21 PAUL MARTIN-Echo/22 PAUL MARTIN-It Happened/23 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Fear/24 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Something So/25 PEARL DIVERS-Terminal Loser/26 PERPETUAL MOTION WORKSHOP-Wont Come Down/27 PERPETRATED SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE-I'm a Double Naught Spy/28 PETARDS-Baby Run Run Run/29 PIECE KOR-All I Want Is My Baby/30 PLAGUE-Go Away

And the standard of excellence in this set continues to run high, with both the well known (the MC5
represented by thier number IMO, "Looking at You", Orange Wedege, Neal Ford and the Fanatics, Painted Ship) as well as the lesser known greats (Paul Bearer & the Hearsemen, The Others, Piece Kor)....I tell ya at the end of the day, this may be one of the projects that I will look back on with the greatest pride..it IS a good bit of work, but this is some grand music.

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