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60's Garage Fuzz, Part 2

For a variety of dull reasaons, these are kind of hard to put together, time consuming and etc.....so
you get three "discs" of alphabetical ordered greatness each  day, there are a BUNCH of these, not kidding......and for Jose, YES the tracks are tagged, just you mi amigo! Part 2 features Discs 4-6, not sure but I am guessing there will be over 30 all together. Something EVERYONE should be able to enjoy, I'm sure!

Please enjoy ALL the share blogs out there, they may be different, but we all aim for the same goal, to spread the music to those who may not hear it anyway......ALL of them are great, much greater than this one, in fact but we are all  and that is the key! This will go on for over a week and in the meantime, any requests or contributions will be MORE than welcome.......love everyone who participates here!

DISC 4-01 CHEETAHS-Russian Boat Song/02 CHENTELLES-Be My Queen/03 CHEROKEES-Little Lover/04 CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/05 CHICKS-Rebel Kind/06 CHILDREN-I Can Feel It Now/07 CHOCOLATE BALLOON-Gotta Get This/08 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Half a Banana/08 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Chocolate Moose Theme/09 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/10 CHRISTOPHER & THE SOULS-Diamonds Rats and Gum/11 CICADELIKS-We're Gonna Love This Way/12 CIRKYT-That's The Way Life Is/13 CYRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/14 CLEASE-The Weird One/15 CLIMAX-You, I/16 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/17 COLORS OF THE NIGHT-C-O-L-O-R-S/18 CORDS-Ain't That Love/19 CORPORATION-You Make Me Feel Good/20 COUNT FIVE-Pretty Big Mouth/21 COUNTDOWN 5 Elevator/22 COUNTDOWN 5-Uncle Kirby/23 CRESCENDOS-Now She's Mine/24 CROCHETED DONUGHT RING-Get Out Your Rock N Roll Shoes/25 CRUSADE-Psychedelic Woman/26 CRYSTAL CHANDELIER-Suicidal Flowers/27 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Emmotion/28 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/29 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me

Nest/03 CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/04 CYNICS-Cry Cry Cry/05 CYNICS-No Way/06 CYNICS-Train Kept a Rollin/07 DAGGS-You Don't Know/08 DAN-DEES-Think About It/09 DANIEL PAUL REVELATION-Reflections of Mine/10 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/11 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Maze of Love/12 DAVE MEYERS & THE DISCIPLES-C'Mon Love/13 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me Back/14 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme/15 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS (Vocal)/16 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Cycle-Delic/17 DAWNBREAKERS-Alligator/18 DAZE OF THE WEEK ONE NIGHT STAND/19 DEAN CARTER-Rebel Woman/20 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/21 DEBONIARES-Never Mistaken/22 DECADES-I'm Gonna Dance/23 DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/24 DENIMS-White Ship/25 DINO DESI & BILLY-The Rebel Kind/26 THE DISCIPLES-Junior Saw It Happen/27 DISTRICT SIX-She Cried No/28 DIVORCED-I'm Gonna Leave You Satisfied/29 DIVORCED-When I'm Coming Home

DISC 6-01 DOM-Dom/02 DON MALENA & THE DRY ICE-Land of Summertime/03 DON NORMAN & THE OTHER FOUR Low Man/04 DRIFTIN FIVE-Hard Headed Baby/05 DUST-Sky Flight/06 EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/07 ERIK WANGBERG-Every Night I Dream a Little Dream/08 ELECTRIC PRISM-Time Change/09 ELECTRAS-Action Woman/10 ELECTRIC LOVE-This Seat Is Saved/11 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/12 ELOIS-By My Side/13 ENDD-Project Blue/14 ENGLISH MUFFINS-Leave Or Stay/15 EPIC FIVE-I Need Your Love/16  ERA OF SOUND-Girl In the Mini Skirt/17 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Gratefully Dead/18  ERIC & THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/19 ERNIE & THE EMPERORS-Got a Lot I Want To Say/20 ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/21 EVIL INC GROUP-Hey You/22 EVIL INC GROUP-The Point Is/23 EXOTICS-Come With Me/24 EXOTICS-I Was Alone/25 EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/26 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Expediton to Earth/27 EXPEDITION TO EARTH-Time Time Time/28 EXPRESS-Waistin My  Time

TELL ME what you think of these.....they are a good bit of work to compile, but seem to have a goodly amount of fresh and rare material.....LOVE me some Davie Allen & the Arrows, the Electra's track cuts the Litter's version FMM,and TONS of "new" sounds to these ears....so much more to come you will literally be SICK OF IT!

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