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Punk Rock Palace Part 3

So, if you picked up the first two volumes, you should like this one as well, more similar to Volume 2
than Volume 1 (much more obscure material), and as of yet I have seen/heard no complaints about my re-post of this, see Volume 1 post for the details.......once again, thanks to the series creator Gorehound for this outstanding effort.

As before, these are, rather than compilations, collections of rare EP's and singles. This one contains Martha & the Muffins classic "Echo Beach" (without a B-side, no idea why), An EP from Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, The Real Kids "All Kinda Girls", a handful of Vice Squad singles and more....these are presented exactly as I grabbed them from Pirate Bay, artwork and texts are included if they were included with the original. Also, remember these FLAC files tend to be quite large downloads, they can be readilly converted to an easier to manage format after download, but I feel an obligation to keep them in their format, as downloaded, when presented here.

THE POLES-CN TOWER-01 CN Tower/02 Prime Time

THE RADIO STARS-DIRTY PICTURES-01 Dirty Pictures/02 Sail Away

THE REAL KIDS-ALL KINDSA GIRLS-01 All Kindsa Girls/02 Common at Noon

THE VICTIMS-NO THANKS TO THE HUMAN TURD EP-01 Disco Junkies/02 High School Girls/03 I Understand/04 Open Your Eyes/05 TV Freak

THE VICTIMS-TELEVISION ADDICT-01 Television Addict/02 (I'm) Flipped Out Over You

UNNATURAL AXE-AXEMAN-01 Axeman/02 3 Chord Rock/03 Tonight We Fight

VICE SQUAD-LAST ROCKERS-01 Last Rockers/02 Latex Love/03 Living on Dreams

VICE SQUAD-OUT OF REACH-01 Out of Reach/02 (So) What For the 80's/03 Sterile

VICE SQUAD-RESURECTION-01 Resurection/02 Humane/03 Young Blood

VICE SQUAD-STAND STRONG EP-01 Stand Strong Stand Tall/02 Darkest Hour/03 Rock N Roll Massacre/04 Tomorrow's Soldier

VICE SQUAD-STATE OF THE NATION EP-01 Citizen/02 Faceless Man/03 Scarred For Life

WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-STUCK ON YOU-01 Stuck On You/02 Paranoia Paradise/03 The Last Time


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