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Punk Rock Palace.......spectacular!!!

Just found this on Pirate Bay today, haven't even finished the download as I write this, but couldn't
wait to share THIS gem...three volume set of hard to find classic punk singles and EP's, just looking at the track lists is a joy, and I am assuming that, as this is in FLAC, it likely sounds fantastic also.

This was just upped to the Bay a couple of days ago, can really find zero information about it anywhere, seemingly a Blogger creation that I would LOVE to credit, the creator's name being Gorehound, however, the "comments" on the Bay pages don't credit the blog from where they came, rather, it alludes to some sort of pissing contest between the aforementioned Gorehound and the torrent uploader, apparently Gorehound objects to others sharing his shares....if this is true, a foolish and frankly WRONG view of what we are ALL trying to do here.....and if Mr. Gorehound objects to MY sharing of these, he may as well understand how this works.....it's on Pirate Bay now, ANYONE can get it, so while I TRULY do credit and appreciate his great creation, I shake my head in wonder at the (apparently) selfish notion that he alone can share what is now part of the cyber-universe.....and, to be clear, ANYONE, anywhere, anytime is welcome to  "re-share" anything I post here, credited or not, the concept of "sharing", once again, needs to be honored above all else.

Now, as for the content, simply tremedous. Due to the large files, we will take three days to do up the three volumes, and for the selective shopper the indiviual EP's/singles have been seperated.....again, some amazing stuff...the legedary "Spiral Scratch" EP from The Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto. "Cranked Up Really High" by Slaughter and the Dogs. "I'm a Police Car"from Larry Wallis. Three outstanding EP's from the Exploited. Hell you can see for yourself.....each file is presented EXACTLY as it was created, artwork and text is included where it was included in the original.

So, thanks for the work Gorehound, honestly, but sharing is sharing. If you happen to see this and object to my use of it, contact me and we will discuss it.....but, anyway, great work.

ALBERTO Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS-SNUFF ROCK EP-01 Gobbin' On Life/02 Kill/03 Snuffin'
In Babylon/04 Snuffin' Like That

ALTERNATIVE-IN NOMINE PATRI-01 Anti Christ/02 Warfare & Who's Sussed & Moral Bondage

ANGRY SAMOANS-THE QUEER PILLS EP-01 The Todd Killings/02 They Saved Hitler's Cock/03 Time to Fuck/04 You Stupid Jerk

BUZZCOCKS-SPIRAL SCRATCH EP-01 Boredom/02 Breakdown/03 Friends of Mine/04 Time's Up

THE EXPLOITED-ARMY LIFE EP-01 Army Life/02 Class War/03 Fuck the Mods

THE EXPLOITED-DEAD CITIES-01 Crashed Out/02 Dead Cities/03 Hitler's In the Charts Again

THE EXPLOITED-BARMY ARMY-01 Barmy Army/02 I Believe In Anarchy/03 What You Gonna Do

LARRY WALLIS-I'M A POLICE CAR-01 On Patrol/02 Police Car

PERE UBU-THE HEARPEN SINGLES-01 30 Seconds Over Tokyo/02 Cloud 149/03 Final
Solution/04 Heart of Darkness/05 Heaven/06 My Dark Ages/07 Street Waves/08 The Modern Dance

RAZAR-STAMP OUT DISCO-01 Stamp Out Disco/02 Task Force (Undercover Cops)

SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-CRANKED UP REALLY HIGH-01 Cranked Up Really High/02 The Bitch

Be advised these are some gigantic files, relatively speaking, but, again, I think I at least DO owe it to the creator to present these EXACTLY as I recieved them. Volume 2 tomorrow, certain to be a real fin-scaler as well, be there, aloha.

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