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Today's bonus...Frank Frazetta OVERLOAD

I've always loved the work of Frank Frazetta, easilly one of the most unique artists of all (in that his
work is so instantly regongnizeable and identifieable.....Very hard to imitate, never seen anyone try to even attempt it. His knack for creating "ugly beauty" has always facinated me, his work on various album covers, comic books, and etc is simply spectacular, and I thought, why not round up as much of it as I can......OK, first off, we have some issues of the "Frank Frazetta Fantasy Ilustrated", a wonderful showcase for his style. I am unsure if this is the complete series or not, DOES require CDisplay......but that is only the beginning of the comics, we have rendom copies (I am again unsure how comprehensive these are, what I have is what I am offering up......if some of them are "missing", nothing I can do.....any, we get issues of "Death Dealer", "Dark Kingdom", "Sorcerer" and lost more.....I'll TRY to sort them out but chances are you are going to have to download all the links if you want to find something.

Actually what I love more than the comics are the stunning prints that are here, most of his stuff is here, there is a LOT of stuff, personally I LOVE just scanning through and marveling at the skill involved in these creations (love the black and white).......so, it's ALL here.....if the comic get it done for ya, they be here, if the straight-up artwork gets ya, it be here as well!

Commets are appreciated, but the "thanks" here go to Mr. Frazetta for his wonderful creations that I
ahve enjoyed for a good part of my life.......beautiful stuff. If anyone by chance anyone has some shit that I don't, bring it on out!

OK, the links here are a LITTLE confusing, let me explain....FFI1 and FFI2 are Frank Fazetta' s Image Comics....the three laeled "FF COMIX" are various other titles, andthe three labled "1FF" are the collection of his many awesome prints......hey,  love this stuff, hope you do too.....I have HUGE files from THOUSAND of great artists....who are your favorites? GOOD chance I hve them and can do a kickass post with the bulk of his work just let me know!

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