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Freedom Bleeder

The only full length that I am aware of from raw, hard stoner rockers from Sweden, Freedom
Bleeder....consisting of guitarist Johan Haag, singer Henrik Renstom, bassist Gustav Grusell, and drummer Andreas Wiil, the released this very respectable effort, "10 Out of 10" in 1995.....pretty hard to find much information on these guys, have to let the album speak for itself.....

Sounding most, I'd say, like Monster Magnet, the album goes hard and loud all the way through....."Down Below", "Breathing" and "Drowning" standout but this is a worthwhile disc that fans of Monster Magnet or Kyuss or even Spiritual Beggars (just a couple days ago) might find entertaining........

While going to retrieve it off the shelf, I noticed that I also have an EP/single from the, I'd say from around the same time since "Breathing" also appears here, but with a pair of other tracks not on the LP.........Freedom Bleeder RARITIES! Wow, man......

As I said one of those bands that just doesn't have a lot of information out there, as far as I can tell "10" was their only release, seems they appeared on a tribute album or two and also did a split with the Mugwumps that I thouht I might have also but don't. The shelves of history are dotted with 100,000 other bands that we can say that about also, obscure punk acts or glam metal bands or whatever with only one release and little info available.....however, that doesn't render them worthless.....fans of the genre delight over stuff like this, and this is no exception.....enjoy.

10 OUT OF 10-01 Down Below/02 Pretend/03 Breathing/04 Like Another/05 Time/06 Once Again/07 Drowning/08 Get On/09 Shine On/10 Irresistable

BREATHING EP-01 Breathing/02 Redemption Signs/03 Away From the Sun

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