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From Savannh Georgia, Baroness are simply bad-ass.....they have created some criminally
overlooked stoner/psych, I think they have really given us some GREAT shit, and it's high time guys got around to digging up on this excellent fucking band. Basically, the lineup is guitarist/vocalist John Baizley, guitarist Peter Adams, bassist Summer Welch, and drummer Alan Blickle (in very recent times the drummer and bassist have been replaced)......

Thier first full length was released in 2007 ("The Red Album").....it is a wonderful piece of hard rocking progressive-stoner (!), wonderful album that was perhaps the best release of that year for my money......"Rays on Pinion" and "The Birthing" get things started right, and, that's really about a fourth of it.....wonderful, memorable album that I still listen to a lot.

In 2009 they released the almost as good "Blue Record", really, like it's predecessor, hard to describe.....wonderful rocking tunes, flowing together with weird lyrics.....this is a fine band, PLEASE check them out and comment on their greatness.

In 2011 they released the ALSO excellent double set, "Green and Yellow", it's fantastic, although the "Yellow" disc does wear a tiny bit thin, but "Green" is as good as anything they have produced.

OK, obviously I love these guys, and I happen to have some of their early EP's and the like.....in 2004 they released their first EP, going WAY out there for the title "First".....it's great as well, you can
definitely hear the seeds of the latter brilliance being planted. The next year they released (are you ready?) "Second", which is a fine EP as well, for my money, these guys have released purely imaginative, wonderful, hard rocking discs, if you have missed out, it is your loss!

Well, what else....a 2010 single, "A Horse Called Golgatha".....a split disc with Unpersons entitled "A Grey Sigh In a Flower Husk" (also known as "Third", beleive it or not) and a 2013 live recording from the BBC, which features the "new" rythem section, and is also pretty damn good.

I really, really like this band, I think they are totally kickass......if you are unfamilar PLEASE check them out and gimme a full report, I just hate when bands that (I think are) this good go unnoticed

FIRST-01 Tower Falls/02 Coeur/03 Rise

SECOND-01 Red Sky/02 Son of Sun/03 Vision

A GREY SIGH IN A FLOWER HUSK-01 Tiersias/02 Cavite/03 Black Finnegan/04 Number/05 Dry Hands/06 A Small Gesture, a Thousand Small Happy Gestures

RED ALBUM-01 Rays On Pinion/02 The Birthing/03 Isak/04 Wailing Wintry Wind/05 Cockroach En Fluer/06 Wanderlust/07 Aleph/08 Teeth of a Cogwheel/09 O'Appalachia/10 Grad/11 Untitled

BLUE RECORD-01 Bullhead's Psalm/02 The Sweetest Curse/03 Jake Leg/04 Steel That Sleeps the
Eye/05 Swollen and Halo/06 Ogeechee Hymnal/07 A Horse Calld Golgotha/08 O'er Hell and Hide/09 War Wisdom and Rhyme/10 Blackpowder Orchard/11 The Lashing/12 Bullhead's Lament

A HORSE CALLED GOLOGOTHA (SINGLE)-01 A Horse Called Gologatha/02 Bikeage

YELLOW AND GREEN (YELLOW DISC)-01 Yellow Theme/02 Take My Bones Away/03 March to the Sea/04 Little Things/05 Twinkler/06 Cocainium/07 Back Where I Belong/08 Sea Lungs/09 Eula

YELLOW AND GREEN (GREEN DISC)-01 Green Theme/02 Board Up the House/03 Mtns. (The Crown and Anchor)/04 Foolsong/05 Collapse/06 Pslams Alive/07 Stretchmarker/08 The Line Between/09 If I Forget Thee, Lo Country

Bones Away/02 March to the Sea/03 Cocainium/04 The Line Between

This is REALLY great shit, implore you to try it out if you are unfamiliar......great modern day rock n roll DOES exist, we just need to track it down sometimes.....Baroness are fucking great.....don't cheat yerselves, YOU WANT to hear these!

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