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Not dicking around here....if you love bone crusing
early 70's metal ala Blue Cheer/the MC5, OR if
you are a fan of the modern day stoner rock I try to keep you somewhat knee-deep in, if you are unfamiliar with this album, let me make this clear: You want this and feel free to thank me later. Period.

From San Francisco, 1972, this is a certifable classic of rock-o-rama, mind-blowing solos and great, long, sludgy heavy psych rock tunes that sound every bit as good today as they did in 1972, probably BETTER cause these musical geniuses were so far ahead of their time!. Honest to God I can't find a personel listing for these dudes on their only LP, perhaps they were TOO GODDAMN STONED to remember their names (late edit: Don Peck drums, Neil Pron, bass, Frank Twist, guitar/vocals)......so not a whole lot of infor I can provide you with, other than to say that if you are a fan of the harder stuff I post here, your collection should NOT be lacking this bad-ass masterpeice.

By the way here are a few YouTube clips of these guys in action that I thought you might enjoy too:


But don't forget the album, nothing short of a brain-cell crusher!

SAN FRANCISCO'S SHIVER-01 Tough As Nails/02 Fixer/03 Bone Shaker/04 Interstelar Vision/05 Alpha Man/06 Rocky Road/07 Keep On Rocking/08 Up My Sleeve/09 Winter Time

If you are NOT familar with his unknown classic, Merry Christmas in June from BigScott!

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