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Couple of more Shirts shares

SuperBillie1 (Frank from Germny)contributes a link for the hard to find third Shirts album "Inner
Sleeve", never hear it but thanks for the quick response...also, Kevin from New York "treats" us to a selfie of him sporting an official SHIRTS, well, Shirt. He also promises a collection of Shirts non-LP B-sides soon, can't wait for  that.....every now and then I try to point out the folks who have been helping me keep the blog interesting and I always foget someone, but for today thanks to SuperBillie1 and Kevin from NY for these, also Dave Sez who continued to amaze with his impossible to find contributions....a relative newcome, Marcan (From France thinking, sorry of I'm wrong I did not check)has checked in with a few find shares ltely, and I thank him as well. (Did ya find that Memaid disc yet?)).....Of course Long-timer Mark Evliegh comes throuh like clocwork, most recently with a couple of hard to find Dgeneration albums.....and also, thanks an to the band Songs For Snakes for the links to their two album, I really did enjoy them and hope others did as well......this, again, is what i want for this blog......ANYONE fom ANYWHERE is free to contribute.....I LOVE stuff from unsigned bands and bar bands PLEASE sed me your demos, we wll get them up......Also, I've experimented a it lately with some cool, non musical downloads, such as the Chick Tracts and The Breakfast Club Script....if you ahvea anything neat like those (there are more to come) PLEASE share them, as well as ANYTHING ELSE yu may find interesting......I remember the success of the "Gallery of Visual Peverions".....I have enough material mterial to do one of THOSE every day for the rest of the milenium, but, alas, I strive for variety an will remain tue to my word!

And, before I get back to the music or whatever for tonight, thanks  bunch to APANTA BAPANTA for translating the Greek Pink albums so I can post them here......he sent me another handful today that I hope to get up yet tonight.......his efforts have been tremendous and I hope he stays around until we can finish the project, I think it's another unique feature of the blog, MY blog, FAR from the best in the world (FAR FROM it), but at times it makes me smile to see it take shape as to the actual vision I have in mind....PLEASE participate, if you have ANYTHING AT ALL of interest to share......if not, enjoy and listen and comment, but please be sure and thank the guest contributors and bands who check in looking for a little exposure......and thanks to all of YOU too, just for reading!

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