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Some great files from the Dave Sez archive

Dave Sez has been sending me stuff forever,remember the ultra-great Jam and Au Pairs collections,
as well as many others......well, it's been a little while since I've posted any of his fine stuff, and it is piling up a little bit, through the fault of one person (me)......so today and tomorrow, I'm going to empty out his file, a lot of great if unrelated stuff.......check out below, everything here is EXTREMELY rare and stuff you are going to want!

Let us start with the great Linton  Kwesi Johnson, Live on the BBC 1984....tried to post this before but it was an unsplit FLAC file which was too big for Zippy's liking, so I converted it to MP3 files which should work just fine.....still unsplit, but you'll still love this show, with artwork included.....here is the information:
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Live On The BBC
Scan submitted/created by [steve23yh]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: CD-R
Reference :BT610CD
Date :
Made In :UK
Quality :SUP (10/10)
Booklet & packaging :Own artwork
Total duration: 57:41

A Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984 and broadcast on 5th June. Spot-on FM.
For those unacquainted, LKJ is a poet, whose gigs involve his rhythmic recitals, over a dub background provided by Dennis Bovell's band and music. The band for this performance was:

Paget King : Keyboards
Patrick Tenyue : Trumpet
Buttons Tenyue : Trombone
John Kpiaye : Lead Guitar
Francois Cuffy ; Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Smith : Drums
Nick Straker : Synthesiser
Geoffrey Scantlebury : Percussion
Dennis Bovell : Bass
The beginning of the set (tracks 1-6) is just Dennis Bovell and the Dub Band, before LKJ joins from track 8 on.

1. Introduction 0:41
2. Instrumental (Bovell) 2:12
3. Dub Master (Bovell) 4:58
4. Come With Me (Bovell) 3:41
5. Reggae High (Bovell) 4:02
6. Brain Damage (Bovell) 3:12
7. Introduction 1:00
8. Dread Beat An' Blood (Johnson/Bovell) 3:21
9. All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' (Johnson/Bovell) 3:02
10. Want Fi Goh Rave (Johnson/Bovell) 4:01
11. Reggae For Dadda (Johnson) 3:53
12. Band Introduction 1:41
13. Reggae For Peach (Johnson/Bovell) 3:14
14. Di Great Insohreckshan (Johnson/Bovell) 3:43
15. What About The Workin' Class? (Johnson/Bovell) 5:37
16. Makin' History (Johnson/Bovell) 3:56
17. Reggae For Rodney (Johnson/Bovell) 3:34
18. Instrumental (Bovell) 1:52

WE have another LKJ set from the Paris Teater 1984....this is another that I squeezed down to MP3 to accomodate Zip, also unplit tracks but I ahve listened to this one as well and it is quite good too....

Here is the info for THIS set: (Both sets are included in the LKJ link in the comments section)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Paris Theatre, London (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: more LKJ, taken from a BBC Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984. Mixcloud>WAV>FLAC, artwork thanks to www.bootlegzone.com.
Introduction 1:00
Dread Beat An' Blood 3:21
All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' 3:02
Want Fi Goh Rave 4:01
Reggae For Dadda 3:53
Band Introductions 1:41
Reggae Fi Peach 3:14
Di Great Insohreckshan 3:43
What About The Workin' Class? 5:37
Makin' History 3:56
Reggae For Rodney 3:34
Instrumental 1:52
Listen to the gig online: http://www.mixcloud.com/dubwisegaragecollection/linton-kwesi-johnson-paris-th-london-1984-bbc-broadcast/

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Changing gears, we have some wonderful and rare stuff from Richard Lloyd, late of Television, of
course.....here is the info for THIS set:

Richard Lloyd - Live and Studio

From the Dave Sez archive: the only gig recording I know of from ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd together with some unreleased studio recordings ...
Richard Lloyd - Live at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, 22 June 2001 (320)
01 What I Know
02 Pleading
03 The Knockdown
04 Fire Engine
05 I Thought
06 Raising The Serpent
07 Hey Joe
08 Alchemy
09 Strangestrange
10 Downline
11 Torn Shirt
12 Chat with audience
13 Cortege
14 Misty Eyes
15 Good Times, Bad Times
Originally posted by the great gomonkeygo at http://thenewdisease.blogspot.com/2008/09/through-fields-of-fire.html - many thanks!
For a June 2001 review of Lloyd's album "The Cover Doesn't Matter", see http://behindthebeat.com/2001/06/richard-lloyd-the-cover-doesnt-matter/.
Richard Lloyd - Stock Audio (c. 2012, 320)
Stock audio is music that has been created for use as background music for videos, films, television, etc. Lloyd has produced a set of stock music himself, and it’s not just instrumental background rumblings either, as much of this material comes in the form of structured song composition with vocals. As far as I know, none of this material has ever been on any album and seems to have first been made available in 2012, though we have no idea when it was actually recorded.
01 Want You (3:21)
02 Murder Boogie (5:36)
03 We Will Climb (6:34)
04 Diogenes (1:36)
05 Want You To Stay (3:03)
06 Tasting Quicksand (2:01)
07 Pull (4:13)
Many thanks to Willard at http://www.willardswormholes.com/?p=12701 (mediafire link still live).

Thanks, to Dave Sez for his generosity in sharing these, and there will be more to come.....my apologies for dragging my feet for so long, welcome to MY world!


A sad note, I just wanted to say that the guy I spoke about (Stooges post, several months back), my longtime "drifter" friend, on Wedensday night actually tried to jump between the cars of a train which started, he tripped, his leg was cut off, and he was dragged by the train....he lived, but the prognosis is not good, I don't think he'll make it........he lived a kind of a storybook life, and a more "fitting" ending couldn't have been written in Hollywood. Hope he makes it, but it seems VERY unlikely.

One of the saddest things about getting old is watching the people you've known for 30-35 years check out......I'm not the biggest "prayer" guy in the world, but in this case it seems like the best option.

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