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Forget Cassettes

An almost forgotten indy-rock bnd from Nashville
Tennessee in the mid-00's, they put out a couple
of very good albums that you may have never heard, or may have heard and forgotten, in either case, good stuff...basically created around vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Beth Cameron, also keyboardist/drummer Doni Schroeder, along with various other hangers-on, (most notably bassist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Leo Phillips) they were the mainstays.....bottom line is they created two wonderful indy-rock albums that are pretty much forgotten today, I like both discs a lot, and I also have a super-ultra rarity from them, just in case the albums intrigue you.

The debut was "Instruments of Action", from 2006, a fine and forgotten LP from that year......to what can I compare it? maybe a more complex, harder rocking Rilo Kiley? Heartless Bastards? PJ Harvey? Firey Furnaces? when a band comes along and I have a hard time finding a good comparison, I usually think of that as a GOOD thing, and that is the case here as well......highlight is the rockin'"Ms. Rythem and Blues", but plenty of other surprisingly innovative, creative moments

The following year they released the even better "Salt", a fine, fine album which has been criminally overlooked over the past 7 years or so......it's really good, all the way through......great singing, great music, and fine songs......I PROMISE you you will like this album if you try it out, it's really fab.

Now, also, I have a super-rarity from Forget Cassettes that you will find NO WHERE else....I have a WOXY Lounge Act recording from when they appeared on that now defunct show, from which I obtained so many wonderful and rare recordings.....WOXY was the greatest, they are missed, but at least someone was "thinking ahead" enough to save some of their greatness for prosperity!

Anyway, I like these albums, the indy-rock of the mid 00's kind of swallowed them up (Amusement
Parks On Fire and others got MUCH more attention than did these guys......let me know whatu think of these discs, as well as the super-ultra-rarity.......see ya tomorrow with God knows WHAT?

INSTRUMENTS OF ACTION-01 German Girls/02 Accismus/03 Ms. Rythem and Blues/04 Instruments of Action/05 Legacy's Demise/06 Like Tiny Swords/07 Bruce Wayne/08 Talking Big/09 Scales/10 Victory Is Guilt

SALT-01 Venis On/02 Quiero, Quires/03 The Catch/04 Nicholas/05 My Maraschino/06 Lonely Does It/07 Patience, Beth Reprise/08 Salt and Syncope/09 Tabula Rasa


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