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After delay upon delay,Part 3 of Zed Zeppelin rarties

More live sets today, having a bit of trouble with the
"Part 2" uploads (OLD discs, some internet
problems, etc), but in light of the popularity that these have enjoyed I am sure that if one has an additional day to wait for the links, one would likely not have a problem with this. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for making these one of my more "hit" posts, ever......

Picking back up in 1973 today, we begin with a two disc Paris show, exact date not verified, but does contain "Going to California" which was not really a staple of their shows. ALSO from 1973 we have a show (2 discs) from Buffalo NY, 7/15/73, a good set which pretty much DOES run through most of their concert staples, sounds good though.

Now, from 1975 the mammoth FOUR disc "When We Were Kings", 5/24/75......the first disc leans heavilly on "Physical Grafitti", ending with "Kashmir" and containing the rather curious selection of "Sick Again". Disc 2 contains "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp", "That's the Way", "Trampled Underfoot" and more, probably the best disc of the four, because disc three contains a never-ending "Moby Dick", a never-EVER ending "Dazed and Confused", and an almost never ending "Stairway to Heaven".....a little rough to listen to, for me at least. Disc 4 contains a never-ending version of "Whole Lotta Love", which at least incorporates the rarely performed live "The Crunge", and an odd set-closing"Communication Breakdown" which incorporates "D'yer Maker", and actally pulls it off, fairly well at least. Four disc live sets just beg for some "home editing", so have your way with it.

Cleveland Ohio 4/22/77 (2 Discs), titled "Destroyer" includes some material from the then-current
"Presence", "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Achilles Last Stand" make for decent live numbers, and they had the mercy to at least not drag out "Candy Store Rock". The most recent set I have here is a 2-disc set from Zurich, 6/29/80, which includes material from the then-current "In Through the Out Door", not ever really a favorite of mine, and even then NOT that album's better numbers, which for my money would be "Fool In the Rain", "I'm Gonna Crawl", and "Carroselambra", which are all really pretty decent tunes so maybe the album is better than I give it credit for, but it sure as hell isn't due to the inclusion of "In the Evening" or "Hot Dog" or "All of My Love", all of which they decided to assault the good folks of Zurich with on this day.....disc two fairly smokes with some classic material ("Rock N Roll", "Heartbreaker", more), which makes this a decent set as well.

Well, that will about wrap this up from here.....I have some others but there is SO MUCH similarity in some of their shows (not that they are BAD, just similar) that I think we will leave it here with at least a fairly representative showing from their entire career.....if you have any favorites of your own, now's the time to trot em out.

PARIS 1973 DISC 1-01 Immigrant Song/02 Heartbreaker/03 Since I've Been Loving You/04 Black Dog/05 Dazed and Confused/06 Stairway to Heaven

PARIS 1973 DISC 2-02 Going to California/03 That's the Way/04 What Is and What Should Never Be/05 Whole Lotta Love (Medley)/06 Lemon Song/07 Black Mountain Side/08 Communication Breakdown

BUFFALO NY 7/15/73 DISC 1-01 Rock N Roll/02 Celebration Day/03 Black Dog/04 Over the Hills and Far Away/05 Misty Mountain Hop/06 Since I've Been Loving You

BUFFALO NY 7/15/73 DISC 2-01 No Quarter/02 The Song Remains the Same/03 The Rain
Song/04 Dazed and Confused/05 Stairway to Heaven

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 Rock N Roll/03 Sick Again/04 Over the Hills and Far Away/05 In My Time of Dying/06 The Song Remains the Same/07 The Rain Song/08 Kashmir

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 2-01 No Quarter/02 Tangerine/03 Going to California/04 That's the Way/05 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/06 Trampled Underfoot

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 3-01 Moby Dick/02 Dazed and Confused (Includes San Francisco)/03 Stairway to Heaven

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 4-01 Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge/02 Black Dog/03 Heartbreaker/04 Communication Breakdown (Includes D'yer Maker)

CLEVELAND 4/27/77 DISC 1-01 Going to California/02 Black Country Woman/03 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/04 White Summer/05 Black Mountain Side/06 Kashmir/07 Jimmy Page Solo/08 Achilles Last Stand/09 Stairway to Heaven/10 Rock N Roll/11 Trampled Underfoot/12 Since I've Been Loving You

CLEVELAND 4/27/77 DISC 2-01 In My Time of Dying/02 No Quarter/03 Nobody's Fault But Mine/04 Sick Again/05 Since I've Been Loving You/06 Ten Years Gone/07 The Battle of Evermore/08 The Song Remains the Same

ZURICH 6/29/80 DISC 1-01 Train Kept a-Rollin'/02 Nobody's Fault But Mine/03 Black Dog/04 In the Evening/ 05 The Rain Song/06 Hot Dog/07 All Of My Love/08 Trampled Underfoot

ZURICH 6/29/80 DISC 2-01 Since I've Been Loving You/02 Achilles Last Stand/04 Stairway to
Heaven/05 Rock N Roll/06 Heartbreaker

OK, give me some slack.....some of these CD's are REALLY old and for whatever reason are taking a LONG time to upload......I apologize but the end result is the same: you Zep freaks get your fix and bottom line, I get to do a post or two fewer AND concentrate on my retirement plans.....have I mentioned that I was retiring?

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