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Something cool for my 52nd birthday......

Just found these the other day on the Bay, not sure who created them, but they have a ton of good shit
on them, since the BigFella is such a champion of stoner rock (I'll convert you or DIE), here are five discs (internet creation, I assume), "Compila Chega a Chinela" (I have no clue as to what that would translate to), known on the Bay as "Southern Stoner Blues Rock" or "Projecto Chernobyl"......so whatever, I don't know who created these, or when, or what the English translations are of these titles, but these are five discs which include both some stuff I KNOW to be way cool, as well as some obscurities with which I am not familiar (which of course I love).......

As aways, stoner rock is NOT the best format for compilations.....power pop or punk work MUCH better as they are basically singles formats, thus they replicate a "radio experience" FAR better than stoner rock or metal does...and yet, simply viewed as collections (rather than cohesive statements) these can be great to listen to as well......so let us review.....

As a few times before with different comps, tracks are programmed in alphabetical order...maybe not the greatest idea in MY book, but, when I get off my ass and start creating comps of my own, I guess I can program them however I please......right-o?

So, Volume 1.....of COURSE, you know of Nebula....of  Black Cherry Stone....Gov't Mule.....Masters
of Reality.....but not a damn thing wrong with hearing from any of them, and LOTS of obscure gems mixed among them.....but FAR lesser known (hey, to ME at least) are The Teague Stefan Band, Parlor Mob, Indigenous, and The Brew, among others, this is the pattern the whole set follows, a near 50/50 mix of fairly well known and fairly obscure stoner rockers.....but if you love the sound (as I do), this is Christmas (well, actually, it's my fucking birthday!)

Volume 2 gives us Brandt Bjork's great "Punk Rock Guilt", Armitus Pyledriver, stoner legends Clutch, and the great Unida......lesser known acts include Township, Johnny Law, King Hobo, and Barefoot Servant......a fix again, stoner fans should salivate.....here it is MY birthday, and I'm the one GIVING the cool gifts! What a guy I am!

The third disc does not let up a bit, Blackfoot, hardly a stoner legend but I think an underappreciated Southern rock band from the 1980's checks in with maybe their best number "Road Fever"....Kyuss is here, as is Lonely Camel, and the Company Band among the familar acts, backed up, of course, by the lesser knowns (at least in this corner), Ride the Blinds, Boss Kean's Ditch, Silvertide and many more....by now you get the pitcha, you're either racing to download or yawning and seeing what's on "Twilight Zone" today (always a superior option, gratned)

So, disc #4.....a lot of "legends of the game on this one, including tracks from Dozer, Down, Beaver, Colour Haze, Monster Magnet and Radio Moscow (all of whom I think I have done full posts on), melded with some stuff from Lions in the Street, Freezing Fog and The Dirty Guv'nahs, to name a few.

The final disc of the set does let up a bit, because I am not sure ZZ Top and Molly Hatchet really fit the mold (but, on the other hand, it DOES have "Southern" in the title so I guess they are fair game)..Danko Jones and the great Atomic Bitchwax are the best known stoners here, along with the Quireboys, Koritni, and Sun Dried Opossum, among others.......

This is quite an imaginative collection, not sure I would have programmed it the way he did, but he obviously has a passion for both stoner rock and southern hard rock, and I give him credit for blending the two......a good job and I am happy to hopefully get a few more sets of ears to hear it......

There was no artwork available in the download, so I don't even have anything to decorate the text with, so we'll, on my birthday, simply rely on he old fallback of showing off a few of  my favorite chiquitas........

DISC 1-01 BACK DOOR SLAM- It All Come Around/02 BACK DOOR SLAM- Too Late/03
BLACK STONE CHERRY- Soulcreek/04 GOV'T MULE- Blind Man In The Dark/05 GOV'T MULE- Mr. Man/06 INDIGINOUS - Holdin Out Nanji/07 LOS LONELY BOYS- Heart Won't Tell A Lie/08 MASTERS OF REALITY- High Noon Amsterdam/09 MOTHER SUPERIOR- (I'm) Obsessed/10 MOTHER SUPERIOR- Stealing My Shadow/11 NEBULA - So It Goes/12 PLANKTON - What's Your Favorite Colour/13 PRIDE AND GLORY- Losin Your Mind/14 THE ANSWER - Too Far Gone/15 THE BREW - Better Man/16 The BROUGHT LOW- Blues For Cubby/17 THE PARLOR MOB- Carnival Of Crows/18 THE TEAGUE STEFAN BAND- Carl Perkins

DISC 2-01 7DAY BINGE - Free/02 7DAY BINGE - Good Times/03 ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER- Swamp Devil/04 BAREFOOT SERVANTS- Love's Made Fool/05 BLINDSTONE - Power Man/06 BRANT BJORK- Punk Rock Guilt/07 CLUTCH - When Vegas Attack/08 FREEDOM AND WHISKEY- Super Real/09 JADED SUN- Breaking Through/10 JADED SUN- Higher/11 JOHNNY LAW - Pieces Of The Bottle/12 KAMCHATKA -Out My Way/13 KING HOBO- Running/14 NIGHT HORSE - The Dark Won't Hide You/15 PREACHER STONE- Southern Hospitality/16 THE SULENTIC BROTHERS BAND- In Your Hands/17 TOWNSHIP - Sinister Minister/18 UNIDA- Human Tornado
DISC 3-01 AMERICAN MINOR- Walk On/02 BLACKFOOT - Dry Country/03 BLACKFOOT - Road Fever/04 BOSS KEANE"S DITCH- Never See My Face Again/05 BUDDAHEADS- Nothing To Lose/06 CHIGGER RED- Hangover Hotel/07 DIRTY SWEET- Come Again/08 DOOMFOXX- Piece Of Me/09 KYUSS - Green Machine/10 LONELY KAMEL- Damn You're Hot/11 LONELY KAMEL - Street To Street/12 MOON DOG MANE- Watcha Gonna Do/13 RIDE THE BLINDS-Ashes of My Past/14 RIDE THE BLINDS- Move Along/15 ROLLERBALL - Looking For The Moon/16 ROLLERBALL - Loungeroom Lifter/17 SLIVERTIDE - Ain't Comin Home/18 STONERIDER- Juice Man/19 THE COMPANY BAND- It's A Confusing World/20 THE HOT DOGS-You Can Bet It

DISC 4-01 BEAVER - At The Mirror Palace/02 BISHOP BLACK- Long Way/03 COLOUR HAZE-
Periscope (Breit Return)/04DOWN- Stone The Crows/05 DOZER - Lightyears Ahead/06 LIONS IN THE STREET- Moving Along/07 MONSTER MAGNET- Sin's A Good Man's Brother/08 RADIO  MOSCOW - Black Boot/09 REBEL PRIDE- Getting Closer/10 REGULATORS - Money Pride and Greed/11 ROADSTAR- Stone/12 ROLLERBALL - Youth Bailed ( Back To Hell)/13 THE CHEATERS- Blow My Mind/14 THE CHEATERS- Let Down/15 THE DIRTY GUV-
'NAHS- We'll Be The Light/16 THE FREEZINGFOG - The Dweller Upon The Threshold of Time/17 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Collar Blues/18 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Tired/19 THE  UNION - Step Up To The Plate

DISC 5-01 AMERICAN DOG- Motors Down/02 DANKO JONES- Sugar High/03 GREEN MANALISHI- Fear Alive/04 HOGJAW - Rollin Thunder/05 KORTINI - 155/06 KORTINI - Game Of Fools/07 LORD FOWL- Streets Of Evermore/08 MEDUSA STONE- Live Alone/09 MOLLY HATCHET - Boogie No More/10 RIVAL SONS- Keep On Swinging/11 STEEPWATER BAND- Steel Sky/12 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Don't Wanna Break Your Heart/13 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Spend My Money/14 THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX- Don't Do It/15 THE BLACK JETTS- I'm Your Animal/16 THE QUIREBOYS- Louder/17 VIUNDER - Summoning The Not Living/18 WALKING PAPERS - Red Envelopes/19 ZACH WILLIAMS AND THE REFORMATION - Set You Free/
20 ZZ TOP - La Grange

I always appreciate a good homemade, internet-only comp, especially ones that are so called "labors of love" as this one appears to be.....as I've said I am not a HUGE fan of the "classic" southern rock sound that appears some here in it's pure form, but as for the selections of ZZ Top's "La Grange" and Blackfoot's "Road Fever", well, hard to argue (Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special" might have fit in as well)....a lot of stoner rock DOES have some roots in the classic southern rock sound, as I've said before in particular bands such as Corrosion of Conformity and Alabama Thunderpussy, to name a couple.......anyways the creator of this series did a fjob of compiling the music that he obviously loves, it's a fine compilation and works for ANY fans of good hard rock n  roll.......and happy birthday to me, again, my 52nd......hope I have several more, this year promises to be interesting with the retirement, the search for post-retirement employment, and all......things, for better or worse, gonna be DIFFERENT......scary, but also exciting and cool.......and enjoy the babe pictures, I'd rather look at THEM than, say, more pictures of Down or (especially) ZZ Top, right?

Links coming up soon.....wish I knew the creator's name so we could thank him, I simply don't, PLEASE don't credit ME I am but the 52 year old middle man! Enjoy, I'm calling in sick and planning on having a mellow day with BigCarla66.........nothing better in MY book!

BABE INDEX (from top): Drew Barrymore, Megyn Price, Genevieve Gorder, Lennon Murphy, Lita Ford, Emile de Raven, Vida Guerra, and Olivia Paige......thanks to all of you, just for being you!

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