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A lot of outside contributions....and I thank you all SO much

Here is what I like, when reader/listeners get involved and send in stuff for everyone else to enjoy.....got a few here today, including a couple of submissions from the blog-legend that is Dave Sez, although I HAVE had some trouble with one of his downloads, on his advice I am trying it again, and we will get to him last.....but a LOT of these contributions turn up in the comments section after you guys have gone on to more recent things, and I want to make SURE you don't miss any of this fab generosity!

OK, first of all, just today, we have Phil, a big fan of yesterday's featured band Elvis Hitler.....he contibutes to us all an album of which I at least was unaware, "Splatter"....thanks Phil, I know I will be checking it out, again i thank you because this is what I have said MANY times: THIS, RIGHT HERE, is how I want THIS blog to work.......people sharing, ALL in an effort to obtain the perfect or him/her) music collection.....Thanks Phil..... http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/70369495/file.html

Now, somewhat a little stranger is an Anonymous contributor.....he has contributed a metric tonne of Angel City/The Angels albums, videos, live shows, etc.....MY OWN Angel City post was long, long ago and the links (for my stuff) are dead, but if you are a huge Angel City fan (blistering hard rock from Australia), you WILL want to check this out.....I think the easiset way to help you get to HIS stuff is to simply link the original post, and then direct you to the comments section.....IF YOU ARE a huge Angel City/Angels fan, this will be like Christmas in April for you, I plan on checking hem myself, thanks VERY MUCH Anonymous, here is the link to MY original post, remembe, go there, and seek the comments section for more Angel City than you thought possible:


Next up we have a couple of my favorite type of contributions......Andrea Barlotti, guitarist for the great Italian Kyuss-style stoner rockers Herba Mate whose debut I posted last week, emails me and informs me that his band Herba Mate has released a new split with Fatso Jetson (I have a bunch of Fatso Jetson, and may even do a post on them tomorrow).....anyway, most generous of Andrea who "gets it", wants MORE listeners for his band, and they DO rock the hell out (for my memory so do Fatso on), so this should be a fine split......generously, Andrea contributes a link for us:


Also got a kind email from the French band Blondstone haven't heard it yet, but THIS IS ALSO what I want....lesser-known bandswho come to me will be given the same respect as would, say Led Zeppelin, I want them ALL to be heard.....Blondstone gives us a Bandcamp link to their album "Mass Solace",  this MAY be a streaming-only link, they sent me one with a private download code, so I will snatch it up and if it's as good as all that, I'll put up a copy....meantime, download the stream and give it a chance, again, they WANT us to hear their music, so let's take a free opportunity to do so......please report back if you hear thisn before I do!

I have also received an email from a band called A Cat....they call themselves a digi-rock-techno-dream-afrodisco band (indeed) fromTel-Aviv, Israel..ok then. they have their new single sale on Itunes, I wish they would provide us all with a free copy to evaluate (they sent me one which I have not heard yet), but they do offer up you guys Youtube and SoundCloud preview options, you can at least see what you think of them....my PREFERENCE is always that new bands provide a least a little "something" to everyone for free, my opinion is the exposure is more valuable than the income generated, but that is just me......I will respect the wishes of any bad who comes here looking for exposure.

Although I don't think it is out yet, Blair Kodman sends us an email to tell us that the recently profiled Heavy Glow DO IN FACT have a new album coming out.......I had no idea if they were still at it or not, see my Heavy Glow post of a few weeks back.....he provides this information on thier upcoming release:  heavyglowmusic.com

In case you missed it, Marcan from France provided us a link to Arc Of Ascent's hard to locate second disc "The Higher Key", I snatched mine right up coz I LOOOOVE me some Arc of Ascent (Datura, Jr.)......if you are as big a Datura fan as myself (unlikely)or enjoyed my Arc of Ascent post a couple weeks ago, you DO want to hear this.....trust me, from one of the (still) mos underappreciated stoner-metal bands on our planet.....


OK, I think "amature hour" (you know I'm fucking KIDDING) is over, and time for a longtime contributer to come thrugh with some more gems....first I have to check and see if one of is downloads that I previously had a problem with is OK.....give me a minute.......

OK, ALL GOOD.....the legend that IS DAVE SEZ is in a reggae mood today, I LOOOOVE me some reggae, but AM BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT, which makes this tremedously interesting and gret for me.....I'm gonnalet Dave Sez use his own words etc here, after I tell you what we got...first of all we have Linton Kwesi Johnson 1984 at the Paris Theater, an artist I am but minimally familiar with, so, thusly, I CANNOT wait to hear this on tomorrow's morning commute......as if that were not enough, Dave Sez ALOS very generously contributes a wondeful live set from Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, I have heard this one and it is the absolute SHIT, you guys WANT THIS PERFROMANCE, trust me.......As Dave Sez prefers that I use his text for description, which I am VERY happy to oblige, see the following for any details on these fine performances.......

I just want to say thanks to Dave  Sez, as usual, but also to the others who have contriuted to this post...the Angel City stuff is really THOROUGH, and I LOVE when a band (Herba Mate) turns up and actually understands that I am trying to get MORE listeners for them!   also the bands who are sending me stuff......KEEP IT COMING.....I would rather post stuff like that than another, say Sleater Kinney boot, and do not take that wrong I LOVE SLEATER KINNEY BOOTS, but I have done a couple hundred of them......NEW STUFF, DIFFERENT STUFF, THAT is what we like to be about here......love all my readers/listeners, but ESPECIALLY those who contribute and UNDERSTAND what we are trying to do here......some don't, I fear, but here is no helping them......our mission is twofold.....1) help MUSIC LOVERS try to complete their "perfect" music collection, as best we can, and 2) introduce everyone to some NEW AND DIFFERENT sounds that they may not otherwise get to hear.......I love it that some bands (Herba Mate for example) actually understand that  WANT TO HELP, NOT HINDER their careers......an again, thanks so muchto Dave Sez, one ofthe blog's all-time finest contributors, these reggae gems, and for everything else too....wish I ahde more like you brother, it would be fab......here are the texts for Dave Sez' newest posts, thanks again my brother:

Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Paris Theatre, London (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: more LKJ, taken from a BBC Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984. Mixcloud>WAV>FLAC, artwork thanks to www.bootlegzone.com.
Introduction 1:00
Dread Beat An' Blood 3:21
All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' 3:02
Want Fi Goh Rave 4:01
Reggae For Dadda 3:53
Band Introductions 1:41
Reggae Fi Peach 3:14
Di Great Insohreckshan 3:43
What About The Workin' Class? 5:37
Makin' History 3:56
Reggae For Rodney 3:34
Instrumental 1:52

Listen to the gig online: http://www.mixcloud.com/dubwisegaragecollection/linton-kwesi-johnson-paris-th-london-1984-bbc-broadcast/

(See Comment Section for Zippy upload Link)

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Acton Town Hall, 15th November 2002 (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: On the ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ tour in November 2002, Joe included this benefit gig for the members of the striking Fire Brigades Union. Mick Jones was in the audience and joined Joe onstage for the last three songs, the first time the two had shared a stage since their last performance together in the Clash in 1983. Originally a fan club only release, the CD is now out of print and has taken on legendary and essential status for all Clash fans, as the sound quality and mix are superb.  It is a fine memento from Joe’s final tour deserving a permanent official release. Joe died from an undiscovered congenital heart defect just over a month later on 22nd December 2002.
01. Shaktar Donetsk
02. Bhindi Bhagee
03. Rudie Can’t Fail
04. Tony Adams
05. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
06. Mega Bottle Ride
07. Get Down Moses
08. Police & Thieves
09. Cool ‘n’ Out
10. Police on My Back
11. Johnny Appleseed
12. Coma Girl
13. I Fought the Law
14. Bankrobber
15. White Riot
16. London’s Burning

Joe Strummer: vocals, guitar
Martin Slattery: keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Scott Shields: guitar, backing vocals
Simon Stafford: bass
Luke Bullen: drums
Mick Jones: guitar, guest appearance on last three tracks

Check out Gobshyte's great blog featuring lots of Clash at mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com, and don't miss this fantastic rarity: http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/2014/04/joe-strummer-and-101ers-smokey-joes-cafe.html

(again, see comments section for zippy upload link.......THANKS DAVE SEZ, at least YOU understand what I/we are trying to accomplish here.....please don't be a stranger!)


OK, back to the BigLad.......lotta stuff here to deal with, pick and choose what you want......I LOVE THIS POST, because the material has been provided from OTHERS, not ME, which is what this is ABOUT....sharing, sharing, sharing, we can all share with each other and ALL have wonderful music collections......as they said on the "Six Million Dollar Man" (Gorsh am I showing my AGE?...oh well FUCK IT)...."We HAVE the technology"....if you check out anything on tonights post, please comment and above all THANK THE CONTRIBUTOR, they are the lifeblood here, at least of what I want to accomplish.

Did I mention I am retring June 30? Yes? Allow me to mention it AGAIN!

THANKS EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU, especially those who "get it" (if you DON'T get it, I still LOVE you, we are all winding up in the same plce anyway, if you think about it!)

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