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The Electric Toilet

Don't be fooled by perhaps the stupidest name a band ever bestowed upon itself (God, I wonder if, in 1970, they thought it was like way cool man?) this is a good period piece, good heavy blues-influened rock n roll from Memphis Tennessee....."In the Hands of Karma" (frankly, not the greatest album title of all time, either) is a pretty damn good slice of 1970's Stonesy rock, highlighted by, my favorite at least, the 8 minute "Within Your State of Mind".....the title track throws in some oddball effects, but as a period piece is both funny and entertaining at once.

This would be the only effort they had in them, because two members of the band were tragically killed in a traffic accident after the album's release. It is often odd how tragedy sometimes affects rck n roll.....some become much bigger stars in death, Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison, Sid......while some imply have promising careers simply snuffed out, simply to be pretty much forgotten footnotes, such as the Exploding Hearts, Gaunt, and The Electric Toilet. There is no actual rationale for this, there are many different types of deaths as there are many different types of lives. Some are long and some. Some are full and some are empty. Some are happy. Some, are not.

Appreciate what you have, TODAY, NOW.

IN THE HANDS KARMA-01 In the Hands of Kama/02 Within Your State of Mind/03 Revelations/04 Mississippi Hippie/05 Goodbye My Darling/06 Son't Climb Nobody Else's Ladder

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