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DaveSez.......YOU listen!

We've had some fantastic contributions to this blog over time, I'd like to personally thank the anonymous donor that dumped the metric shit-tonne of Snakefinger stuff recently, GREAT job, and I understand your wish to remain anonymous, that's your choice, just understand how much so MANY of us appreciate it.....

One of thebest, of course, is Dave Sez, who has a stash  of recordings that it would probably give me months of pleasure to simply LOOK THROUGH, the stuff is all SO DAMN GOOD and interesting.....if you liked the Clapton demos the other day, by all means get with this fine set as well.....today a set with Clapton and Marcus Miller and his band, I listened to this today and it is fantastic.......trust me you do NOT want to miss this, I will let Dave Sez fill you in on the details, but this is ONE THAT YOU WANT.........great, great contrbution, love it, and thanks ALL go to Dave Sez, I am merely the middleman.........so what areyou waiting for? Read Dave's words of wisdom, and then get busy downloading this smoking file! And don't forget to thank him......also, once again, if YOU have any interesting albums or live shows or whatever, PLEASE share them with everyone here.....I don't have EVERYTHING, and other people's stuff is MORE than welcome, plue it equals less work for the BigLad!

Take it Dave:
Marcus Miller and Eric Clapton
Legends Studio Rehearsals Summer 1997
A+ stereo, full artwork, text and research included
eric clapton sets old sock release ahead of international trek eric ...From the Dave Sez archive: another set of top-quality Clapton tour rehearsals, this time with Marcus Miller and his band called Legends, formed in 1997 for an eleven-date European Jazz Festival tour (several of which gigs were recorded and are available on request). At the time, Clapton was going through a mental storm and doubting his ability to play anything else but the blues. Marcus shook him up and offered jazz .. and some blues. Included here from the LA rehearsal studios but never played live on the European tour are the only recordings of Marcus on "Layla" and Clapton on guitar and vocals on Miller's "Silver Rain". The ultimate Marcus rarity - Dave sez: go get, you won't regret! Split by my taste into "Best" and "Rest".
Excellent groove but only @ 192 kbps - anyone got 320 or FLAC? Leave us a word and hopefully a link in the comments, much obliged.
Marcus Miller - bass guitar
Eric Clapton - guitar and vocals
Steve Gadd - drums
Joe Sample - keyboards
David Sanborn - saxophone

Legends Rehearsals - the Best
01 - Snakes
02 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)
03 - Full House
04 - Peeper
05 - Going Down Slow
06 - Silver Rain
07 - Layla
08 - Rock Me Baby
09 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)(sax David Sanborn)
10 - Full House (sax David Sanborn)
Legends Rehearsals - the Rest
11 - Ruthie
12 - I Got You I Feel Good
13 - Put It Where You Want
14 - Suggestions (“In Case You Hadn’t Noticed”)
15 - Ruthie (sax David Sanborn)
16 - Jelly Roll Morton (“Shreveport Stomp”, Samples solo)

Now THAT is a contribution......really, really, enjoyed it, hope you do too.......a good one, and come on, the rest of you, share something......create something......I DON'T WANT this to be the "best" blog in the world.......but I WOULD love it if it were the most, I don't know, "down to earth", or "familial", where we ALL share what we have as we ALL continue our neer to be fulfilled search for the PERFECT customized music collection. God bless you all (if that is your belief, we'll have to discuss out opinions on THAT subject some time as well!)

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