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Potential to be the best Guttermouth post ever

Smart-ass punk from California formed in 1988 singer Mark Adkins and guitarist Scott Sheldon.....these two have been the only permanent members, they have employed a boatload off bassists and drummers to accompany them.

They developed thier rep playing with other California punk bands and gained a reputation for rowdy live shows, "shocking' behavior, and offensive/sarcastic lyrics. After a few EP's/singles (I don't have em) they released "Full Length LP", which proved somewhat successful, spawning a minor hit with "1-2-3 Slam!". Next up came the Dexter Holland produced "Friendly People", with a lot of Green Day/Offspring-like material, "End On 9", "Asshole", "Jamie's Petting Zoo", "Can't We All Just Get Along (At the Dinner Table)"......if you like this kind of this type of thing, it is amusing enough.

The lineup shuffling would begin, and 1995 saw the release of argueably their best album, "Teri Yakamoto". They would continue to tour and gain more popularity, and, as such, "Full Length LP" was released as an extended CD under the title "The Album Formerly Known as Full Length LP" (which is what I have here). Many fans would argue that 1997's "Musical Monkey" might be their top effort, it contains some of their best known material, "Lucky Donkey", "Do the Hustle", "lipstick" among others are considered by many to be "signature" Guttermouth material.

So brought "Gorgeous", yet another album full of snotty punk tunes, including perhaps my favorite "I have a Dream".....sample lyrics: "Hey, hey today's my lucky day, Puff was taken out by Snoop and Dr. Dre.....Hey Hey a plane went down today, the entire cast of Friends was found floating in the Bay....", fucking cool stuff, and very typical of their bratty songwriting style.....three fine albums in a row, rather untypical for this kind of a crew, at least I would say.

That would not last IMO as they released "Covered With Ants", an attempt to show musical diversity or something, inluding banjos and fiddles, I've heard of an idea or two of which I thought higher. line would continue with "Gusto", which is far "poppier", and, if I didn't know better, would guess that it's an attempt at mainstream acceptance (gasp!).....

"Eat Your Face" would be something of a return to form, returning to the humorous/punky style that the band had cut its teeth on.....not bad, but for me at least, "it" was gone, the previous two albums pretty much had sealed their fate. The last album I have here is "Shave the Planet"(2006), again, not bad, not unlike "Eat Your Face" actually, but for this longtime listener, the sell-by date had been reached......

Not so bad though, really..have I think nine albums here, and really only two of them are "bad", and three are REALLY quite good.....for bands of this style, we know that when they are bad they are BAAAAAD, and these don't really reach those depths. They had a decent and maybe a small bit underappeciated career, were funny and enjoyable at their peak......if you REALLY wanted to dabble, you might take "Teri Yakamoto""Gorgeous", and "Musical Monkey", listen to them, and create your on "best of" mix, ....might wanna throw in a track or two from "Full Length" as well.

As they say in the buisness, not a bad run......they may still be at it for all I know, but they epitomized a certain zany punk sound, slotting them as a poor man's Green Day or Offspring, isn't too far off I don't think.

Links are coming......hmmmmmmm Germs, Gravy Train, Gossip, Guttermouth.......while I'm hanging around at the "G" shelf, what other trouble can I get into?

FRIENDLY PEOPLE-01 End On 9/02 Derek/03 jamie's Petting Zoo/04 Bullshit/05 PC/06 Disneyland/07 Can't We All Just Get Along (At the Dinner Table)/08 Vegicide/09 Chaps My Hide/10 What's Gone Wrong/11 You're Late/12 Summer's Over/13 Asshole

THE ALBUM FORMERELY KNOWN AS THE FIRST FULL LENGTH-01 Race Track/02 No More/03Jack LaLanne/04 Where Was I/05 Old Glory/06 I'm Punk/07 Mr Barbeque/08 Bruce Lee Vs the Kiss Army/09 Chicken Box/10 Carp/11 Toilet/12 Oats/13 1-2-3...Slam!/14 I used to Be Twenty/15 Reggae Man/16 Chicken Box (Again)/17 Just a Fuck/18 Hypocrite/19 Marco Polo/20 Under My Skin/21 Gas Out/22 No Such Thing/23 Malted Vomit/24 Ghost

TERI YAKAMOTO-01 Use Your Mind/02 Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps, 7 T's/03 Generous Portions/04 A Day at the Office/05 Teri Yakamoto/06 Whiskey/07 Lock Down/08 God's Kingdom/09 Mark's Ark/10 Room For Improvement/11 Casserole of Life/12 Thought Provoking Sonic Device/13 I Saw the Light/14 1-2-3-4/15 Under the Sea

MUSICAL MONKEY-01 What's the Big Deal/02 Lucky the Donkey/03 Big Pink Dress/04 Do the Hustle/05 Good Friday/06 Bakers Dozen/07 Abort Mission/08 Corpse Rotting In Hell/09 Lipstick/10 When Hell Freezes Over/11 SSDFB/12 What If/13 Perfect World/14 Gold/15 Musical Monkey

GORGEOUS-01 Hit Machine/02 Encyclopedia/03 Con Especial/04 Viva America/05 Diamond Studded Bumble Bee/06 A Datea With Destiny/07 The Dreaded Sea/08 A Nice Place To Visit/09 Food Storage/10 I have a Dream/11 BBB/12 High Balls/13 Intro/14 Power Up

COVERED WITH ANTS-01 That's Life/02 Can I Borrow Some Ambition/03 Secure Horizons/04 She's the Look/05 Looking Good Is All That Matters/06 I'm Destroying the World/07 Chug a Lug Night/08 WhatYou Like  about Me/09 I Won't See You In the Pit/10 Black Enforcers/11 ram It Up Your Ass

GUSTO-01 Campfire  Girl #62/02 Scholarship In Punk/03 Gusto/04 Vacation/05 Contagious/06 Pee In the Shower/07 Walk of Shame/08 My Town/09 Contribution/10 Foot Long/11 Looking Out For #1/12 Twins/13 My Girlfriend/14 Lemon Water

EAT YOUR FACE-01 Party of 2/02 Surf's Up Asshole/03 Octopus Hairpiece/04 Wasted Lives/05 The Next Faux Meekhowon/06 Treason/07 Second DUI/08 My Neighbor's baby/09 West Side/10 Nraaaa/11 Toilet Stall Humor/12 Ticket To Quebec/13 Hot  Dog to the Head/14 Untitled

SHAVE THE PLANET-01 Shave The Planet/02 Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes/03 My Chemical Imbalance/04 Flacidism/05 Primate Camp/06 The 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash/07 Mark the Chubby Chaser-Newport Sweater Fat/08 What Then/09 God Steve McQueen the Work Song/10
Upside Down Space Cockroach

Ok, that's about it.....I I've heard a couple live albums before, don't have em though....anyone? I remmeber them as being pretty wild like maybe a Replacements show, or Green Day.....HIGHLY energetic, if any of you has any live Guttermouth, please SHARE WITH THE WORLD!

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