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At last, the ultimate Au Pairs

OK, I know I have fucked this up to a degree......the story is thus. A couple months ago or whenever, I did a little Au Pairs post (actualy it was 12/17/13, and I had all of two albums, "Playing With a Different Sex" and "Sense and Sensuality".....the links for both are still good, as far as I know):


Anyway, after posting, I got material from a couple of people, notably Dave Sez but also HowlinWolf0864 flooded me with killer stuff from the band the very next day......I wrote them up as such, and these links should all be just fine as well here too:


For whatever reason have got a spate of emails today, WITH contributions to the blog, which is FUCKING EXCELLENT (less work for your uncle).......I am working on a Mega-post of the Jam, also one of Yo La Tengo, both of which I have MUCH more material than I thought and am going to have to break into multiple posts (more work than I need at this time of year with the yultide festivities and all that shit)........anyway, for whatever reason my Au Pairs post drew a HUGE response, lots of hits, lots of downloads, and a couple "blog friends" contributing some extra goods from that act.

Our first contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributes a pair of links for us, "Live in Berlin":


As well as the Au Pairs final show from 1983, with (evidently, I haven't had the chance to listen yet) includes some demos, live stuff, lots of stuff which sounds GREAT to me.....check it HERE:


He also shares with us what he refers to as "very rare Dutch 1984 12" EP from Dojoji, produced after Leslie Woods had left the Au Pairs, breaking up the group. With Dutch funk musicians Dojoji, she does vocals - very good, including a version of one of the 1983 demos."

Sounds pretty awesome to me, don't know about you, but here it fucking be:


"Anonymous" also provides us with a track list for the Berlin show, and here IT fucking be:

01 Game *

02 Let's Make Love *

03 Sex Machine (Dear John)

04 Love Song

05 She's Nothing *

06 It's Obvious *

07 Headache For Michelle                                            

08 Music *

09 Armagh

10 Repetition (Written by David Bowie)

11 So Cool

12 Come Again

13 Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)

14 (Domestic) Departure *

15 (Kerb) Crawler *

* = omitted from later official release

I thank "anonymous" SO FUCKING MUCH for this share, he says he has a bunch more, if he does, BRING IT OUT! The benefits are twofold....one, we ALL get to share in these great tunes, and two, it's less work for Da Big Guy! What could be better? This guy also says he has a bunch of Jam and Gang of Four rare/live/whatever stuff, which would be amazing when we get around to THOSE great bands (as I said, working on The Jam even NOW).....so hit his shit hard, APPRECIATE IT, say "thanks" and maybe he will share MORE of his fine collection with the rest of us, as we all grow closer and closer to our own "personal perfect music collection"!

Now, another of "my" minions, Howlinwolf0864 ALSO has some Au Pairs stuff and has generously agreed to share it with the rest of us....he offers up what is evidently a DIFFERENT Berlin show than the one above, as well as an awesome sounding BBC sessions set (really,, I can't WAIT to hear all this shit, you guys are amazing and this is EXACTLY the way I wish for this lame-ass blog to work)....I am uploading his shares to Zippy as we speak and they will be available soon, check the comments section. Here is the track list for the BBC Sessions:

01 Monogamy.mp3
02 Pretty boys.mp3
03 Come again.mp3
04 Ideal woman.mp3
05 Dear John.mp3
06 The love song.mp3
07 It_s obvious.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 Unfinished business.mp3
And 11 more... (sorry, you'll hafta figue out those "11 more" on yer own, I don't have all fucking night!)

and here is the track list for the Berlin show:
01 Diet.mp3
02 Headache For Michelle.mp3
03 Dear John.mp3
04 Love Song.mp3
05 Set Up.mp3
06 Inconvenience.mp3
07 Armagh.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 We're So Cool.mp3
And 2 more...
Again, dunno bout the "2 more" do a little research for Drew Barrymore's sake! (she's with child again, how I only wish it had been my seed to have done the job....nevermind)

Now,OK FOR THESE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, they will be there soon. I'm not a huge "artwork" guy (bare bones white labels for this guy) BUT our friend Howlinwolf has provided links for those as well, so if ya check the comments section in a little while, they will be there as well.



Back to the present time for a moment, there were on that date in the comments section some more links and track lists, sorry if I'm repeating them, but, you know my adversity to work of course:

BBC artwork


Berlin artwork

Tracklist :

01 Monogamy
02 Pretty Boys
03 Come Again
04 Ideal Woman
05 Dear John
06 The Love Song
07 It’s Obvious
08 Repetition
09 Unfinished Business 
10 Diet
11 We’re So Cool
12 Armagh
13 The Set-Up
14 Headache
15 Intact
16 Shakedown
17 Slider (Instant Touch)
18 America
19 Steppin’ Out Of Line
20 Sex Without Stress

The "and 2 more" on the Berlin offical release are:

10 Cum Again
11 Piece Of My Heart (written by Ragovoy)

Cheers, Dave Sez.

Hell, I thought that was the end of it......but, still the good stuff came......erroneoulsy I would just stick it with another band's work, which, as Dave Sez correctly pointed out, isn't the most effiecient use for when wants to do a search.....with which I agree wholeheartedly. He's talking of sending some Television and other stuff, and I promise I will do it RIGHT this time, I'm just used to doing this without any help!!


Next time I got any Au Pairs from Dave Sez would be January 23, a Live set fom 1980, and here are the links for that:

ON January 28th, I recieved some MOREgreat stuff from Dave Sez, stuck the links with some other band (NEVER again, we need maximum exposure for each band we take on!).....Dave Sez sent me a set of 1983 demos AU PAIRS 1983 DEMOS:

An incredible bonus rarity from the Devil Dykes


And a 3 Part Au Pairs 1981 Demo (FLAC)

AU PAIRS 81 Part 1




Then on February , Dave Sez provided us with a1981 Rotterdam show from the au Pairs:



THis is where things went sort of askew thanks to the "funny" trolls and a misunderstanding between Dave Sez and Julian, which I hope has been resolved........anyway, we're all on the same team here, let's not get mad at each other.....I hope you guys worked it out and all is good now.

So,recently, today or yesterday, Dave Sez sends me the remainder of the Au Pairs stuff, and he has ALSO written some text, God love him.......take it, Dave Sez:

Au Pairs 1980-84 megapost - live and demos (FLAC/mp3@320)
From the Dave Sez archive.
80.09.13 SDB Birmingham Golden Eagle [AUD B+ FLAC]
Come Again
It's Obvious
Unfinished Business
Thanks to StevieD !
81.00.00 demos, Balsal Heath, Birmingham [STU A- FLAC]
We're So Cool
Unfinished Business
Set Up
Dear John
It's Obvious
We're So Cool
Headache (For Michele)
Thanks to StevieD !
1983 Demos for unfinished album @192, thanks to saltyka!:
Beat Of A Machine
Lion Love
Two tracks only released on out-of-print 1993 RPM CD 16-track release of "Sense and Sensuality", see http://www.discogs.com/Au-Pairs-Sense-Sensuality/release/391473.
They were excluded from Castle's 2002 10-track CD re-release, which corrected speed problems. The four remaining 1983 demos are included on the 2006 Au Pairs anthology,
Stepping Out Of Line, listed below.
Special bonus:
Devil's Dykes, a group that only produced two tracks on the Vaultage '78 compilation LP produced by Attrix Records of Brighton.
Plastic Flowers
Jen Green - vocals, rhythm guitar
Stella Morgan -keyboards
Heather de Lyon - drums
Pete Clarke - bass
Sal Horne -reggae scraper
Both essential Au Pairs compilations - Stepping Out Of Line (the two studio albums, rare singles and 1983 demos) and the Complete Peel Sessions have been kindly provided in both FLAC and mp3@320 here, thanks to voixautre:
81.06.20 Berlin Tempodrome, International Women's Festival [SBD B+ @ 320]
A partial version was widely bootlegged and later officially released as Live in Berlin. This is the fullest version of the gig, missing only Diet and Set-Up, taken from the German cassette bootleg (Fight Back Produktion, 1981)
Game *
Let's Make Love *
Sex Machine (Dear John)
Love Song
She's Nothing *
It's Obvious *
Headache For Michelle
Music *
Repetition (Written by David Bowie)
So Cool
Come Again
Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)
(Domestic) Departure *
(Kerb) Crawler *
* = omitted from later official release
Find it here thanks to http://433rpm.blogspot.com/2010/07/au-pairs-live-tape-fight-back.html
1981.08.16 Rotterdam New Pop Festival [SBD A- FLAC]
Headache (For Michelle)
Dear John
It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
81.08.23 Sterrenbos, Groningen [FM A- FLAC]
Headache for Michelle
Dear John
It's Obvious
Thanks to darkcircleroom3.blogspot.com!
81.10.03 Berkeley Square Theatre, Berkeley CA [SBD A- FLAC]
Set Up
We're So Cool
Headache (For Michele)
Instant Touch
It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
82.09.23 Stockholm Lund [AUD B+ FLAC]
That's When It's Worth It
Instant Touch
Headache (For Michelle)
Sex Without Stress
Don't Lie Back
Set Up
Steppin' Out Of Line
We're So Cool
Dear John / It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
83.02.00 Au Pairs' last gig - probable date and venue: 03-05.02.83, Frauenklang Festival 1983, Arena, Vienna, Austria [SBD B+ @ 320].
I Make You (aka Music)
Sex Without Stress
This Country (aka Runs With Honey)* ***
Lion Love**
Communication (aka Headache for Michelle)
Beat Of A Machine**
Get Out Of The Way (?)
From the Land Of The Setting Sun (aka Hokka He Ha)*
Starred tracks were also recorded in the studio in 1983-4 and released on *"Stepping Out Of Line" anthology **1993 RPM CD 16-track out-of-print release of "Sense and Sensuality" ***Dojoji, 1984 Dutch mini-LP with Lesley Woods
Find it here thanks to http://433rpm.blogspot.com/2010/09/au-pairs-live-1983-tape-1983.html or here thanks to http://auralsculptors.blogspot.com/2014/02/20-from-83-18-au-pairs-frauenklang.html
84.00.00 Dojoji, Dutch mini-LP with Lesley Woods on vocals on all tracks [vinyl rip @320]
A1 Quincunx (Look Out) 6:41
A2 Peh Peh Ook 6:06
B1 Fer Micello (Leaving Her Dreams Behind) 3:16
B2 Kiets Lorren (Runs With Honey) 4:37
B3 Katchakali 6:38

NB: Track B2 is a reprise of an Au Pairs song. The lyrics to tracks A1 and B1 to B3 are by Lesley Woods. All artwork included. On Dojoji, see http://www.discogs.com/artist/815689-Dojoji.
Thanks to missmondo!
Cheers, Dave Sez. He has since sent me shows from Lund, which I am currently uploading and the comments section shortly......NOW, if I could ask a favor of any of you to help this post stay alive and current? PLEASE? A lot of the links above that Dave has generously provided are to other sites/blogs, which  fine, I have no problem with that......but right now, with as badly as I screwed this post up, combined with a high-school basketball playing son and some other stuff, I WOULD LIKE to individually download them all, and create my own links so should they go bad on the other sites, we will still have ALL this Au Pairs greatness here for prosperity.....problem is I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT, neither does Dave.....can a few of you, if you download the files anyway, could you upload one or two of them to Zippy and post them in the comments section of this post? If you need help as to how to do it I will help you, but if a few of would do just one or two each, we can make this hopefully a more permanent thing......ONLY the links that take you to other sites mind ya....I know this post is very confusing, Dave and myself plan on collaborating on some future posts (Television next, and I have a TON of Television, so with what he has, that is really going to be something)......and in those future posts, things will be done correctly so the post will be a more "permanent"thing for anyone who wants it.....but if we could get some help with this one, JUST on the links to other sites, the remainder can be found either above or in the comments section. Sorry for the mess I've made of this, but it's something new, these collaborative efforts, and something that I think will be great for everyone.

OK, I'm starting to upload links now......probably some will be here twice, and if I forget one or two, let me know.....I am NOT well organized, nor was I prepared for this, future collaborations will be MUCH better I promise....thanks to Dave Sez, Howlin Wolf, and anyone else who has helped or will help with this post.......when we get the Television one ready, I personally promise you I will be FAR more ready and it will be a real intestine popper.....enjoy this one, and if I need to fix something, let me know please......

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