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Reprising "Random Blondie Rarities", by request

Couple years ago I put up a bunch of my Blondie boots and demos, not sure if it was all of em or not, but that was ancient history, in blog terms, and at least one if not a couple have requested that I reupped them, which I usually don't do, unless the mood hits me....went back and checked and the original post was 11/19/11, in the Mediafire era, so of course none of the links are reuseable (MORE work for me)......but looking back on the post, hell, I know I have a BUNCH more Blondie boots than just those......so what i will do is, paste the original text of the post here, because it includes a sentimental story (for me ONLY) of a now-departed friend who lived to tell anyone within earshot of the time he had drunken sex with Deborah Harry, and this will give me a starting point.....I will reup the album that went with that post, and then tomorrow, we'll get to the rest of em.....sort of an oversight on my part I guess, that I never put up the remainder of this stuff, I assume a good bit of it is kinda hard to find.......so, here, is the text of the original post:
Just felt like putting up some Blondie, no particular reason....always did enjoy their work and I think it has REALLY held up well over the decades. They played near my home last year or the year before (I think with Cheap Trick, even) but I wasn't able to attend....wonder what the crowd was like....God, I hope not screams of "Do RAPTURE!".....prefer if it were the senile ones like myself singing along with "Youth Nabbed as Sniper"....anyway, as I said, one of my favorite bands of the 1970's, I have quite a bit of material and I decided on these selections, I think they are relatively hard to locate and they are all quite good and listenable. I hope that you enjoy them, I know the band are still out there somewhere, and if they play a club near you, don't make the same mistake as me and miss them. A good friend of mine,a musician now deceased, claims to have had sex with Debbie Harry, he swore by this story until the day he died.....yes, I'm sure I missed it, having attended a threesome with Liz Phair and Lita Ford......anyway, Chuck (my friend) rest in peace and if they have music blogs wherever you are, I hope you can access these rarities:
(as always, links in comments section, as always, I'll get them up tonight if Mediafire cooperates)(2013 EDIT-Of course,  Mediafire is no longer a part of this thing):
1975 DEMOS-This is the oldest recording af the band I can find, at least a year before their debut album came out. The sound quality is good, the songs are unfamilar to me, but they are quite enjoyable. The claim is this is a demo tape, if so, it is certainly good enough that I would have signed them given the option: 01 Out In the Streets/02 Platinum Blonde/03 Puerto Rico/04 The Thin Line
QUARTERS TO DOLLARS-This is a vinyl bootleg, probably from around 1978 or so, and as vinyl boots go, this is a good one as well. I don't think I remember ever seeing it online before, basically a live rendering of their first album, I threw a couple of "Alternate Versions" of a couple studio tracks at the end:
01 German Lullaby/02 In the Sun/03 Look Good In Blue/04 Little Girl lies/05 In the Flesh/06 Man Overboard/07 Rifle Range/08 Moonlight Drive/10 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/11 Kung Fu Girls/12 X Offender/13 In the Sun (alternate version)/14 X Offender (alternate version)
Now, a couple of high quality, ear-popping concerts....the first 12/23/76 at the legendary CBGB:
01 Money Go Love/02 Poet's Problem/Little Girl Lies/03 Rifle Range/04 Bermuda Triangle Blues/05 Banter/06 Banter/07 Contact In Red Square/08 Presence, Dear/09 Rip Her to Shreds/10 Kung Fu Girl/11 In the Sun/12 X Offender/(2nd set) 13 Fan Mail/14 Poet's Problem/15 Look Good In Blue/16 Banter/17 Contact In Red Square/18 Moonlight Drive/19 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/20 Presence, Dear/21 Band Intros/22 X Offender
And finally, an awesome set from the San Francisco Old Waldorf, 9/12/77. Of the four sets, here, this one is the best, an awesome performance and fabulous sound quality. Of the four, also, this is most likely the most acessable, and you may have heard it before. If you have not, though, HIGHLY worthwhile
01 X-Offender/02 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/03 Fan Mail/04 Cautious Lip/05 I'm on E/06 Detroit 442/07 I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say No/08 Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)/09 Presece, Dear/10 Contact In Red Square/11 A Shark in Jets Clothing/12 In the Sun/13 Heart Full of SOul/14 Playing With Fire/15 Moonlight Drive.
Let's cast these upon the waters and see how many hits/comments they generate, I have LOTS moer of them, of carying vintages and qualities. As always, leave a comment should you be inclined, and should you desire more rare Blondie, there is more to be had, simply for the asking!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then.
OK, I actually put up only four albums, my work ethic at that time was nothing like the Herculean efforts I turn in anymore (guys, IT IS SARCASM, again, I AM NOT saying this is a good blog, nor that I am willing to do the work to make it one), hell I probably have 15 more or so, so I guess we may as well put up a few more of them in order to balance tomorrow's/today's volume of stuff......I haven't listened to a lot of these in a while, so the sound quality may vary, if I get a chance I will carpet bomb them and point out some of the better ones.......
In addition to the four sets outlined above (1975 Demos, Quarters To Dollars, San Francisco 1978, and CBGB 1976), for today, lets add a couple of more VERY early (1975) CBGB shows, they are short sets, one from 7/18 and one from 8/15 and will both fit on a single CD, they cover "Femme Fatale" which I think is the only version of that great song that I have by Blondie.
Let's also go with a two disc set, from the Palladium, New York, 11/12/78, by now of course they had a wealth of classic material to perform......Hell, ALL of my favorites, "Fan Mail", "Detroit 442", "11:59", the encores ("Sister Midnight", "Heroes", and "Bang a Gong" feature guest performer Robert Fripp, if I recall correctly this may be an audience recording which I generally don't like much, but I'm going to put ALL of this stuff up and let you guys decide.
Finally for today, a good one from Boston, 11/4/78, great, great stuff, even "Heart of Glass" (not my favorite by any means but the first of Deborah's adventures into the worlds of other musical stylings......
OK, got a bunch more of these for tomorrow also......I really should have done this whole thing up a couple years ago, but what did I know? I was just a kid.......anyway, see above for the track lists for the first four albums, and here are the track lists for the remaining ones:
CBGB 7/18/75-01 Little Girl Lies/02 In the Flesh/03 Moonlight Drive/04 Charlotte the Harlot/05 Platinum Blonde/06 Man Overboard/07 Thin Line/08 Heat Wave/09 Attack of the Giant Ants (End Cut)/ CBGB 8/15/75-10 Heat Wave/11 Man Overboard/12 Little Girl Lies/13 A Girl Should Know Better/14 I Cover the Waterfront/15 Femme Fatale/16 Lullaby (An early version of "Just Go Away"), 17 Attack of the Giant Ants (end cut)
THE PALLADIUM NYC 11/12/78 DISC 1-01 Intro/In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Detroit 442/05 Fan Mail/06 Picture This/07 11:59/08 Pretty Baby/09 Touched By Your Presence Dear/10 Sunday Girl/11 Denis/12 I'm One/13 I'm Gonna Love You Too/14 Will Anything Happen/15 Fade Away and Radiate
THE PALLADIUM NYC 11/12/78 DISC 2-01 I Know But I Don't Know/02 One Way Or Another/03 Be My Only/04 Kung Fu Girl/05 Robert Fripp Intro/06 Sister Midnight/07 Heroes/08 Bang a Gong
BOSTON 11/14/78-01 In the Sun/02 X Offender/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 11:59/05 Pretty Baby/06 I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear/07 Sunday Girl/08 Denis/09 Fade Away and Radiate/10 Fan Mail/11 Picture This/12 One Way Or Another/13 Kung Fu Girls/14 Heart of Glass/15 Bang a Gong/16 Studio 54
Plenty more coming your way tomorrow! Hope you guys like these, they are pretty great for the most part!

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