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That was hasty.....let me lay things out.

OK, here is the deal as to why I got so pissed a little bit ago......read it, don't read, whatever.On
Monday, I wake up to the "Gay" thing, I have been called A LOT of things in my lief, but to my knowledge, noone has suspecte me of being anything but a lecherous womanizer......which one is "worse" we can debate, but I certainly know which side I would come down on.....anyway, the guy made himself look even stupider by "demanding" some "gay music", A LOT OF WHICH HAD ALREADY APPEARED HERE (Mott the Hoople, TRB, The Smiths, etc)......I post LOTS of types of music here the sexual orientation of the artist has never really come into play, see also Le Tigre, Suede, Sleater Kinney, The Buzzcocks......certainly MANY of the bands I've featured here have either openly or closeted homosexual members, why ANYONE would care I will shake my head forever.

The guy offered perhaps the lamest apology in history, concluding by calling the great Gang of Four "faggy".....I told him he owes ALL OF YOU (in particular any whom are of the homosexual persuasion) the apology, not myself, I don't think it was/is forthcoming.....my preference would be people such as this simply find somewhere else to gravitate, this is stuff that does NO ONE any good.....HOWEVER......

His other complaints, which are now and then echoed by others, tend to catch more steam now and then, and I have to explain the score:

1. No artwork-This is because 90% of the CD's in my collection HAVE NO ARTWORK.....they are from vinyl rips, from CD Copies, from downloads from blogs like this or from Pirates Bay.....they are files people have sent me that thought I'd enjoy them, they are from MANY sources.....90% plus of them have a plain white label with the track titles typed on them.....nothing more. If you WANT artwork that bad, I am sure you can do a bit of work and get it for yourself.

2. Tracks no tagged-again, sometimes it happens automatically, sometimes, not, but I ALWAYS
include track lists in the text of the post......is it too much trouble, really, for you to copy/paste and then tag the tracks anyway you prefer? It seems  that you want ME to do a lot of extra work, from which I will gain NOTHING, in order to offer YOU up a "perfect" product......I'm honestly sorry, I am not going to do it....if you have other sites you use that will do these things for you PLEASE use them, really......THIS (as I have tried to make clear) is NOT  a "big time" effort......never intended it to be, and certainly never CLAIMED it to be......CONSTATLY, when comparing it to other blogs, I go out of my way to say how MUCH BETTER, (say, just as an example) Twlight Zone or Music Ruined My Life is than this one, MUCH more "professional",just much BETTER. My hat is off to them. I don't want to do that much work. I't enough work for me to walk 30 feet and search through my CD room for the correct CD's and upload them, hey, I'm an OLD MAN!

3. Bitrate/format......again, whatever format I recieved the original in, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE GETTING......PERIOD. Again, TOO MUCH WORK to convert stuff for this purpose. As far as I know, nothing stops YOU from converting to an format you wish upon recieving, if i is something rare you have acquired, then it should certainly be worth you time to convert it into any format you desire.

4. Guest posters/contributors.....now this is a new issue, and I really don't know how to handle it. Dave Sez, who has contributed a LOT of Au Pairs stuff and some other things has been overwhelmingly generous, he seems to be pissed at me right now for whatever, all I  can say is I have posted every file you have ever sent me, I double checked and matched up the e-mail to the download links, yep, everyone I have EVER recieved from you has been posted (EXCEPT the most recent).....when I post them I always give you full credit, as I do with anyone who makes a contribution. I am hoping you stick around, because you have some fine music, and I'd love to help share it around....but here's the thing......"Julian" sent me a load of Gang of 4 boots/singles, etc.....you say he got them from you and I beleive you....BUT HOW WAS I TO KNOW? If you can tell me a way of verifying the original source I will happily do so, but I just don't think it's possible.....I am sorry it happened, and Julian also sent me a bunch of stuff from "Help Yourself" of whom I have never heard, I posted them (creditting him).....I hope these are not yours or someone else's uncreditted work......I REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO stop taking contributions, we have recieved some incredible ones over the last couple of years and it would be criminal if it would stop over
(WHAT I HOPE IS) a misunderstanding between Dav Sez/Julian, not sure, but don't shoot the middle man......if you guys want, I have both of you email addy's and if you want I can hook you up so you can (rationally) discuss this if you want (or not), I just want EVERYONE here to understand what I'm trying to do here.......trying to host a friendly site with a sort of a "community" feel, where we can all share our music.....I don't want trouble between the contributors, either, guys, it's JUST music, I hate to bring this up, but as you know I was minutes from death a few months ago, andI APPRECIATE life, and I APRECIATE the chance to do this blog (it kept me sane when I was off work), but I DON'T host if for people to rip on ANYONE, not homosexuals, not people of other races, not people who happen to favor different music than we do.........if you can't get along with everyone else, PLEASE avail yourself to one of the other sites where things like arguing and name-calling are more welcomed, which is fine, that is the type of place they want to run.

Again, Dave Sez, I am sorry that Julian posted your file without crediting you.....really. But I have
NEVER EVER ONCE not posted a file you sent me, perhaps some were eatten via email but anything I have recieved I have AND WILL CONTINUE TO........if it happens again, that Julian of someone else sends me something for post, let me know (privately, please), and I will speak to the other party and try to straighten everything out.......

An hour ago I felt like never doing this again......really thought it was time to go......but I thought about the MANY people who contact me telling me they ENJOY what I do.....the ones who understand that sometimes I'm just trying to share a new sound I've discovered......or reviving an "old" obscure sound like "Silverhead".......sometimes I hear from the artists themselves, and that is exciting too (unless they are complaining, which I take care of as well)......I'm going to continue what I am doing.....you will NOT be getting artwork with my downloads (sorry).....you will not be getting tracks tagged unless they already are with my downloads (sorry), you will get downloads in exactly the format in which I have them. I will post 99% of any guest material that is sent to me, I appreciate the hell out of it, and hope for more even more "out there" stuff (LOVED Sean's 30yr old tape  of his teenage band, that stuff is the shit!).......I hope we will not have another DaveSez/Julian-type problem, I'll see what I can do......but for now, everyone take a deep breathe and relax..I WANT to consider writing these posts, sharing the rest of my 20000 CD collection, and listening to what you think about them......I WANT you to send me a homemade comp, an interestng album (Jon Baker's contribtion of Sharon Jones and Dap Kings is PERFECT as I have never heard of em, just PEPRFECT)......I want, as I've said before, NON MUSICAL contributions.....poetry. short stories.  csgmiller@sbcglobal.net) and we'll work it out, your contributions have been indescribably wonderful and I would hate to lose you as a contributor an as a friend.......I'll go so far as to give you mobile number so we can discuss it personally we have to.
recipes, photography, original artwork, ANYTHING you guys think interest, bring it on home! WE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE, that is what I strive for, and is why I DO NOT wish to bring in the name-calling element to this thing, the death of so many internet sites.......this is a "small" internet community, but, I think, a fairly close knit one.......and I would love to keep it that way. Dave Sez, (or anyone else with specific concerns), please send me a private email (csgmiller@sbcglobal.net), I'll even send any u my mobile number so we can personally discuss any issues that come up.

OK, this all being said, I am going to continue with the blog...... I'll try to get the T Rex post up tonight yet.....I just thought that I needed to say a few things here. MY blog is about music and FUN, not about people getting pissed at each other, nor atacking others for their sexuality, or whatever.....music and FUN. It's not perfect, not by a  margin, but it is the best I ca do for ya......

Woudn't be "Growing Bored For a Living" without a guest Babe-O-The-Day, so today we fature noted "Sports-Babe" Erin Andrews!

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