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The best Killing Joke post, ever, Part 2

As little knowledge as I have of Killing Joke in the 1980's (yesterday), I have even less of their 1990's body of work, and even LESS inner-workings of their live/rare stuff.....but, luckily for the requestor, I DO have a bunch of this stuff, so, while this isn't one of my favorite posts, for someone else it's gonna be a mother.......You gotta love how I aim to please  ALL the minions!

The 1990's saw the return to the raw, guitar based sound, forgoing some of the more synth based sounds of the albums of the late 1980's. In fact, I DO enjoy "Extremities, Dirt, and Various Repressed Emotions" as much, maybe, as anything they'd done, they sounded kind of revitalized to me with stuff like the cool "Money Is Not Our God".....all in all a pretty good album (listened this morning!)

They took a rather extended break, which seemed to do some good as well, because "Pandemonium" has some good, early-90's grunge-influenced rockers, such as the title track and "Whiteout".....again, just listened today, don't know if I have before or not, but this is a band/era that deserves another serious listen from the BigMan!.

In 1998 they released "Democracy".....checked that one out today to bu sure, and it sure sounde like the end of the road to me......not such a good album, desperate for the "next" sound.....just didn't like it....and with THAT, I am going to stop the studio albums HERE. If you are a huge fan, clammoring for a more recent album, just ask, I'm sure I have it in this monsterous torrent, but I just don't feel like listening to ALL of them.

So, other stuff.....what have we? WEEELLLLL....."The BBC In Concert 1995", can't say I've listened. "Chaos For Breakfast", an inersting 4-disc set of singles and stuff. The live "Gulf War Dance". A live audience tape from 3/13/85. The "Sessions" collection, covering a lot of odds and ends. A self-explanatory "Singles and Rarities" (3 discs!). A live 1979 set, "The Unperverted Pantomime". And if ALL THAT weren't enough, blog-super-friend Dave Sez hs come through with some of HIS stuff, I assume it's great, we'll talk about that a bit later, his knowledge and fondness for this particular band, one which I guess maybe I need to catch up with at least a bit.......sorry, men of Killing Joke, You just weren't my thing first time around.......hate when that happens!

EXTREMETIES, DIRT, AND VARIOUS REPRESSED EMOTIONS-01 Money Is Not Our God/02 Age of Greed/03 The Beautiful Dead/04 Extremeties/05 Intravenous/06 Inside the Termite Mound/07 Solitude/08 North of the Border/09 Slipstream/10 Kaliyuga/11 Struggle
PANDEMONIUM-01 Pandemonium/02 Exorcism/03 Millennium/04 Commotion/05 Black Moon/06 Labyrinth/07 Jana/08 Whiteout/09 Pleasures of the Flesh/10 Mathematics of Chaos
DEMOCRACY-01 Savage Freedom/02 Democracy/03 Prozac People/04 Lanterns/05 Aeon/06 Pilgrimmage/07 Intellect/08 Medicine Wheel/09 Abent Friends/10 Another Bloody  Election
BBC IN CONCERT 1995-01 Twilight of the Mortals/02 Chessboards/03 Kings and Queens/04 Darkness Before Dawn/05 Love Like Blood/06 Sanity/07 Love of the Masses/08 Requium/09 Complications/10 Wardance/11 Tabazan/12 Tension/13 Pssyche
LYON 3/13/85-01 Night Time/02 Sun Goes Down/03 Tabazan/04 Unknown/05 Darkness Before Dawn/06 Kings and Queens/07 Complications/08 Requium/09 Unknown/10 Love Like Blood/11 Unknown/12 Eighties/13 Unknown/14 Unknown/15 Unknown
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D1-01 Nervous System/02 Turn To Red/03 Are You Recieving/04 Almost Red
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D2-01 Wardance/02 Pssyche
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D3-01 Requium/02Change (Single Version)/03 Requium (malicious demo)
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D4-01 Follow the Leaders/02 Tension/03 Follow the Leaders (Dub)/04 Follow the Leaders (Original Lyrics)
GULF WAR DANCE (LIVE)-01 ITTM/02 Money Is NotOur God/03 Extremities/04 War Dance/05 Intravenious/06 Beautiful Dead/07 Change/08 Age of Greed/09 Requium/10 Wait/11 Empire Song/12 Pssych
"Sessions" disc progrmmed as one disc, didn't know of a better way of doing it, remember I am NOT overly familiar with these lads! If they DON'T all fit on one disc, SPLIT EM LAZY ASS!
SESSIONS-DISC 1 CAPITAL RADIO-01 Are You Recieveing/02 Change Capital/03 Complications/DISC 2-JAZ WITH PYR IN ICELAND 1982-04 Guess Again/05 Take What's Mine/06 The Catalyst/DISC 3 PEEL 12/16/81-07 Chop Chop/08 We Have Joy/09 Empire Song/10 The Hum/DISC 4-PEEL SESSIONS-11  Complications/12 Tomorrows World Bums Rush/13 Change/DISC 5 PEEL 10/17/79-14 Wardance/15 Malacious Boogie/16 Psyche/17 Nuclear Boy/DISC 6-PEEL 4/27/81-18 Butcher/19 Fall of Because/20 Tension/DISC 7-KID JENSEN 5/29/84-21 All Play Rebel/22 Blue Feather/23 New Culture/DISC 8-MARK  RADCLIFFE 4/26/84-24 Communion/25 Whiteout/26 Exorcism/27 Psyche
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 1-01 Nervous System/02 Almost Red/03 Wardance 7"/04 Psych 7"/05 Change/06 Requium 12"/07 Brilliant/08 Birds of a Feather/09 Flock the B Side/10 Fall Live B Side/11 Eighties Coming/12 A New Day/13 A New Day Dub/14 A New Day 12 on 7/15 Blue Feather Version/16 Ilbgstalt/17 Kings and Queens Right Royal
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 2-01 Adorations Instrumental/02 Ecstacy/03 Adorations Extenstion/04 Adorations Supernatural/ 05 Ilb86 Remix/06 Sanity Roman/07 Sanity Insane/08 Wardance Raf/09 Wardance Naval/10 Jihad/11 Beautiful Dead Flexi/12 Money Hideous Remix/13 MINOG Video Edit/14 Termite Mound Chainsaw
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 3-01 Change Spiral Tribe/02 Change Spiral Chance/03 Requium Malicious Damage/04 Requium Acapella/05 Change Instrumental/06 Requium Instrumental/07 Exorcism Full/08 Exorcism Mandragora Edit/09 Another Cult Goes Down/10 Millenium Aotearoa/11 Millenium Aotearoa Edit/12 Pndomonium Aotearoa Edit/13 Pandemonium Original/14 Mathematics of Chaos Aotearoa
THE UNPERVERTED PANTOMIME LIVE 1979-01 Psyche/02 Nervous System/03 Animal/04 Change/05 Nuclear Boy/06 Turn To Red/07 Malicious Boogie/08 Wardance/09 Are You Recieveing/10 You're Being Followed/11 Bodies
Lotta links here, not gonna get em all up tonight, sorry.....also see the comments section for DAVE SEZ great contribution to this post

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