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The best Mars Volta post ever, Part 2

Mars Volta Televators Album Cover, Mars Volta Televators CD Cover ...
If I'd had half an inkling as to how much work THIS one was gonna be, maybe I'd have gone with something a bit easier.....all my Mars Volta albums seem to be FLAC creations, which is a pain in the ass for your favorite uploader. Takes a lot more work, splitting them, and the upload process is slower......nonetheless, to bring you the best in quality/variety rock n roll, I go the extra mile, and lucky for you guys, Tara Reid said she couldn't get here for our monthly sex-romp due to the snow, so I guess I got nothing better to do.

Mars Volta : Scabdates cd - If Society shop
Yesterday's post was pretty straight-forward, the six studio releases from the truly original and "out there" Mars Volta, today we will delve into live and rare stuff, which of course is much more interesting.....let's shake the shelves and see what falls out, I think there is quite a bit and HOPEFULLY not as many in FLAC (YES I know I can convert them, but it takes just as long as splitting them so I am just crushed choosing between the two......if you had HALF my troubles, bitch!

The Mars Volta: Tremulant EP Album Cover ParodiesOK, lotta stuff here, both from my shelves and poking around the Bay (by the way I LOOOOOOVE the Bay in case I've never said as much, it is up there with Coke Zero, Gastraic Bypass Surgery, and Rose McGowan's ass as the greatest inventions of my lifetime)......let us start with a colection of singles that I will slap onto a disc, "BigScott62's Legendary Spectacular Collection of MARS VOLTA SINGLES".......some of these will be available on the albums above, some non-LP, but I put this together, because I thought THIS was interesting: of all  the bands in the universe, who is LESS fit to have a singles comp out there than Mars Volta? Can't think of ANYONE......so here is a collection of them, and shockingly, the disc sounds pretty damn good. The mind of a genius!

Summer Demo Sessions – The Mars Volta – Discover music at Last.fmNot feeling even close to describing each of these nuggets listed below for ya......more than you would ever need unless you worship Mars Volta......my singles comp, some EP's, some demo discs, some live shit.......dig in! If this is a favorite band of yours, you may think you have died and gone to heaven.....if not, well, threre's always another day....this one HAS been a good bit of work though, os I'd appreciate commentary if available!

BIGSCOTT62'S LEGENDARY, SPECTAUCLAR COLLECTION OF MARS VOLTA SINGLES-01 Frances the Mute/02 The Widow (live)/03 Inertiati ESP/04 Roulette Dares (live)/05 The Bible and the Breathalyzer/06 L'via L'viaquez/07 Frances the Mute/08 The Widow (edit)/09 Viscera Eyes (Radio Edit)/10 Wax Simulcara/11 Pulled to Bits

TELEVATORS EP-01 Televators/02 Roulette Dares (the Haunt of)/03 Drunkship of Lanterns/04 Cicatriz ESP/05 Televators

AUSTRALIAN TOUR BONUS DISC (From Deloused album)-01 Roulette Dares (XM Broadcast)/02 Drunkenship of Lanterns (XM Broadcast)/03 Cicatriz ESP (Live)/04 Televators (Live)

The Mars Volta - Asilos Magdalena [Live] - Taringa!SCABDATES (LIVE BOOT 2005)-01 Abrasions Mount the Timpani/02 Take the Veil Cerpain Taxt/03 A. A Gust of Mutts/04 B. And Ghosted Pouts/05 Caviglia/06 Concertina/07 Haruspex/08 Cicatriz/09 A Part 1/10 B Part 2/11 C Part 3/12 D part 4

TREMULANT EP-01 Cut That City/02 Concertina/03 Eunuch Provacatuer

DEMOS ALBUM-01 This Apparatus Must be Unearthed/02 Drunkenship of Lanterns/03 Cut That City/04 Amubluetz/05 Demo/06 In Case of evidence/07 State Your Preference/08 Tira Me A las aranas/09 Untitled Demo #2/10 A Plague Upon Your Hissing/11 Cicatriz (demo)/12 Cicatriz (demo)/13 Drunkenship (demo)/14 Eritarka (demo)/15 Eunuch Provacatuer (demo)/16 Intertiactic (demo)/17 Roulette Demos #1/18 Roulette Demos/19 Take the Veil Serpentax (album)/20 Take the Veil Serpentax (demo)/21 Televators (Demo)/22 Televators (Edit)/23 Concertina (Album demo) 24 Drunkenship (Summer Demo)/25 haunt of the Roulette Dares (album demo)/26 Inertiatic ESP (album demo)

The Mars Volta – Live in Hong Kong | Dinosaur PhotographyDEMOS AND INTERVIEWS-01Volta Inartiaticah/02 Interview 1/03 Cut That City/04 Interview 2/05 Concertina/06 Interview 3/07 Eunuch Provacature/08 Huant of the Roulette Dares/09 Interview 4

OST INTERVIEWS-01 Interview 01/02 Interview 01/03 Inteerview 03/04 Interview O4

The Mars Volta - Live At Bonnaroo, Which Stage, Manchester, TN 06-13 ...
File:The Mars Volta live 2005.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DEMOS, INTERVIEWS, LIVE TRACKS-01 Omar and Jon/02 Interview 1/03 Interview 2/04 Omar and Jon/05 Omar and Jon/06 Interview/07 Interview/08 Interview/09 Interview/10 Cedric Interview/11 Drunkship/12 Interview/13 Roulette Dares/14 Take the Veil/15 Interview on total rock/16 Osterochnacht/interview/17 Osterochnacht /Interview/18 Osterochnacht/Interview/19 Oserocknacht/Interview/20 Mars Volta and Sparta Interview/21 Mars Volta Interview BBC/22 Thermasvolta Interview

LIVE 08/29/03 (D1)-00 Vivaplus Overdreive Intro/01Intro/02 Drunkship of Lanterns/03 Cicatriz ESP/04 Criatriz ESP Part 1/05 Cicatriz ESP Part 2/06 Drunkneship of Lanterns

LIVE 08/29/03 DISC 2-01 Roulette Dares/02 Roulette Dares/03 Prelude to Citraciz ESP/04 Televators

LIVE 04/04/03-01 Apparatus/02 Inertiatic/03 Drunkenship/04 Eriatarka/05 Cicatriz/06 Roulette Dares/07 Eunch provacatuer/08 Inermission/09 Take the Veil

TORONTO -7/21/03 D1-01 Intro/02 Son El Lumicre/03 Interiatic ESP/04 Roulette Dares (The Huant Of)/05 Tira Me A Las Aranas/06 Drunkshipof Lanterns/07 Eritarka

TORONTO 7/21/03 D2-01 Cicatriz ESP/02 This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed/03 Televators/04 Take the Veil Cerpin Text

LInks may take a w....lot of em, some of em flacs....just worship me for the work I do!

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