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The best Plasmatics post, EVER!

I wish I had been paid for each time I, uhh, had "impure"
thoughts about the late Wendy O Williams as a teenager....I'd be wealthy. A fairly hated band, and a misunderstood one as well.....how often I heard that they "sucked" or whatever, when, in reality, they were a freedom of speech statement, from the heat, to very bit the degree I attempt to make this blog to me. If Wendy O in her short life instilled some ideas in me that people should JUST EXPRESS WHAT'S ON THIER MINDS without fear of repercusion, God bless her, for being smart and foresightful as well as one of the sexiest women that ever took the stage......again, many don't think so, "she was "ugly"" , or "nasty', or a "slut"......anyone thinking so should REALLY revaluate this position, she was a sexy, beautiful woman who did things her own way, and lived a sad life in which she left us MUCH too soon. In short, I loved her, and I miss her.

The basic lineup in the early years (they went through a LOT of changes, Wendy O was the mainstay):Vocalist/saxaphonist/"chainsaw artist" Wendy O Williams, guitarist Richie Stotts, bassist Jean Bevouir, drummer Stu Deutsch, and guitarist Wes Beech.....they made an ear-crushing racket on record, basically, but it was their live shows for what they were known.....Wendy dressed in next to nothing with two slices of electrical tape covering her nipples (what I wouldn't have given to apply/remove them for her), blowing up automobiles onstage.....chainsawing televsions, destruction of instruments while being played.......you had to be there, but the more outrageous the better for the late, great Plasmatics.

The first studio release was 1980's "New Hope For the Wretched", a collection of screeching ugliness that attempted to replicate the bands stagae shows....."Tight Black Pants", "Butcher baby" and a cover of Bobby Darrin's (!) "Dream Lover" DO stand out, not for everyone, but try to understand what is going on here, and seek out some U-Tube video of the band on stage should you not understand. Lucky you, the version here includes several live bonus tracks for your consumption.

Next up came 1981's "Beyond the Valley of 1984", not really going to talk about "growth" or development here, but for fans of the band (and YES unquestionably, I was one), it was a welcomed second release....."Pig is a Pig", "Sex Junkie", "Incantation" and more were perfect period pieces....more or less unlistenable today, but for a lost 19-year old in 1981, trying to find rebel-type music to piss off the establishment and parents....the Plasmatics were the shit.

They gained a certain amount of popularity, due to the controversy that surrounded them, their frequent arrests for onstage antics, and Wendy's sex-appeal, so later in 1981, the released the EP "Metal Priestess", which is more yet of the same, "Lunacy", "Doom Song", a live "Sex Junkie".....kind of hard to find today, so yer welcome!

For most of us, these two discs/1 EP pretty much summarize the Plasmatics, my unrequited love for Wendy leads me to happen to have a few more items for your inspection here.....first, they released their fourth album "Coup d'Etat" in 1984, containing a Motorhead cover, as well as decent stuff in "Put Your Love In Me" and "Just Like on TV", hell the music was as powerful as ever, me thinks the novelty had worn off a good deal, though.

Their final official studio album was "Maggots The Record", an attempt at telling some kind of story about some kind of future-environmental thing, with human kind threatened by flesh-eating maggots.....it's kind of fummy, actually, but the sell-by date had passed.....my love of Wendy and my sense of humor call this one of the underappreciated discs of the 1980's......90% call it a piece of shit.

SO, ya got any rarities? I mean for the serious COLLECTOR? Well, a few.....a fairly rare live EP, "Bump N Grind", which adds a few must-hear "classics" ala "Fuck That Booty" and "Fuck N Roll". Also a couple of Wendy's "solo" efforts, "WOW" (It's her INITIALS Einstein) features "I Love Sex (And Rock N Roll)", as well as Kiss'"It's My Life", "Opus in cm7"....this is a fairly unknown disc, and Wendy fans will enjoy it. She also released the thrown together "Kommander of Kaos", odds and ends that sound totally pasted and sound like the end was near. I do have the classic (and I DO mean classic) single of her teaming with Lemmy from Motorhead on "Stand By Your Man", no household should be without one, that is for sure! "Fuck You!" is a collection of this and that, for the Plasmatics completionists (both of us, I guess)......

Wendy O Williams died from a self-inflicted gunshot in 1998. It was NOT her first attempt. It saddens me that (like Kurt Cobain, in a way) someone who brought SO MUCH enjoyment and excitement into my life was so sad and pained that she couldn't take life anymore. I (being honest here) wish there was something I could have done, Wendy was a personal herroine to me during my late teens, I loved her, and I wish she would have had a happier life. It means a good bit to me, so I wish to reprint a portion of her suicide note here. Again, I TRULY wish she would have been happier, simply because of all the happiness she brought me, for a while.....

"I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights that anyone in a free society should have. For me, much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and a place where there is no self, only calm."

Rest in Peace, my dear......you brought a good amount of pleasure to MY life, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, I like doing "mega-posts" about significant acts....to name a few, Sleater Kinney, The Clash, The Jam, the Rolling Stones, recently Radiohead and the Smiths among others. Do the Plasmatics belong in that company even for a second? Probably not, but we've been running with a theme of late, coined by Jonman, "Chicks Kick Ass", and NO chick could kick more ass than Wendy O Williams......a cartoon character to a degree, for certain, but a damn sexy and voluptuous one......for me, there was just something about her, a quality that made her special.....the music isn't great, but it fits the themes, and I know I spent a lot of my time in younger days, slobbering over Ms Williams pictures and fantasizing about grovelling at her feet and tasting her whip.......if that isn't an important memory in any sane young man's life, I don't know what is......hopefully this explains why the Plasmatics (and WOW in paraticular) meant so much to me for a while......hope some of you like the effort on this post, it's, again, one of the "labors of love" that I sometimes am prone to doing.

BigScott62 OUT!

MEET THE PLASMATICS EP-Sometimes I/02 Won't You/03 Want You Baby

NEW HOPE FOR THE WRETCHED-01 Tight Black Pants/02 Monkey Suit/03 Living Dead/04 Test Tube Babies/05 Won't You/06 Won't You/07 Concrete Shoes/08 Want You baby/09 Dream Lover/ 10 Sometimes I..../11 Corruption/12 Butcher Baby/13 Sometimes I (live)/14 Living Dead (Live)/15 Tight Black Pants (Live)/16 Butcher baby (live)/17 Corruption (live)/18 You Think You're Comin/19 Fast Food Service

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF 1984-01 Incantation/02 Masaterplan/03 Headbanger/04 Summer Night/05 Nothing/06 Fast Food Service/07 Hit Man/08 Living Dead/09 Sex Junkie/10 Plasma Jam/11 Pig is a Pig

METAL PREISTESS-01 Lunacy/02 Doom Song/03 Sex Junkie (live)/04 Black Leather Monster/05 12 Noon/06 Masterplan (live)

COUP d'ETAT-01 Put Your Love In Me/02 Stop/03 Rock N Roll/04 Lightning Breaks/05 No Class/06 Mistress of Taboos/07 Country Fairs/08 Path of Glory/09 Just Like On TV/10 The Damned/11 Uniformed Guards (Work-In-Progress)

MAGGOTS: THE RECORD-01 Overture/Introduction/02 You're a Zombie/03 The White's Apartment/Full Meal Diner/04 Day of the Humans Is Gone/05 Central Research Laboratory/Valerie and Bruce on the Phone/06 Destroyers/07 White's Apartment/Bruce's Bedroom /08 Brain Dead/09 White's Apartment/Bruce's Bedroom II/10 Propagators/11 White's Bedroom/ Fire Escape/12 Finale

BUMP N GRIND-01 Goin Wild/02 Pedal to the Metal/03 You'll Succeed/04 No Class/05 Party/06 Jammin/07 Live To Rock/08 Jailbait/09 Aint None of Your Buisness/10 Bump N Grind/11 Fuck That Booty/12 Fuck N Roll

WOW-01 I love Sex (and Rock N Roll)/02 It's My Life/03 Priestess/04 Thief In the Night/05 Opus in cm7/06 Ready To Rock/07 Bump N Grind/08 Legends Never Die/09/Ain't None of Your Buisness

KOMMANDER OF KAOS-01 Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)/02 Pedal to the Metal/03 Goin' Wild/04 Ain't None of Your Buisness (Live)/05 party/06 Jailbait/07 Bad Girl/08 Fight For the Right/09 (Work That Muscle) Fuck That Booty

FUCK YOU!-01 Tight Black Pants (Rehearsal '77/Live '81)/02 Butcher Baby/03 Sex Junkie (live)/04 A Pig Is a Pig/05 It's My Life/06 Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)/07 Goin Wild/08 You're a Zombie/09 Propogators/10 Know Wa'm Sayin

ULTRAFLY- DEFFEST! AND BADDEST!-01 Rulers of Rock/02 $10,000,000 Winner/03 Super Jock Guys/04 Early Days/05 The Humpty Song/06 Know Wha'm Sayin?/07 On the IRT/08 La La land/09 Lies/10 Laffin and Scratchin

WENDY & LEMMY-01 Stand By Your Man/02 No Class

Links in a while......LOVE YOU and MISS YOU Wendy, you left us WAY TOO SOON. Hope you are at peace now

Love ya Wendy!

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