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The Nina Hagen Band

Wouldn't be able to come close to a "Best Ever" on Nina, she's been at it for so long I don't have but a small sampling of her stuff, and frankly I am not familiar with anything she's since mid-80's albums and the collections that I will unveil here.

Sometimes it's fun to dig out stuff like this, in particular when in the mood for some vintage 70'/80's German language goth/punk/psycho-disco stuff.....I recall first learning of Nina from Creem Magazine (the source of SO MANY introductions in the 1970's), the freaky pictures pretty much did it for me, but the description of the music made it sound fairly appealing as well.

So, 1978 saw the release of "The Nina Hagen Band", which I think I had to order fom Trouser Press or something, but which features "TV-Glotzer" which is a German cover of the Tubes "White Punks on Dope" (no, REALLY), with a totally rewritten set of lyrics (technically, is it still  cover?).....listened to it this morning for the first time in several years, and while it's not about to go into heavy rotation, it rocks pretty hard and Nina's highly theatrical vocals are at the very least "different"....an besides, for fans of foreign-language rock which I have no idea as to what the lyrics are, there are some pretty good tracks here: "Superboy", "Auf'm Bahnof Zoo",and more, for my money one of the underappreciated albums of the late 1970's.

A few years later she released "Unbehagen", which is nearly of the same quality....a cool cover of Lene Lovich's "Lucky Number" entitled "Wir Leben Noch". "African Reggae". Again, this MAY be a bit "much" for some of ya, but as you know I do strive for VARIETY.

"Unbehagen" was the end of the Nina Hagen Band, she's operated as a solo act afterwards.....can't find "Nunsexmonkrock", her solo debut which I thought I had, an after that I fairly lost track of her....checke on the Bay for  copy of "Nunmonksexrock" as I remember it being pretty cool too, but you'll ave to settle for the two albums from the "Band" and this pair of collections:

And, really....if you are not familiar with this music, you will PROBABLY wish to start with these collection....."Very Best of Nina Hagen" rounds up the best tracks off of the two albums above, also "Smack Jack" and "Dread Love" from "Nunmonksexrock", her version of Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky"......this is likely where will wish to start. "Definitive Colletion" is farily similar and adds on a few tracks the other collection leaves out, why I have both of them I'll never know, but e your pick I guess....

Special thanks to Wow Party Down Old Style for the additional Patti Smith Band boots, they are linked in the comments section of Wedensday's "Best Patti Smith Band Post,  Ever"....good stuff, and as always THAT is how I WANT this thing to work.....not just me, but EVERYONE involved sharng their music, especially, of course, that which is nearly impossible to get without some "help", such as these boots......

Got a weird email from a guy called Christopher C, in the subject line it says Cringe-Spit on Your Grave, and the text of the email is:

Hey Scott. Could you email this mp3 to me please?

Well, Chris, no, I really can't.....for one thing, I've never heard of it, that I know of, and for another, that is not exactly how this works.....I'm not operating an online flea-market where I take orders from you and do all the work to find the stuff, while you sit on your ass, if that is what you're saying.....if you are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING, leave a comment ON THE BLOG .....that way either myself or any of the many "Friends of the Blog" who see it may be able to provide a link or whatever....but, no, just emailing and thinking that I will hook you up with MP3's I don't even have by email.....that's really not the "Sharing" thing I strive to achieve......it's more like freeloading.

THE NINA HAGEN BAND-01 TV-Glotzer/02 Rangehn/03 Unbeschreiblich Weiblich/04 Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo/05 Naturtrane/06 Superboy/07 Heib/08 Fisch im Wasser/09 Auf'm Friedhof/10 Der Spinner/11 Pank

UNBEHAGEN-01 African Reggae/02 Alptraum/03 Wir leben immer....Noch/04 Wenn ich ein Junge war/05 Hermann heiss er/06 Auf'm Rummel/07 Wau Wau/08 Fall In Love mit mur/09 No Way

VERY BEST OF NINA HAGEN-01 TV-Glotzer/02 Superboy/03 African Reggae/04 Universelles Radio/05 Unbeschreiblich/06 Smack Jack/07 Auf'm Bahnof Zoo/08 Dread Love/09 Auf'm Rummel/10 New York/NY/11 Wir Leben Noch/12 Change/13 My Way/14 Heiss/15 Gott in Himmel/16 Zarah  (Ich weiss das mak ein Wunder geschiehe)

ULTIMATE COLLECTION-01 Unbeschreiblich Weiblich/02 Naturtrane/03 TV-Glotzer/04 Heiss/05 Rangehen/06 African Reggae/07 Aufm Rummel/08 Smack Jack/09 Cosmo Shiva/10 Zarah (Ich weiss das mak ein Wunder geschiehe)/11 New York/12 Was es ist/13 The Change/14 My Way/15 Universelles Radio/16 Vater Unser/17 World Now
Links coming so....be quite interested in how popular this one is.

Having a bit of trouble with "Unbehagen" but I THINK Ill be able to get that one up there too!

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