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Closing out 2013 with some guest links

2013, a few hours from being over....good or bad year for you? I'd really like to know.....for me it couldn't possibly have been more mixed.....reaching the 30-year mark on my job meaning I can retire if I so wish, followed by, just a few weeks later, nearly dying in a freakish sleep-apnea thing and being off on disability ever since September 20.....went through some other some other personal stuff too, but I really think that you only get thrown at you what you can handle....

This time last year, I was doing this blog thing every day, to be specific I was wrapping up the "USA Garage Greats 1965-67" thing, it was a massive project that I took on, using discs which originally appeared on the great "Twilight Zone" blog ( http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/ ), it was extremely popular with the folks who frequent this blog and missed it the first time, most of the files are still available as they still get hits on a semi-regular basis.

During this year I have tried, REALLY tried to keep things here fresh and interesting, I posted a number of garage, psych, and punk comps, some pretty large, multi-episode posts featuring some rarities from the Stones, the Who, the Clash, Radiohead, and the Jam......I tried to post something almost non-existently rare, the WOXY "Unsigned" series, put up some "guest posts", tried to feature some less than hugely-popular bands (Opeth, No Use For a Name, Pussy Galore, among others), some of which really surprised me with thier popularity, others, with their lack of it......I came as close to (deliberately) generating controversy as I guess I could with posts on Skrewdriver and other racist rockers, also a seemingly out-of-context (unless you are paying attention) Pubic Enemy post.

I have encouraged others to contribute ANYTHING they wish to this blog.....an interesting album, a homemade comp, a rare bootleg.....but it doesn't HAVE to be music, send me whatever you want.....write a short story, send your photography, artwork, anything you wnt, good or bad, and at least we can show it to a small fraction of the blogosphere......I just want this thing to have a LITTLE bit of unique personality, rather than be restricted to posting ONLY punk, ONLY stoner rock, ONLY classic garage/psych.......I just want it to be about whatever I'm feeling that day, but ALSO about whatever YOU happen to be feeling that day......

I have some more Jam rarities here, (I hope I have them all sorted out) compliments of DaveSez, which I will get to in a minute, but first let me thank the others who have contributed to the blog this year (and I HATE that I know I'm going to forget someone): Jonman, Mark Eveligh, Sean, HowlinWolf, TiltingSuds, Psyclist.....there are others, and if I forgot you I'm sorry, maybe in a little while I'll make a COMPLETE list of outside contributors and post them in the comments. Thanks also to Deanna Mitchell of Frightwig for the personal e-mail actually THANKING me for doing a Frightwig post (rather than complaining about it....and I don't THINK anyone did this year, unlike in previous years (Hi, Green Day, Sublime, Corrosion of Conformity, and Molly Newman of Bratmobile))......

Please continue to make requests, I'll fill them if I can....just the other day a guy requested Flipper and seemed pleasantly surprised that I had some.....I have a BUNCH of stuff, and if I don't have it, often a blog friend WILL, so let's ALL venture toward helping each other to SHARE (the most important word here) our way to the perfect music collection. Hope everyone enjoys good health and happiness in 2014, I most likely will be retiring and moving on to a "post-retirement-double-dip secondary income", so THAT will be good......lots of good stuff happens in life, too, sometimes we concentrate/focus on the negativae so much that we don't realize that.

From Dave Sez, here is a link to The Jam Live 1977 at the 100 Club, already posted (by him) on another site:


Also, as we speak, I am starting the uploads of the magnificent "Jam Demos, 1975-82" which is being generously shared with us from the "Dave Sez" archive, I think if you guys like them (and I don't see how you couldn't), you should take a minute to thank DaveSez, because he seems to have a tremendous archive of great stuff that he is willing to share, having already shared some rare Au Pairs, and, also, if you will check his comment in the "Comments" section of yesterday's Devo post, you will find another slew of links which will direct you to a bunch more very cool live Devo stuff....I know I for one am grateful for all of this stuff, and if you are as well, please thank him for sharing and hopefully he will share some more of his tremenodous archive with us! The links for the Jam Demos should be ready here pretty shortly, check the comments section in just a little while......here are the track lists for this magnificent four disc collection:

THE JAM-STUDIO DEMOS 1975-76 "NON STOP DANCING"-01-100 Ways/02 Forever and
Always/03 I Will Be There/04 Non Stop Dancing/05 Left Right and Centre/06 Again/07 When I Needed You/08 Please Don't Treat Me Bad/09 Soul Dance/10 I Got By In Time/11 Wonderful World

THE JAM-STUDO DEMOS 1975-81 "WHERE'S WORKING" DISC 1-01 Walking the Dog/02 Takin' Back My Love/03 Back In My Arms Again/04 Sounds From the Streets/05 This is the Modern World/06 Art School/07 In the City/08 Change My Address/09 All Around the World/10 London Girls/11 Bricks And Mortar/12 Carnaby Street

THE JAM-STUDIO DEMOS 1975-81 "WHERE'S WORKING" DISC 2-01 Worlds Apart/02 Billy Hunt/03 To Be Someone/04 Saturdays Kids/05 The Night/06 My Girl/07 But I'm Different Now (version 1)/08 But I'm Different Now (version  #2)/09 Korina/10 Out on the Weekend/11 Unknown/12 Unknown/13 Unknown

THE JAM-DEMOS AND OUTTAKES 1976-82 "MAMA WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT NOW"-01 Left Right and Center/02 So Sad About Us/03 It's Too Bad/04 David Watts/05 See-Saw/06 Liza Radley/07 And Your Bird Can Sing/08 But I'm Different Now/09 England I Miss You Now/10 Dream Time/11 Dead End Street/12 No One In the World/13 Rain/14 Get Yourself Together/15 We've Only Started/16 Walking In Heaven's Sunshine

THE JAM-DEMOS 1979-81 "SKIRT"-01 Skirt /02 We've Only Started /03 Get Yourself Together/04 Not Far At All/05 Skirt/06 Not Far at All/07 My Mind's Eye/08 Not Far at All/09 Instrumental/10 Wasteland/11 Eton Rifles/12 Little Boy Soldiers Part 1/13 Little Boy Soldiers Part 2/14 Little Boy Soldiers Part 3/15 The Eton Rifles/16 See-Saw/17 Pretty Green/18 Circus/19 Happy Together

So, an early "Happy 2014" to you from BigScott62, also my wonderful, incredible, beautiful, best in the world bride of 27 years, Carla, an my hulking, scholarly, athletic, well-mannered, best in the world son, Grant......the two most important people in the world to me, thank you so much for being there for me back in September, literally saving my life and helping me with life ever since then, it's been a strange three months to be certain.....thanks to EVERYONE who reads my incoherent thoughts here, who listens and shares and comments and lurks and whatever else.....ojne more thing, thanks to "Scott Andridge" who may or may not have been the son of Seed's drummer Rick Andridge (and who really cares?) for posting some of the most idiotic comments ever composed, which of course makes my day complete......isn't it great when you DON'T HAVE TO HELP someone to look so stupid, all you have to do is reprint their exact words? I hope ol'"Scott Andridge" (if you missed all that stuff, go check the archives and read it, it WILL be worth it I promise), who held such a fascination with the size of my penis, is doing well, and, hopefully, even composing MORE words of brilliance for or consumption......we can only hope, obviously wisdom of that level takes some time to compose.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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