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Some more Christmas music for the REST of us

Because, of course, traditional Christmas music not only sucks ass, the repetitive NON STOP mind-
numbingness of it turns it from mindless irritant to bullet-to-the-temple material....even the "respectable" parties are not immune to my wrath when it comes to thi particular subject....Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town?" Gag. The Pretenders "2000 Miles" at least a partial gag.....and WORST OF ALL IS JOHN FUCKING LENNON'S "SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS" I would prefer to drink a gallon of house paint to EVER hearing that thing again......uuuuughhhh.

So, anyway.....I have a few albums here to offer some relief, I have probably posted some/all of them before, but 90% of you won't remember my doing so.....I thought about making a "Depressing Christmas" compilation, didn't get around to it, but it could include stuff like the Who's "Tommy Doesn't Know What Day It Is", Axl Rose's mangling of "White Christmas" (ever heard it?), Ben Folds Five's "Brick" (TECHNICALLY not about Christmas as it takes place the day AFTER Christmas, but is one of the most depreessing songs ever written and is about taking his girlfriend to get an abortion),  and of course Elliott Smith's immortal "King's Crossing" which IS THE most depressing song ever written, wittness, at least to me, the fact that he committed suicide shortly afterwards ("It's Christmas time, and the needle's on the tree, a skinny Santa is bringing something to me, his voice is overwhelming, and his speech is slurred, and I only understand every other word")....anyways I never got around to making that Ativan-inducing collection, and I did dig out these goodies, along with the WAY COOL "Power Pop Christmas" set from the other day (and if you didn't check it out you are doing yourself a disservice if you didn't download blog friend Tiltingsud's very great and I assume rare two-part Bob Dylan Christmas radio show, it is excellent and you SHOULD hear it!

So what have I got for you on this Christmas Eve? Well, a few things.....I have a pair of comps, one titled "A Punk Rock Christmas", the other titled "A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas".....these two sets are VERY similar, and I am going to do something I rarely do.....I am going to reprogram this, making it a two disc set without repitition...in general, I like for you to hear things as they were intended to be heard at the time of release, but I think in this case it was most likely issued and updated the following year, or something like that (if it is something else, don't correct me because I don't care, just appreciate the EXTRA WORK your uncle has done for ya here, so you get the WHOLE ENTIRE COMPLETE MASTERWORK! And there are some good uns on here.....Something Corporate, Bink 182, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Descendents, as well as lesser knowns as Punchline, Cousin Oliver, The Humpers, and LOTS LOTS MORE, in fact, so much more, that, as I said before, I need to make it into a pair of discs.....APPRECIATE the fucking work I do damnit!

Next up is a simple set entitled only "Merry Christmas", a short (10 track) collection of tracks from
The Sonics, The Wailers, and The Galaxies. I like this one probably better than any, other than maybe the power pop set of the other day, dunno why really, I assume it's rare, and I really enjoyed it when listening to it today.

"Midnight Christmas Mess Again", part of a series of which I unfortunatly do not have the others, is a some fairly unknown/obscure garage-punk type bands, Cheepkates, Vipers, Psycho Daisies, Dementia 13 check in with some sounds-o-the season, listened to some of this one today and enjoyed it quite a bit as well......

Not EXACTLY a Christmas album, I thought I'd put up the fairly obscure "Holy Fuzz Compilation" as well, while not "Christmas" stuff per se, it DOES come from some Christian metal bands of the 1970's-80's that at least I've never heard of, figured Christmas/Christianity, it's all the same hog trough, right?

And, now, get this, Skippy.....I was gonna quit here, but decided to see if there was anything of interest on the Bay, most of it is the usual swill, but a couple DID pique my interest, so I grabbed em for all of us: First, I found "Indie Rock Christmas Playlist", and I kind of wish I hadn't because it is ONE HUNDRED fucking tracks, but, I DO LOVE YOU GUYS, and I am going to split it into five discs, and I hope some of you download and tell me how great I am for giving you this gift and etc....The Ravonettes (whom you know I LOVE), Dropkick Murphys, The Darkness, The Killers, Bad Religion, and enough legit acts here that I think I should post it. Merry Christmas, minions, this is a bit of work, and this proves how much I love my massiv audience.....as usual, ALL i ask in return is if you have anything cool, anything rare, anything you think is of interest, PLEASE share it..not just with ME, but with the other good folks who make this blog what I want it to be....a place for music lovers to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.....I won't give speech again just yet, but, simply, that is what it is all about.

"Christmas Rock" ovelaps the "Punk Rock" set a bit, but it includes some other stuff too, including
Lemmy kilmister, Dandy Warhols, Mew, No Doubt and some others, so basically I deem it worthy of inclusion here as well.....

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on this fucking blog.....my wonderful wife questions it as times as well...but the reason is, I know what a joy it is to FINALLY find that impossible-to-get bootleg, it's exhilerating to say the least.....and if I've ever provided that feeling for EVEN ONE of you, it is worth it.......just please, please please, EVERYONE, continue to share all this great music with the rest of us, it makes the world such a MUCH better place.....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families. May this holiday season be a wonderful, loving experience for you, and may you all come to appreciate LIFE and FAMILY as much as I have come to in 2013. God bless you all! Love ya!

A PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS REPROGRAMMED DISC 1-01 THE AKA'S-Christmas In Hollis/02 SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget Decemeber/03 THE MATCHES-December Is For Cynics/04 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/05 FAR (FEATURING CHINO MORENO)- Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas)/06 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot You Eye Out/07 MXPX-Christmas Night of the Zombies/08 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 or XXXMASX/09 ACCEPTANCE-So This Is Christmas/10 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/11 JASON GLEASON (OF FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER)-Sleigh Bells and Wine/12 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/13 MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-This Time Of Year/14 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus/15 THE BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE-A Cradle In Bethlehem/16 PUNCHLINE-Icicles

the Halls/02 COCA COLA-White Christmas/03 COUSIN OLIVER-Naked Christmas/04 DESCENDENTS-Christma Vacation/05 DI-Mr Grinch/06 FLIGHT 180-O Come All Ye Faithful/07 GOB-Very Shitty Christmas/08 HOMEGROWN-Christmas Crush/09 HUMPERS-Run Run Rudolph/10 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/11 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex-Miss/12 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/13 THE RED WEST-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/14 UNKNOWN-Christmas Bells/15 UNKNOWN-Bonus Track

MERRY CHRISTMAS-01 THE SONICS-Santa Claus/02 THE WAILERS-She's Comin' Home/03 THE GALAXIES-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer/04 THE WAILERS-Christmas Spirit/05 THE SONICS-The Villiage Idiot/06 THE SONICS-I Don't Beleive In Christmas/07 THE GALAXIES-Please Come Home For Christmas/08 THE WAILERS-Maybe This Year/09 THE GALAXIES-Christmas Eve/10 THE GALAXIES-Christmas Eve

MIDNIGHT CHRISTMAS MESS AGAIN-01 THE SLICKEE BOYS-Hazy Shade of Winter/02 THE VIPERS-Christmas I'll Be Home/03 CHEEPSKATES-Star/04 THE PSYCHO DAISIES-Santa Is Comin' Down Again/05 WOOFING COOKIES-Santa Aint Santa/06 THE LOVE PUSHERS-Jesus Christ/07 DAS FURLINES-O Tannenbum Now/08 THE RAVENS-Blue Christmas/09 HOWARD & JAG'S XMAS VACATION-Wreck These Halls/10 THE HOLIDAYS-Sleighbell Bop/11 THE BACKBONES-Coal In My Stocking/12 THE IGUANAS-Christmas Eve at KNI (Kansas Neurological Institute)/13 DEMENTIA 13-Snow Is Falling

Jesus/04 THE SEARCH PARTY-The News Is You/05 PRE-AGAPE-In the Light/06 STONEWOOD CROSS-Majic Man/07 ALL SAVED FREAK BAND-All Across the Nation/08 THE SEARCH PARTY-You And I/09 THE EXKURSIONS-Dry Ground/10 THE CONCRETE RUBBER BAND-Christian/11 PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER, AND RUNNING OVER-Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over/12 AGAPE-Rejoice

INDIE ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 1-01 DON CROLL-A Guardian Christmas/02 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-A Happy Christmas Baby/03 GLASVEGAS-A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)/04 THE NEW MENDICANTS-A Very Sorry Christmas/05 HAPPY FANGS-All I Want For Christmas is Halloween/06 !!!-And Anyway It's Christmas/07 BAD RELIGION-Angels We Have Heard On High/08 BRIGHT EYES-Blue Christmas/09 THE LAST BISON-Carol of the Bells/10 ORBITAL-Christmas Chime (Stocking Filler)/11 GERMANY GERMANY-Christmas Club Banger/12 CRYING DAY CARE CHOIR-Christmas Day Care Choir/13 LATCH KEY KID-Christmas Everyday/14 THE RAVEONETTES-Christmas Ghosts/15 THE KILLERS-Christmas In LA/16 THE TUTS-Christmas Is in the Air/17 YELLOWCARD-Christmas Lights/18 THE ROCKET SUMMER-Christmas Madness/19 DR DOG-Christmas party/20 THE GARLANDS-Christmas Song

INDIE  ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 2-01 THE DARKNESS-Christmas Time (Don't let the Bells End)/02 AM & SHAWN LEE-Christmas Time Is Here/03 DOG IS DEAD-Christmas Wrapping/04 BETA RADIO-Coventry Carol, King Without a Mountain/05 STRANGEJUICE-Deck the Halls (Bad Christmas Carol)/06  THE POLYPHONIC SPREE-Do You Hear What I Hear/07 CHARLIES HAND MOVEMENTS-Don't You Love Christmas Time/08 I  WAS ONCE A DINOSAUR-Drugs For Christmas/09 THE OH HELLOS-Every Bell On Earth Will Ring/10 EELS-Everything Gonna Be Cool This Christmas/11 MAN OVERBOARD-Father Christmas/12 HAP-Frosty the Snowman/13 PATCH & THE GIANT-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/14 PURE BATHING CULTURE-Good King Wenceslas/15 EXPO-Good Night, Sleep Tight, Christmas/16 HELLO GOODBYE-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/17 CITIZENS-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/18 CHARLES WILLIAMS-ave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/19 DANIELSON & LILLYIDEALIN-Holly Jolly Christmas Cookie/20 THE FAMILY CREST-Home For Christmas

Christmas (I Don't Want Socks)/02 THE GARLANDS-I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You/03 YOUNG STATUES-I Don't Wanna Know What's Under Your Tree/04 THE READY SET-I Don't Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You/05 ECHOSMITH-I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day/06 JULIAN CASABLANCAS-I Wish It Was Christmas Today/07 YAST-If Santa Aint Real/08 THE BRIDGES-I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus/09 THE WINTER EXPERIMENT-It Feels Like Christmas/10 SHY NATURE-It's Christmas (Close Your Eyes)/11 FRIGHTENED RABBIT-It's Christmas So We'll Stop/12 SUGAR & THE HI LO'S-Jingle Bells/13 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-Jingle My Bells/14 CITIZENS-Joy to the World/15 SUMMER CAMP-Last Christmas/16 OWL CITY-Light of Christmas/17 ANDY BURROWS-Light the Night/18 SANDI THOM-Little Donkey/19 FOR KING AND COUNTRY-Little Drummer Boy/20 SARA BARIELLES-Love Is Christmas

INDIE ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 4-01 BESTIE-Merry Christmas/02 WYATT FUNDERBURK-Merry Christmas (I'm In Love With You)/03 SIDEWALK PROPHETS-Merry Christmas to You/04 SLOAN-Merry Xmas Everybody/05 TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA-Midnight Christmas Eve/06 WORK DRUGS-Never Gonna Be Alone on Christmas/07 KYE KYE-Noel/08  NEW FOUND GLORY-Nothing For Christmas/09 BAD RELIGION-O Come, O Come, Emmanual/10 BEHIND SAPPHIRE-Picture a Christmas/11 A FINE FRENZY-Redribbon Foxes/12 PARENTHETICAL GIRLS-Rejoice! Rejoice!/13 BEN & VESPER-Rest Is All Normal Ones Want/14 ROYAL ALBATROSS-Ring the Bell Noel/15 HAP-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer/16 JOE INNES & THE CAVALCADE-Santa Says Relax/17 LOW-Santa's Coming Over/18 EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS-Saving Christmas/19 ERASURE-Silver Bells/20 SHEL-Sleigh Ride

LUMBERJACK-SoCal For Xmas/03 CAMERA OBSCURA-The Blizzard/04 NATALY DAWN-The Christmas Ballad/05 ERASURE-The Christmas Song/06 THE RAVEONETTES-The Christmas Song/07 THE HONORARY TITLE-The City On Christmas/08 LEFT WITH PICTURES-The Coldest Night/09 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-The First Snowlake/10 LOS CAMPASINOS!-The Holly and the Ivy/11 BRAINPOOL-The Last Christmas/12 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Season's Upon Us/13 EIGHT TO INFINITY-There's Nothing Interesting to Say about snow/14 LAZY FLIES-Time and Tide/15 THE CIVIL WARS-Tracks in the Snow/16 RUSTY & SAVANNA-Under the Missletoe/17 POMPLAMOOSE-Up On the Housetop/18 BAD RELIGION-What Child Is This/19 A FINE FRENZY-Winter White/20 SLEEPER AGENT-Winter Wonderland

CHRISTMAS ROCK-01 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/02 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-All I Want For Christmas Is You/03  WEEZER-Christmas Song/04 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/05 THE DARKNESS-Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)/06 STREET DRUM CORPS FEAT. BEN MCCRACKEN (THE USED)-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/07 NO DOUBT-Oi To the World/08 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/09 LESS THAN JAKE-Frosty the Snowman/10 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/11 FROM FIRST TO LAST-12 Days of Xmas/12 THE DANDY WARHOLS-Little Drummer Boy/13 ZAKK WYLDE-White Christmas/14 BON JOVI (gawd)-I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas (gawd)/15 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Christmas Eve/16 EL VEZ-Feliz Navi-Nada/17 SIMPLE PLAN-My Christmas List/18 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-I Want an Aline for Christmas/19 MEW-Snow Brigade/20 BLINK 182-I Wont Be Home For Christmas/21 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex Miss/22 KORN-Jingle Bells (Death Metal Version)/23 LEMMY KILMISTER-Run Run Rudolph/24 LINKIN PARK-My December

well as BIGCARLA66 (Mrs BIGSCOTT) and BIGGRANT97 (BIGSCOTT JR)........thanks for reading and listenting and contributing and EVERYTHING.....hope the new year finds you happy and healthy and in good spirits, from my family to yours!

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