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The minions take over, Au Pairs redux and MORE!

For whatever reason have got a spate of emails today, WITH contributions to the blog, which is FUCKING EXCELLENT (less work for your uncle).......I am working on a Mega-post of the Jam, also one of Yo La Tengo, both of which I have MUCH more material than I thought and am going to have to break into multiple posts (more work than I need at this time of year with the yultide festivities and all that shit)........anyway, for whatever reason my Au Pairs post drew a HUGE response, lots of hits, lots of downloads, and a couple "blog friends" contributing some extra goods from that act.

Our first contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributes a pair of links for us, "Live in Berlin":


As well as the Au Pairs final show from 1983, with  (evidently, I haven't had the chance to listen yet) includes some demos, live stuff, lots of stuff which sounds GREAT to me.....check it HERE:


He also shares with us what he refers to as "very rare Dutch 1984 12" EP from Dojoji, produced after Leslie Woods had left the Au Pairs, breaking up the group. With Dutch funk musicians Dojoji, she does vocals - very good, including a version of one of the 1983 demos."

Sounds pretty awesome to me, don't know about you, but here it fucking be:


"Anonymous" also provides us with a track list for the Berlin show, and here IT fucking be:

01 Game *
02 Let's Make Love *
03 Sex Machine (Dear John)
04 Love Song
05 She's Nothing *
06 It's Obvious *
07 Headache For Michelle
08 Music *
09 Armagh
10 Repetition (Written by David Bowie)
11 So Cool
12 Come Again
13 Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)
14 (Domestic) Departure *
15 (Kerb) Crawler *

* = omitted from later official release
I thank "anonymous" SO FUCKING MUCH for this share, he says he has a bunch more, if he does, BRING IT OUT! The benefits are twofold....one, we ALL get to share in these great tunes, and two, it's less work for Da Big Guy! What could be better? This guy also says he has a bunch of Jam and Gang of Four rare/live/whatever stuff, which would be amazing when we get around to THOSE great bands (as I said, working on The Jam even NOW).....so hit his shit hard, APPRECIATE IT, say "thanks" and maybe he will share MORE of his fine collection with the rest of us, as we all grow closer and closer to our own "personal perfect music collection"!
Now, another of "my" minions, Howlinwolf0864 ALSO has some Au Pairs stuff and has generously agreed to share it with the rest of us....he offers up what is evidently a DIFFERENT Berlin show than the one above, as well as an awesome sounding BBC sessions set (really,, I can't WAIT to hear all this shit, you guys are amazing and this is EXACTLY the way I wish for this lame-ass blog to work)....I am uploading his shares to Zippy as we speak and they will be available soon, check the comments section. Here is the track list for the BBC Sessions:
01 Monogamy.mp3
02 Pretty boys.mp3
03 Come again.mp3
04 Ideal woman.mp3
05 Dear John.mp3
06 The love song.mp3
07 It_s obvious.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 Unfinished business.mp3
And 11 more... (sorry, you'll hafta figue out those "11 more" on yer own, I don't have all fucking night!)

and here is the track list for the Berlin show:
01 Diet.mp3
02 Headache For Michelle.mp3
03 Dear John.mp3
04 Love Song.mp3
05 Set Up.mp3
06 Inconvenience.mp3
07 Armagh.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 We're So Cool.mp3
And 2 more...
 Again, dunno bout the "2 more" do a little research for Drew Barrymore's sake! (she's with child again, how I only wish it had been my seed to have done the job....nevermind)

Now,OK FOR THESE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, they will be there soon. I'm not a huge "artwork" guy (bare bones white labels for this guy) BUT our friend Howlinwolf has provided links for those as well, so if ya check the comments section in a little while, they will be there as well.

Now, another friend (Cody Kushner to be specific) sent me an email today, for no other reason than to say he enjoys the blog, which is great, IT'S WHY I DO IT......here it is, simple and to the point:

"Fantastic work there. Keep it up!".....thanks, I will try to......so, I asked Cody if he had anything to contribute, and he sends us the following:


To be honest, I have never heard of the Kashmere Stage Band in my life......don't know if it fits my niche or not, but whatever....I will post ANYTHING here that ANY of my dawgs deems acceptable......so someone check this out and report back, pronto!

By the way, if any of you care, I FINALLY found out what "happened" to me when I had that scary experience in September.......a stroke? Nope.....seizure? nope.....what they call fucking "complex sleep apnea", which is REALLY GREAT because it is relatively treatable.....so the BigGuy is gonna be around, postng his esoteric tastes in music on this site for a FUCKING long time.....only problem is I'm gonna hafta go back to work in a couple of weeks now (fuck).......if I get the first part of The Jam post ready tomorrow, it'll be here, and I promise you, it'll be a motherfucker.

And again, I implore of you, PLEASE share anything interesting any of you might have.......we can ALL help EACH OTHER to develop the "perfect" music collection, and isn't that fucking GREAT?!?......I have a shitload of stuff from The Jam, for example, and I have a 2-day post coming up soon on them, BUT if some of my "blog-dawgs" can hook me up with some MORE shit, WE ALL fucking win.....right? Thanks for reading and contributing....YOU FUCKERS "are" the blog, I'm nothing but the "middle man"......God bless you all, I love you!

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