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A very special GUEST post, and a damn good one too!

Psyclist is one of the best contributors EVER to this blog, contributing a MOUNTAIN of stuff that I know I appreciate, and I know that many of you guys have as well....well, he's moving to a new house and it will be  a while before he has internet access again......he will be missed, I guarentee by ME, but also by any other blog regulars, because of his fine and amazing contributions......he contributed great stuff as recently as THIS WEEK'S Dire Straits post...he'll be gone for a while, but he'll be back, he is in Malaysia after all......anyway before I turn this over to him, I want to thank him for home up more times than I could count with stuff  that  I couldn't find or whatever.......take it easy and THANK YOU Psyclist, and when your internet issues get resolved we'll ALL be right here, waiting for your next killer contribution......for now I just say " Thank You", and I hope that other readers of the blog, who know how valuable Psyclist is, will follow suit and thank him in the commnt section......he has created a fine post about the great Q65 so for now, take it away Psyclist! Goode health and good fortune to you and yours and hope to talk with you SOON!

Hi Mr. Big

Some sad news as I am not sure how long it will be until I will be
able to be on the net again. I'm going to move house here in Malaysia
and it's unclear how long it's going to be before I will have a new
connection (they say somewhere next year, which can be January or
December) as this house is as the company says, new, it's 5 years old.

Thus here is my little post for your blog, all I have from the great
garage/blues/rock (and later more psychedelic orientated Dutch band Q
65. They're somewhat a legend in Holland and have a cult staus in
Europe and the USA amongst the 60's lovers. Most welknown are The Life
I Live and You're The Victor but their albums are of great quality

The band originate from Den Haag (The Hague) which in the mid 60's
generated a whole bunch of great beat groups including for example the
Golden Earrings (later become the Golden Earring). Follwing the
example of the British blues boom they modeled their music to electric
blues from Muddy Waters, BB King etc and the British bands the Rolling
Stones, the Animals, Them, Pretty Things, The Kinks etc.

You're The Victor and The Life I live were released in 1966 and peaked
at #11 and #5 in the Dutch top 40. The first album Revolution was all
straight forward blues including a version of Sonny boy Williamson's
"Bring It Home" of almost 14 minutes. Kjoe (Dutch pronunciation) was
an unstoppable force in 1966 but after 1968 it was all over.

In 1970 a more psychedelic orientated Kjoe released Afghanistan, not
bad but ... compared to Bring It Home it was disappointing. However,
listening to Afghanistan right now, it was a great record and a record
made with guts. But the days of Q65 were numbered. Members of the band
would appear in several other bands.

Member of the first hour Frank Nuyens would appear in the Red White &
Blue Band with Harry Muskee and Eelso Gelling (Cuby & the Blizzards)
and, amongst others, the Freelance Band (hard tpo find lp's... Rough
'n Tough and Midnight Power House.

Peter Vink and drummer Beer Klaasse would form Finch (prog rock) and
other members would on and off be found on lp's of Golden Earring,
Livin' Blues and other Dutch bands.

Obviously the is some overlap but I think it's worth to get all the
cd's here. But if you have to start somewhere, get either Revolution
of the Singles Collection. All Q65 cd's included artwork.

Q 65
Afghanistan (1970)
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/80136896/file.html


1. Love Is Such A Good Thing /2. Injection /3. Baby Don't Worry/4. I M
Glad/5. Nobody Knows When You're Down' Out/6. Please Come Back To
Me/7. We Are Happy/8. I Gotta Move/9. There Was A Day/10. Don't Let Me
Fall/11. Crumblin/12. Night/13. Sexy Legs/14. I Just Can't Wait/15.
We're Gonna Make It/16. Saddy/17. On The Highway/18. Rock Roll Medley

Revival (1969)
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/297688/file.html


1. Cry in the Night/2. No Place to Go/3.It Came to Me/4.I Was
Young/5.World of Birds/6. So High I've Been, So Down I Must
Fall/7.Sundance/8. Voluntary Peacemake//9. Ridin' on a Slow Train/10.
Fairy Tales of Truth/11. And Your Kind/12. I Despice You/13. Where Is
the Key */14. Ain't That Loving You Baby */15. Ramblin' on My Mind *
/16. 80% O */17. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance * /18. [Hidden Bonus
Cut] *

- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/48951943/file.html


1. The Life I Live/2.I Got Nightmares 3.Just Whos In Sight/4.Mr
Pitiful/5.I'm A Man/6.Middle-age Talk /7. Summer Thoughts In A Field
Of Weed /8.Down In The Bottom /9.Get Out Of My Life /10.Woman
/11.Spoonful /12.Sour Wine /13.Bring It On Home/ 14.Where Is The Key
(Bonus Track) /15. Voulentary Peacemaker (Bonus Track)/16. It Came To
Me (Bonus Track) /17. No Place To Go (Bonus Track)/

Singles A's and B's
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/21321578/file.html
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/23215696/file.html

Disc I:
1. You're The Victor/2. The Life I Live/3. I Despice You/4. From
Above/5. Ain't That Loving You Baby (EP Kjoe Blues)/6. Ramblin' On My
Mind (EP Kjoe Blues)/7. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall/8.
Medusa (Circus)/9. Ann/10. Sundance/11. Don't Let Me Fall/12. Sexy
Legs/13. Love Is Such A Good Thing/14. I Just Can't Wait/15. Fighting
Is Easy/16. Hoonana (Kjoe)/17. Lady Of Love (Willem Bieler &
Dambuster)/18. Let's Roll/19. Feel Her Still/20. Ridin' On A Slow
Train (Circus - alternative long version)/21. From Above (second
version)/22. Ann (alternative take)

Disc 2
1. And Your Kind/2. Cry In The Night/3. I Was Young/4. No Place To Go
(EP Kjoe Blues)/5. 80% 0 (EP Kjoe Blues)/6. It Came To Me/7. Where Is
The Key/8. Mother Motha's Great Sundance (Circus)/9. Sour Wine/10.
World Of Birds/11. Crumblin'/12. There Was A Day/13. Night/14. We're
Gonna Make It/15. Country Girl/16. Troubles (Kjoe)/17. Are You
Home/18. Feel Her Still (stereo)/19. Fairy Tales Of Truth (Circus -
alternative version)/20. Hapiness (Willem Bieler)/21. I Was Young
(without backing vocals)/22. From Above (alternative take)

The Complete Collection 1966-1969
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/51125637/file.html
- http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/17559808/file.html

Disc 1
1. You're The Victor/2. And Your Kind/3. The Life I Live/4. Cry In The
Night/5. I Got Nightmares/6. Just Who's In Sight/7. Mr. Pitiful/8. I'm
A Man/9. Middel-Age Talk/10. Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed/11.
Down At The Bottom/12. Get Out Of My Life, Woman/13. Spoonful/
14. Sour Wine/15. Bring It On Home/16. I Despice You/17. Ann/

Disc 2
1. From Above/2. I Was Young/3. World Of Birds/4. It Came To Me/5.
Ain't That Loving You Babe/6. Ramblin' On My Mind/7. No Place To Go/8.
80% O/9. Where Is The Key/10. So High I've Been, So Down I Must
Fall/11. Sundance/12. Voluntary Peacemaker/13. Ridin' On A Slow
Train/14. Fairy Tales Of Truth/15. I Was Young/16. Medusa
17. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance/18. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance

Free Lance Band

Rough 'N Tough
- http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/57481317/file.html


1. Hit Or Miss /2. Night After Night/ 3. South America/4. Please Don't
Tell Me/5. Gunman/6. Party Time/7. Pity For the Pigies/8. Ghettos/9.
Free Lance Dance/10 Morality

Midnight Power House
- http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/27978538/file.html


1. Oh Yeah By Yeah/2. The Midnight Powerhouse/3. I Love You To Love
Me/4. Saved By The Dollar/5. The Freelance Dance/6. The Guitar Man/7.
Jazz 'N' My Legs/8. Holy Shit I'm In Love Again/9. The Best Part/10.
Love/11. Last Goodbye

See ya soon I hope

Peter (Psyclist)

What a great contributor he has been......he will be missed, and not just a little bit! hoping like hell all goes well for him and he is back sharing his fine music with us SOON! Thanks personally from me, Psyclist and I know the rest of the blog friends feel the same way!

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