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Some Random Radiohead Rarities Part 1

Radiohead has, of course, a huge fan base, as they should, being one of the most, if not THE most innovative bands of the 1990's-2000's (vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Thom York, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood, bassist Colin Greenwood, guitarist Ed O'Brien, and drummer Philip Selway are the genius behind this body of work, before I forget to issue proper credit)......their studio albums were always things of wonder, really, my favorite beng the incredible "OK Computer",but damn......"Kid A", "Amnesiac", and  "The Bends" all also rate five stars in this fan's book, and their other releases certainly do have their moments......obviously, no need to post those classic studio albums here, much like the previous "rarities" posts, the subject matter is such that if you WANT rarities, it's fairly obvious you HAVE  the originals. Also, rumor has it that this is one of the stuffier "anti-sharing" band (unconfirmed), so I don't want to be in hot water with them. As always, should there be a probem with any of the hard-to-find material posted here, please simply notify me and the offending portion, or the entire post, will be removed STAT!

And this is a band with a LOT of hard-to-find rare stuff.....let us begin with the five (!) disc epic, "The Complete B Sides".....Disc 1 represents the early stages, the "Pablo Honey" era, is loaded with at least three versions of the early single "Creep", lots of live cuts, rare stuff like "Coke Babies" and "Pop Is Dead", this will give you a clue as to where this thing is going. Discs 2, 3, and part of 4 are dedicated to "The Bends" album, just read the track list and you can see what a delight these are....the remainder of Disc 4 covers the "OK Computer" album, and Disc 5 gives us rarities from "Amnesiac" and"Hail to the Thief" albums (what happened to "Kid A"? No idea....)

OK, that is five great discs of rare treasures, but we got LOTS more (live boots will be tomorrow, LOTS of em too).....we have a pair of Japanese EP's "Running From Demons" and "Com Lag" (they released a handful of EP's that are, at least for me, quite hard to locate) (Late Edit: as happens sometimes, my copy of "Running From Demons" is dicked up...not to worry, I think all  material on it is covered elsewhere here)....both contain yet MORE alternate takes, live tracks, remixes and rarities.....and, beleive it or not, each of their first six albums were re-issued with a special "Collector's Edition Bonus Disc" which contain even MORE rarities......extensive. If you are a fan of this band, you will be in orgasmic ecstacy, trust me.....I wish I had their other EP but I am imagining that the material that they feature is likely SOMEWHERE here on one of these many treasure troves of Radiohead super-rarities

One more thing for today, a real curiosity, "Me and This Army: The Radiohead Remixes", which is pretty much what the title indicates, featuring people like the Jungle Brothers and Ghostface, this is yet ANOTHER side of this amazing band.

Radiohead were one of those rare bands that achieved both critical adoration (in the ears of most music critics, they could do absolutley NO wrong) as well as massive public popularity, and with fans of different ages.....they were nearly impossible to slot, nearly impossible to compare anyone else, and refused to do anything in ANY WAY, other than "their way"......they were simply a GREAT band, creators of LOTS of great music, and my prediction is that it will age VERY well, and, like, say the music of the Velvet Underground, for example, will be appreciated even MORE 20-30 years from now. For a band of recent vintage, only Sleater Kinney and maybe the White Stripes can contend with them from a standpoint of releasing consistenty great albums...No one cares, but I rate their studio albums thusly: "Pablo Honey" ***, "The Bends" *****, "OK Computer" *****, "Kid A" *****, "Amnesiac" *****, "Hail to the Thief" *** 1/2, "In Rainbows" ****, "The King Of Limbs" ***.......THAT is being consistently brilliant. And, also,York's solo disc "The Eraser" is at least **** as well!

I really hope there are no issues with these posts, I do it out of my admiration for the band and wish to bring as much of their rare material to as wide an audience as possible. I saw them in concert once (we'll talk about THAT tomorrow) and they were a phenominal live act as well........a truly great run even appearing in one of the greatest of South Park episodes, the classic "Scott Tenorman Must Die".

THE COMPETE B SIDES DISC 1-01 Coke Babies/02 Faithless the Wonder Boy/03 Yes I Am/04 Blow Out (Remix)/05 Inside My Head/06 Inside My Head (Live)/07 Million Dollar Question/08 Creep (Edit)/09 Vegetabl (Live)/10 Killer Cars (Live)/11 Prove Youself/12 Stupid Car/13 Thinking About You/14 You/15 You (Live)/16 Pop Is Dead/17 Banana Co. (Acoustic)/18 Creep (Live)/19 Ripcord (Live)/20 Stop Whispering (US Mix)/21 Creep (Acoustic)

THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 2-01 The Bends (Live)/02 Prove Yourself (Live)/03 Creep (Live)/04 India Rubber/05 How Can You Be Sure/06 Fake Plasatic Trees (Acoustic)/07 Bulletproof (I Wish I Was) (Acousitic)/08 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Live)/09 Fake Plastic Trees (Edit)/10 Planet Telex (Hexdecimal Dub)/11 Planet Telex (Trashed Mix)/12 Maquuiladora/14 Planet Telex (LFOD Mix)/15 Creep (Live)/16 My Iron Lung (Live)/17 Stop Whispering (Live)/18 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong (Live)

THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 3-01 Just (Edit)/02 Planet Telex (Karma Sutra Mix)/03 Killer Cars (Megadam)/04 Bones (Live)/05 Planet Telex (Live)/06 Anyone Can Play Guitar (Live)/07 Just (Live)/08 Just (Live)/09 The Trickster/10 Lewis (Mistreated)/11 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/12 Permanent Daylight/13 Lozenge of Love/14 You Never Wash Up After Yourself/15 My Iron Lung (Live)/16 Anyone Can Play Guitar (live)/17 Bones (Live)/18 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Live)/19 Talk Show Host/20 Bishops Robes/21 Banana Co./22 Molasses

THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 4-01 My Iron Lung (live)/02 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/03 High and Dry (live)/04 Blow Out (Live)/05 Bones (Live)/06 Nice Dream (Live)/07 You (Live)/08 Meeting In the Aisle/09 Lull/10 Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 3 Mix)/11 Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazilla Mix)/12 Palo Alto/13 How I Made My Millions/14 Airbag (Live)/15 Lucky (Live)/16 Polyethelene (Parts 1 and 2)/17 Pearly/18 A Reminder/19 Meltdown

THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 5-01 Worrywort/02 Fog/03 Life In a Glass House (Full Length)/04 Cuttooth/05 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy/06 Fast Track/07 Kinetic/08 Trans-Atlantic Drawl/09 I Might Be Wrong (Edit)/10 Remtxomatosis (Christian Vgel Remix)/11 There There (First Demo)/12 Skatterbrain (Fourtet Remix)/13 I Will (Los Angeles Version/14 I Am Citizen Insane/15 Fog (Again) (live)/16 Gagging Order/17 I Am a Wicked Child/18 Paperbag Writer/19 Where Bluebirds Fly

COM LAG (EP)-01 2+2=5 (Live)/02 Remyxomatosis (Cristen Vogel Remix)/03 I Will (Los Angeles Version/04 Paperbag Writer/05 I Am a Wicked Child/06 I Am Citizen Insane/07 Skatterbrain (For Tet Remix)/08 Gagging Order/09  Fog (Again) (live)/10 Where Bluebirds Fly

RUNNING FROM DEMONS (EP)-01 No Surprises/02 Pearly (remix)/03 Melatonin/04 Meeting In The Aisle/05 Bishop's Robes/06 A Reminder

ME AND THIS ARMY: THE RADIOHEAD REMIXES-01 Everything In Its Right Place/02 Idioteque Calisthenics (feat. Gift of Gab & Cut Chemist)/03 Change the Beat-Mf Doom (Pz Wicket Child Remix)/04 Daytona 500-Ghostface (Panzah Zandahz Iron Lung Remix)/05 Rapperfection-Edan (ft. Mr. Lif, National Anthm Mash-Up)/06 At Ease/07 Creep (Ft. Fred from Fitter Happier)/08 Me and This Army (ft. Sev Statik & a Shitty Mic)/09 DDT-Kool Keith (Panzah Zandazh Paperbag Remix)/10 Itsoweezee-De La Soul (pz I Will Remix)/11 How Ya Want It-Jungle Brothers (pz Punchup Remix)/12 No Surprises (none at all really)/13 Soooo Tired/14 You and What Army (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)/15 Planet Telex Loop ( bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)/16 Paranoid Android (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)

PABLO HONEY COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Prove Yourself (demo)/02 Stupid Car (demo)/03 You (demo)/04 Thinking About You (demo)/05 Inside My Head/06 Million Dollar Question/07 Yes I Am/08 Blow Out (remix)/09 Inside My Head (live)/10 Creep (acoustic)/11 Vegetable (live)/12 Killer Cars (live)/13 Faithless The Wonder Boy/14 Coke Babies/15 Pop Is Dead/16 Banana Co. (acoustic)/17 Ripcord (live)/18 Stop Whispering (US Version)/19 Prove Yourself (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/20 Creep (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/21 I Can't (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/22 Nothing Touches Me (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

THE BENDS COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 The Trickster/02 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/03 Lozenge Of Love/04 Lewis (Mistreated)/05 Permanent Daylight/06 You Never Wash Up After Yourself (live)/07 Maquiladora/08 Killer Cars/09 India Rubber/10 How Can You Be Sure/11 Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic)/12 Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was) (Acoustic)/13 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (acoustic)/14 Talk Show Host/15 Bishop's Robes/16 Banana Co./17 Molasses/18 Just (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session) 19 Maquiladora (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/20 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/21 Bones (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

OK COMPUTER COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Polyetheylene (Parts 1 & 2)/02 Pearly/03 A Reminder/04 Melatonin/05 Meeting In the Aisle/06 Lull/07 Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Mix)/08 Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazilla Mix)/09 Palo Alto/10 How I Made My Millions/11 Airbag (live in Berlin)/12 Lucky (Live in Florence)/13 Climbing Up the Walls (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/14 Exit Music (For a Film) (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/15 No Surprises (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

 KID A COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Everything In Its Right Place (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/02 How To Disappear Completely (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/03 Idioteque (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/04 The National Anthem (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/05 Optomistic (Lamacq Live In Concert: Victoria Park, Warrington England)/06 Morning Bell (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/07 The National Anthem (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/08 How To Disappear Completely (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/09 In Limbo (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/10 Idioteque (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/11 Everything In It's Right Place (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/12 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/13 True Love Waits (live in Oslo)

AMNESIAC COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 The Amazing Sound of Orgy/02 Trans-atlantic Drawl/03 Fast-Track/04 Kinetic/05 Worrywort/06 Fog/07 Cuttooth/08 Life In a Glasshouse/09 You And Whose Army (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/10 Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/11 Dollars & Cents (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/12 I Might Be Wrong (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/13 Knives Out (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/14 Pyramid Song (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/15 Like Spinning Plates

HAIL TO THE THIEF COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Paperbag Writer/02 Where Bluebirds Fly/03 I Am Citizen Insane/04 Fog (Again) (live)/05 Gagging Order/06 I Am a Wicked Child/07 Remyxomatosis (Cristen Vogel Remix)/08 There There (First Demo)/09 Skttrbrain (Four Tet Mix)/10 I Will (Los Angeles Version)/11 Sail to the Moon (BBC Radio 1's Jo Whiley's Live Lounge/12 2+2=5 (Live at Earl's Court)/13 Go To Sleep (Zane Lowe)

Trying to get everything uploaded tonight, but we'll see.....all links will be available by Wedensday morning on that you can make band, Missy!

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