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The best Nebula post, ever

More goods from my deep stash of heavypsych/stoner bands,
 a bit of a lesser-known one it seems to
me at least relative to some of their contemporaries. Guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass started the band after departing Fu Manchu, and the latter band's fingerprints are all over the sound (nothing wrong there).....Glass brought with him Fu Manchu drummer Ruben Romano as well as bassist Mark Abshire for the original lineup......the band is Glass' project, pretty much exclusively, as they have been through more than a couple of bassists and drummer since then.

I'll tell you what....these are quite consistently good albums.....they have a sort of garageband sloppiness to them that is sort of unusual in the often technically proficient stoner scene, NOT that there are not plenty of wah wah pedals, screamed vocals, out-there lyrics, and heavy pounding bass lines......it is STONER ROCK! LIke Kyuss? Fu Manchu? JACKPOT!

The oldest I can locate from them is a 1998 EP, a very good one too, entitled "Let It Burn", sounding, as you might expect like a psychedelic Fu Manchu record, and that would not be such a bad thing...."Raga In the Bloodshot Pyramid" and "Sonic Titan" give you a good idea of what's in store....I hear that this disc is kind of hard to locate, not sure, I've had mine forever....if it IS, well, you are most wel!

The NEXT oldest I can locate from them is a "Split EP" ("Split EP's" on which 2 bands shared the recordin, were quiite big in the early days of stoner rock for some reason.....I guess cause noone had the jack to make a disc by themselves.....personally, I have always HATED splits because they FUCK UP MY FILING STYSTEM.......the nerve) with Lowrider, features four tracks from each band.....the early (1999) Nebula is in good form, "Full Throttle" and "Back to the Down" stand out.....I'll give ya the Lowider tracks too, without comment, they were decent as well and I'll give them a post sometime.
By the way, Nebula DO have an older EP entitled "Sun Creature" also from 1999....if you can find a copy of it you are a better man than myself, but I hope ya share it here) if ya do have one!

Later in 1999 they released their first full-length, the great "To the Center".....it's the most psyched of
their discs and features a BUNCH of good rocking tracks, such as "Synthetic Dream" and "Fields of Psilocybin"......recommeded for stoner fans.

Next disc was 2001's "Charged", they crank up the amps a small bit, but these guys knew who they were and what they meant to ....heavy psych/stoner rock..tunes like "Giant" and the epic "All the Way" ae highlights, don't miss this one either.

2003's "Atomic Ritual" finds a maturing band, taking things (and themselves) a bit more seriously (wittness the Alistair Crowley quotes all over the cover)....however, it IS a good album as well. The two-part title track (part 2 is a dreaded "hidden track") and a few more bring the goods, this is probably my LEAST favorite of their albums, but it's certainly not bad.

For 2006's "Apollo" thy retruned to more spacy sound, reminiscent of "To the Center" but more mature, more well thought out, and simply an excellent album. The TOTALLY weird finale "Opiate Float/Orbit" is worth the price of admission here for my money.

Their most recent release is an EP, 2009, entitled "Heavy Psych".....lives up to it's name quite well,
with a bunch of good numbers that they'd often do in concert, such as "The Dagger" and "Aphrodite".....always wondered why they didn't tack on some filler and make it a full length, but what are ya gonna do?

They gave it a good run, they were a good band, as I said somewaht not as appreciated as they might be in stoner circles..I have some live boots from them including a show I attended which I found VERY enjoyable, they they rocked the house with a good, long loud set that the crowd was REALLY into!

The show I attended was fromm 8/14/09 in wonderful Columbus Ohio (GO BUCKS!), they played a fine set which a friend of mine recorded......his track list doesnt QUITE match up, I think the tunes are all their but they are not split as listed below and I don't have time to correct it....you'll see wht I mean Also have a Chicago set from the DAY BEFORE the Columbus one, another god set, fun to compare the two shows on consecutive nights, the Columbus show to my ears ws the better of the two.....I note they changed their set list up a good bit (remember those Police boots with IDENTICAL set lists?).My third and final show is from Helmond, 2/13/10, possibly the same tour as the other two sets, with a version of "Sister Morphine" (!) thrown in for good measure.

I guess they're done, they haven't officially broken up, but in general three years away is an indicator.
links in a while, and if you have ever seen/heard a copy of "Sun Creature" (or "Dos EPs", which combines "Sun Creature", the stuff from the Lowrider split, but also three new tracks, this would be the one to have, actually, if anyone it and wants to share it!

Hope you guys enjoy these, I hae often turned to Nebula when I need some good, psychy stoner stuff......they were agood band. Well done.

LET IT BURN-01 Elevation/02 Down the Highway/03 Let It Burn/04 Vulcan Bomber/05 Dragon Eye/06 Raga In the Bloodshot Pyramid/07 Sonic Titan/08 Devil's Liquid

NEBULA'/LOWRIDER SPLIT EP-NEBULA-01 Anything From You/02 Full Throttle/03 Back to the Dawn/04 Fall of Icarus/ LOWRIDER-05 Lameneshma/06 The Gnome, The Spirit, The Sun/07 Shivaree/08 Upon the Dune (Full Version)
TO THE CENTER-01 To the Center/02 Come Down/03 Whatcha Lookin For/04 Clearlight/05 Freedom/06 Antigone/07 I Need Somebody/08 So Low/09 Synthetic Dream/10 Fields of Psilocybin/11 Betwen Time/12 You Meant Nothing
CHARGED-01 Do It Now/02 Beyond/03 Giant/04 Trvelin' Man's BLues/05 Instant Gravitation/06 This On/07 Ignition/08 Shaker/09 Goodbye Yesterday/10 All the Way
ATOMIC RITUAL-01 Atomic Ritual/02 So It Goes/03 Carpe Diem/04 More/05 The Beast/06 Out Of Your Head/07 The Way to Venus/08 Paradise Engineer/09 Electric Synapse/10 Strange Human/11 Fin/12 Atomic Ritual Revisited
APOLLO-01 Orbit/02 Loose Cannon/03 Fever Fray/04 Lightbringer/05 Future Days/06 Ghost
Ride/07 The Alchemist/08 Trapezium Procession/09 Controlled/10 The Eagle Has Landed/11 Fruit of My Soul/12 Decadent Garden/13 Wired/14 Opiate Float/Orbit
HEAVY PSYCH EP-01 Pulse/02 The Dagger/03 Aphrodite/04 Dream Submarine/05 In the Depths/06 The Other Side/07 Crow of Thorns/08 Lead Sky/09 Little Yellow Pill/10 Running of the Bulls

CHICAGO 8/13/09-01 Bardo Airways/02 The Dagger/03 Pulse/04 Aphrodite/05 Full Throttle/06 To the Center/07 The Way to Venus/08 Crown of Thornes/09 Giant/Clear Light/10 Little Yellow Pill/11 Elevation/12 Down the Highway/13 Intermission/14 Let it Burn/15 It's Been a Long Day
COLUMBUS 8/14/09-01 "We're Gonna Play Right Now!"/02 Instant Gratification/03 The Dagger/04 Pulse/05 Giant/Clearlight/06 Aphrodite/07 Devil's Liquid/08 The Other Side/09 The Way to Venus/10 To the CeEnter/11 Crown of Thornes/12 Bardo Airways/13 Down the Highway/14 Long Day/15 Let It Burn/16 Sonic Titan/17 Vulcan Bomber

HELMOND 2/13/10-01 Tuning and Shit/02 Perfect Rapture/03 The Dagger/04 Giant/Clearlight/05 Search and Destroy/06 Aphrodite/07 Dream Submarine/In the Depths/Heavy Psych/08 All the Way/09 Let It Burn/10 Pulse/11 Come Down/12 Void/13 The Other Side/14 Fields of Psilocybin/Sister Morphine/15 The Eagle Has Landed/16 Lead Sky/17 Down Highway


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