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For Psyclist Part 2, Hope ya don't have all THESE either!

For my man Psyclist, in the style of the other day's post,
here are some more complete albums and/or
anthologies by some of the great Nuggets-era bands....really enjoyed the albums the other day in a goofy sort of way, once again these are far from "classic" albums in general, but they are interesting in their own way, a different view of these artists other than being observed in light of their one or two "hits", lumped together in (admittedly wonderful) various artists compilations.

So, let us begin with the underappreciated Peanut Butter Conspiracy, from Los Angeles ca. 1966....they consisted of guitarist/vocalist John Merrell, vocalist Sandi Robison, bassist/vocalist Alan Brackett, guitarist/vocalist Jim Cherniss, and drummer Spencer Dryden. They released a pair of very good albums, "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading" (great title) and "The Great Conspiracy"....I've got em both but I think that would maybe be a bit much, so let's go instead with "Living Dream" which focuses on the highlights of both albums.....this is really fine pop-psych, their best known number "It's a Happening Thing" is here, as well as lesser-known (but still way cool) stuff like "Why Did I Get So High" and "Turn on a Friend".....HIGHLY recommended for the uninitiated

The Remains were legendary in Boston, and of course gave us one of the greatest of all singles of the Nuggets era, "Don't Look Back" (as well as the lesser "Why Do I Cry").....they released but one album, and a very good album it is, here it is in all of it's glory......the Remains were guitarist/vocalist Barry Tashian, keyboardist/vocalist Bill Briggs, bassist/vocalist Vern Miller, and drummer Chip Damiani.....better known than the above discussed Peanut Butter Conspiracy (thanks to appearing on "Nuggets" I would guess), but also highly, highly recommended if you are not already indoctrinated.

Mouse and the Traps, from Texas, are best known for the incredible "A Public Execution", THE most perfect Dylan ever recorded, and a handful of other singles.....we have here "The Fraternity Years 1966-68", which includes all of their singles for that label (as best as I can determine they never released a "proper" album)......nothing here comes close to being as great as "A Public Execution", but it has its moments ("Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice", "Sometimes You Just Can't Win").

The Blues Magoos released a pair of excellent albums, the (now) nearly comical sounding
"Psychedelic Lollipop" and "Electric Comic Book", which both fit nicely onto a single CD......best known for "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" which missed Nuggets, which is fine because Nuggets contained the mind-melting definitive version of the oft-covered "Tobacco Road". They underwnt numerous lineup changes and actually did release a few forgettable albums after these two, but these are the ones you want.

Finally,we have the Electric Prunes, who had about 100 different members and existed in one form or another for about 50 years, releasing about 75 albums, but whose REAL claim to fame was the fantastic "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (The first time I heard it as a kid, I loved it, thinking the lyric was "I had too much to DRINK last night").....they also gave us the nearly-as great "Get Me to the World On Time", with its way cool intro ("here I go.....higher, higher....here I go....higher higher")......they had another interesting track or two, and what we have from them is a good compilation, "Lost Dreams" which touches all the bases and pretty much keeps the "garbage time" portion of their existence to a minimum........

So, OK, what do ya think? I could probably scrape up enough stuff to do one more post of this type, unsure of whom I have left for it but likely I have something.......anyway, I hope you guys, and especilly Psyclist, found a track or two that you maybe hadn't heard before. I try, REALLY try to keep a variety of ALL of my favorite music here, wittness the Police sandwiched between two Nugget-rock post.....but I NEED to know, what do you want? I know I ask this a lot, but I AM curious......the "hate rock" posts were not requested by anyone (thank goodness), but they did, I hope, start some decent thought and discussion (about free speech, NOT about "racism" and the like, which truly WAS my point)........but if you look back, when some Hawkwind was requested, we got that up fairly quickly, and of course THESE posts are for Psyclist (for whom I would do ANYTHING!)......sometimes I am devoid of ideas, so PLEASE help a brother out, there is a band you'd like to see profiled, well, you never know WHAT I might have back there in the CD room......trying to keep the blog interesting and trying to keep a wide VARIETY of rocking shit available to the masses. Thanks for your input!

Life/03 You Can't Be Found/04 Why Did I Get So High/05 Dark On You Now/06 The Most Up To Now/07 Peter Pan/08 Turn On a Friend (To the Good Life)/09 Lonely Leaf/10 Pleasure/11 Too Many Do/12 Living Loving Life/13 Captain Sandwich/14 Living Dream/15 Ecstacy/16 Time Is After You/17 Wonderment/18 I'm a Fool/19 It's So Hard

THE REMAINS-01 Why Do I Cry/02 When I Want to Know/03 Ain't That Her/04 All Good Things/05 I'm Talking About You/06 My Babe/07 Say You're Sorry/08 Baby I Believe In You/09 You Got a Hard Time Comin'/10 I Can't Get Away From You/11 Me Right Now/12 Time of Day/13 Once Before/14 But I Ain't Got You/15 Diddy Wah Diddy/16 Mercy Mercy Mercy/17 Lonely Weekend/18 Heart/19 Thank You/20 Say You're Sorry/21 Don't Look Back

MOUSE & THE TRAPS-THE FRATERNITY YEARS-01 A Public Execution/02 Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/03 Nobody Cares/04 Cryin Inside/05 I'm a Man/06 Lie Beg Borrow and Steal/07 I've Got Her Love/08 I Am the One/09 Like I Know You Do/10 Sometimes You Just Can't Win/11 All For You/12 Do The Best You Can/13 Look At the Sun/14 You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/15 Promises Promises/16 I Satisfy/17 Requium For Sarah/18 L.O.V.E. Love/19 Ya Ya/20 Good Times/21 Hand In Hand/22 You Are My Sunshine/23 I Wonder Where the Birds Fly/24 Mohair Sam/25 As Far as the Sea

THE BLUES MAGOOS-01 We Ain't Got Nothin Yet/02 Love Seems Doomed/03 Tobacco Road/04 Queen of My Nights/05 I'll Go Crazy/06 Gotta Get Away/07 Sometimes I Think About/08 One By One/09 Worried Life Blues/10 She's Coming Home/11 Pipe Dream/12 There's a Chance We Can Make It/13 Life Is Just a Cher O' Bowlies/14 Gloria/15 Intermission/16 Albert Common Is Dead/17 Summer is the Man/18 Baby I Want You/19 Let's Get Together/20 Take My Love/21 Rush Hour/22 Thats All Folks

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-LOST DREAMS-01 Shadows/02 Ain't It Hard/03 Little Oliver/04 I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)/05 I've Got a Way of My Own/06 Luvin'/07 I Happen To Love You/08 Are You Lovin Me More (But Enjoying It Less)/09 Hideaway/10 Try Me On For Size/11 The Great Banana Hoax/12 You Never Had It So Good/13 Dr Do-Good/14 Get Me To the World On Time/15 Captain Glory/16 World of Darkness/17 Train for Tomorrow/18 Big City/19 Wind Up Toys/20 It's Not Fair/21 Sold to the Highest Bidder/22 Everybody Knows You're Not In Love/23 Long Day's Flight

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