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The best Pussy Galore post, ever

With some bands I've profiled, that "best" terminology is kind funny (The Seeds? GG Allin?), even though I love the stuff by the Seeds and GG Allin, calling it the "best" feels kind of weird.....and according to SPIN Magazine's "Alternative Record Guide" : "Pussy Galore made music so scuzzy, so rancid, so unclean, you didn't just want to wash your hands after listening-you wanted to go to confession".......I bet you are already racing to download them, just off of that description, which is pretty accurate in a witty sort of way.

They started out in the mid 1980's in Washington DC making a noisy/bluesy/punkish/garage stew, rife with attempts to "shock", basically the playground of guitarists Jon Spencer and Julia Cafritz, drummer John Hamell filled out the original lineup. They released the 7" EP "Feel Good About Your Body", .....I don't have it, but for some reason, I have a few stray tracks from it, listed under "Bonus Tracks ' below....I've had these for o long I don't know WHY this is, but "Die Bitch" and "HC Reellion" are here from that masterwork, the other two tracks, have no idea.....I think the guy who gave me the disc tried to cram a pair of EP's on here (Groovy Hate Fuck, Sugarshit Sharp) and I guess filled up the disc with someof his other favorite tracks? Well, he's long dead so it will remain a deep dark mystery.

After this release Hammell was replaced by former Sonic Youth drummer Bob Bert, and also added 16 year old guitarist Christina Martinez to release the aforementioned "Groovy Hate Fuck" EP......for what it is, this is a fine work, with deliberate offensiveness such as "You Look Like a Jew", "Pretty Fuck Look", and loads more. Recommened.

In 1987 they committed the rather odd move of covering the Rolling Stones "Exile on Mainstreet" album in its entirety.....it was a very limited release,cassette only, but we have it here in all of t's glory....... bizarre in the extreme.

The first proper "album" released by PG was 1987's "Right Now!", most (including myself) would consider it their best work, 19 short blasts of grimy punk, how bout titles such as  "Fuck you Man", "Pig Sweat", and the legendary "Pussy Stomp" (sample lyric: "stomp stomp stomp stomp pussy stomp tonight!", dont cha just LOOOOOVE it?).....dabblers would be well advised, I think, to start here.

The next EP, "Sugarshit Sharp", is also quite entertaining, "Adolescent Wet Dream" being a highlight, and what could be more bizarre than a cover of  Einsturzende Neubauten's "Yu Gung", whch actually includes samples from both Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype"and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two"........a Sonic Youth-like move, perhaps, as was, now that I think about it, covering the whole Stones album, perhaps they could be taken as maybe a less-sophisticated, trashed-up version of that band?

Anyway, this just about tells the story......the lineup went through numerous changes leading up to 1989's fairly weak "Dial M For Motherfucker", which, while including typical Pussy Galore gems as "Eat Me" and "Solo=Sex", the magic was gone.......they would release an unremarkable live album, another full length entitled "Historica De La Musica Rock", neither of which I have, and at least one more EP, "Pussy Gold 5000", and a compilation of their older tracks entitled "Corpse Love: The First Year", which I don't have either, but parts of it show up on the "Bonus Tracks" section below, as discussed above in reference to "Feel Good About Your Body".

For my money in the right frame of mind, this can be some pretty cool shit....I remember one friend calling "Right Now!" the absolute worst album he'd ever heard (he should hear "Dial M For Motherfucker"), this is hard shit to take, I won't kid you, but I like it, and perhaps some of you will as well. As I said before, if you are unfamilar, start with "Right Now!" and "Sugarshit Sharp", then if those are of interest to you check out "Exile" (as a curiosity) and the rest. Let me know what you think, too, this is (I think) a fairly forgotten band, who really, at least, were fairly original and outrageous........enjoy I hope.

GROOVY HATE FUCK (EP)-01 Teen Pussy Power/02 You Look Like a Jew/03 Cunt Tease/04 Just Wanna Die/05 Pretty Fuck Look/06 Spin Out/07 No Count

EXILE ON MAIN STREET-01 Rocks Off/02 Rip This Joint/03 Hip Shake/04 Casino Boogie/05 Tumblng Dice/06 Sweet Virginia/07 Torn and Frayed/08 Sweet Black Angel/09 Loving Cup/10 Happy/11 Turd On the Run/12 Ventilator Blues/13 I Just Wanna See His Face/14 Let It Loose/15 Stop Breaking Down/16 Shine a Light/17 Soul Survivor

RIGHT NOW!-01 Pig Sweat/02 White Noise/03 Uptight/04 Biker Roc Loser/05 Wretch/06 Rope Legend/07 Fuck You Man/08 White People/09 New Breed/10 Alright/11 Knock Up/12 NYC: 1999!/13 Punch Out/14 Pussy Stomp/15 Trashcan Oildrum/16 Fix It/17 Really Suck/18 Rancid/19 Hell Spawn

SUGARSHIT SHARP (EP)-01 Yu Gung/02 Penetration in the Centerfold/03 Handshake/04 Adolescent Wet Dream/05 Sweet Little Hi-Fi/06 Brick/07 Renegade!

DIAL M  FOR MOTHERFUCKER-01 Understand Me/02 SM57/03 Kicked Out/04 Solo=Sex/05 Undertaker/06 Dwada/07 Dick Johnson/08 1 Hour Later/09 Eat Me/10 Wax Head/11 Wait a Minute/12 Evil Eye/13 Adwd #2/14 Hang On

LEFTOVER BONUS TRACKS-01 Die Bitch/02 HC Rebellion/03 Don't Give a Fuck About You/04 Kill Yourself/05 Asshole/06 Get Out/07 Do I Look Like a Bitch

Links in a little while, gotta say, variety has been the name of the game of late, noone could argue that! I know my good friend Psyclist is wanting some more 60's psych, so perhaps I'll seek out something for him on that line for tomorrow (don't TELL him!).......anything you guys want, though, let me know, and if I got it, it'll be up!

Have a great weekend, rock on!

(In case you are interested, the cover pictured directly above is for "Dial M"....the sticker on the shrink wrap says "New Album By Pussy Galore" and that is the only text on the cover. I guess that it is sometimes thought that "New Album...." is the actual title, although I have never heard that until today while reading a bit....anyway, the original title was supposed to be something like "Eat Shit and Die Slowly" (something like that, not gonna look it up), the record company objected, then evidently approved "Dial M For Motherfucker", I guess it doesn't matter if the name doesn't appear on the cover, so I wonder why they didn't stick with the original title? The things I lay awake at night pondering!

Vikings vs. Seahawks this weekend, I have watched ever second of every Vikings game this season....perhaps NOW you understand my penchant for masochism?

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