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A good straight up hard rocking album, "Ninja", from Pristine.......a brief review:
Starting in North Norwegian idyll Tromsö and ending up all over the world - This is how you could describe the development of PRISTINE in the last months. Once, the debut »Detoxing« and its precursor »No Regret«were only available in Norway. »Reboot«,PUBLISHED at the beginning of 2016, was then published internationally and received lots of positive critics. This release was responsible for a tour with BLUES PILLS, which included all areas from Göteburg until Lisbon, for several club and festival gigs as well as for another tour leg with THE BREW UK

Vocalist and band leader Heidi Solheim can be named as one of the “hardest-workingWOMEN” in rock business. At the end of 2016 she returned to her home village, sat down in front of the piano, took a deep breath and pushed the “reset” button in her head. Then she started to write songs for »Ninja«. The songs were recorded in only one day (again: 1!) in January. This seems to be a novelty, when having modern productionTECHNIC today and the LED ZEPPELIN debut being already half a century old. Three days of over dubs followed and the result is a record full of energy and passion. Heidi describes the album with words like “free” and “unfearful” and these attributes also well describe the performance of Heidi and her band. ‘The Rebel Song‘, ‘Sophia‘ and the title track are very heavy rock songs with a lot of drive, ‘Jekyll & Hyde‘ is an overlong psychedelic song. ‘The Perfect Crime‘ is based on blues and gospel. The rhythm section of the band is incredibly creative and tight and guitarist Espen Elverum Jakobsen is used to rock n roll roots since he was a child back then. The sound of the organist perfectly sums up the instrument section. Heidi Solheims voice dominates them and keeps all together. She’s the captain who writes all lyrics and songs and shares them with musicians who can implement them the best – at the studio as well as on tour. 

»Ninja« will mark a new chapter of PRISTINE, the fourth album will be kind of a new „debut“. Heidi will definitely keep her close affinity to nature, stamped from her home country. In a musical way, there’s no way back: The world is ready for PRISTINE

01. You Are the One
02. Sophia
03. The Perfect Crime
04. The Rebel Song
05. The Parade
06. Ghost Chase
07. Ninja
08. Jekyll & Hyde
09. Forget
10. Ocean
11. California (Live From Troms”)
12. No Regret (Live From Troms”)

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