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The Story of the CLASH Part 7

OK, a late edit, DavidWolfSonic, on of this blog's great friends
has agreed to help me out by posting Volumes 6/7/8 of  "Outside Broadcasts" for which my discs are defective....give him time and he shall help me look just slight less foolish than I do right now. Thanks again Dave, and while I'm at it, thanks again to the Psyclist/Gyro tandem for all the Lou Reed links! Jackpot!

So, weren't the "Outside Broadcasts" different and wonderful? I think they are great! (edit: the ones you GOT TO FUCKING HEAR!) Now we move on to some live shows, from various stages of the band's short heyday......today we have a series of shows from 1976-78......they were already great, they had NOT really broken in the USA yet.

These are of a variety of sources, and thusly, of a variety of qualities...I'm not going to reminisce with each one and evaluate the quality level, you be on your own for that (if I remember I'll make a note)...If you have any shows that I don't have, PLEASE share them here (or send me a copy and I will share them), let us make this TRULY the most comprehensive Clash post in the history of blogland!

The oldest set I have, evidently, is "100 Club Punk Festival 9/20/76", an audience recording, which is what it is, in general I don't care too much for audience recordings, but often they are the only form extant.....the odd thing here is a track called "How Can I Understand the Flies"....other than that they run through their early material "White Riot", "Janie Jones", etc.

Next up from that fabulous US Bicentenial year comes "Going to the Disco" from the London Roundhouse, 9/5/76. Keith Levine guests on this one, and LOTS of rare-ish stuff, "Mark Me Absent", "Going to the Disco", "Hours".....this is pretty much an essential rarity.

Sid Vicious makes an appearance on stage on "A Night of Treason-Royal College of Art London England 11/5/76".....again we get "How Can I Understand the Flies?" and "Mark Me Absent". From what I can determine it's fairly rare.

Next up comes BigScott's very own 15th birthday, 5/1/77 and "Police and Thieves-Guildofrd England"....a highly energetic set from a band just reaching it's early creative plateau. Pretty frantic. A couple weeks later, we get "Mayhem in Amsterdam", more or less the same set they performed for my birthday....again, pretty energetic, would have been fantastic to have been at one of these to wittness it! A bit later in the year, (10/27/77) from Leeds University, we have "Punky Reggae Party", again a similar set list to the earlier 1977 shows, and some fairly questionable sound quality on this one. Getting the months a bit out of order, next comes "Paris Is Singing! Bataclan Punk Festival 9/29/77".....a good set, with an encore of, yep, "Paris Is Singing". Wrapping up 1977 would be a set from 9/26, "The Paradiso Club, Amsterdam"......and while knocking around the web, I find this link to a BUNCH of Clash boots that I don't have (but will):


Go, get em guys, and if ya manage to get em soon, put em up here for all to enjoy.

Got three sets from 1978.....Paris 10/16/ 1978, (starting to work some "Give Em Enough Rope" into the set lists), Brussels Belgium 10/22/78 with a brief take on "Blitzkreig Bop", and finally, sets from the London Lyceum on 12/28 ad 12/29, which tacks on a rare B-side ("Rockers Galore")

OK, tomorrrow, 1979, my senior year! Got a BUNCH of sets from that great year, so be prepared

100 CLUB PUNK FESTIVAL 9/20/76-01 White Riot/02 London's Burning/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 How Can I Understand the Flies/05 Protex Blue/06 Deadly Serious/07 Deny/08 48 Hours/09 What's My Name/10 Janie Jones/11 1977

GOING TO THE DISCO (ROUNDHOUSE, LONDON, 9/5/76)-01 Deny/02 Crush You/03 I Know What You Do/04 I Don't Want Your Money/05 I Can't Understand/06 Protex Blue/07 Janie Jones/08 Mark Me Absent/09 Going to the Disco/10 Hours/11 I'm So Bored With You/12 W/13 London's Burning14 What's My Name/15 1977

A NIGHT OF TREASON-ROYAL COLLEGA OF ART LONDON 11/5/76-01 White Riot/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Career Opportunities/04 How Can I Understand the Flies?/05 London's Burning/06 Sid Vicious on Stage/07 Protex Blue/08 Deny/09 Mark Me Absent/10 48 Hours/11 Janie Jones/12 1977/13 White Riot

POLICE AND THIEVES GILDOFORD ENGLAND-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 Pressure Drop/05 Hate and War/06 Cheat/07 Police and Thieves/08 48 Hours/09 Capitol Radio/10 Deny/11 Remote Control/12 Career Opportunites/13 White Riot/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 1977

MAYHEM IN AMSTERDAM 5/14/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 48 Hours/05 Deny/06 Hate and War/07 Capitol Radio/08 Police and Thieves/09 Cheat/10 Career Opportunites/11 Janie Jones/12 Garageland/13 White Riot/14 1977

PUNKY REGGAE PARTY LEEDS UNIVERSITY 10/27/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Capitol Radio/07 Hate and War/08 Police and Thieves/09 The Prisoner/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Career Opportunites/12 Janie Jones/13 Garageland/14 What's My Name/15 White Riot

PARIS IS SINGING! BATACLAN PUNK FESTIVAL 9/29/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Protex Blue/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Capitol Radio/07 Hate and War/08 City of the Dead/09 The Prisoner/10 Police and Thieves/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 White Riot/16 1977/17 What's My Name/18 Paris Is Singing

PARADISO CLUB AMSTERDAM 9/26/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 Capitol Radio/04 The Prisoner/05 City of the Dead/06 Police and Thieves/07 Hate and War/08 Clash City Rockers/09 I'm So Bored With the USA/10 Protex Blue/11 Complete Control/12 Janie Jones/13 White Riot

PARIS 10/16/78-01 Complete Control/02 Tommy Gun/03 I Fought the Law/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drug Stabbing Time/08 Protex Blue/09 Guns on the Roof/10 Stay Free/11 Police & Thieves-Blitzkreig Bop/12 Capitol Radio/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 English Civil War/16 London's Burning/17 White Riot

BRUSSELS LOUT-BRUSSELS BELGIUM 10/22/78-01 Complete Control/02 Tommy Gun/03 I Fought the Law/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drug Stabbing Time/08 Protex Blue/09 Guns on the Roof/10 Police and Thieves-Blitzkreig Bop/11 Capitol Radio One/12 Janie Jones/13 Garageland/14 English Civil War/15 London's Burning/16 White Riot

BUY OR DIE-LONDON LYCEUM 12/28 and 12/29/78-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Cheapskates/06 City of the Dead/07 Clash City Rockers/08 Tommy Gun/09 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/10 English Civil War/11 Stay Free/12 Guns on the Roof/13 Police and Thieves/14 Julies In the Drug Squad/15 Capitol Radio One/16 Janie Jones/17 Garageland/18 Complete Control/19 London's Burning/20 White Riot/21 Rockers Galore (Rare B-Side)

"Yankee soldier, he wanna shoot some skag;
He met it in Cambodia but now he can't afford a bag"

"You gotta give the people something good to read on a Sunday

"Punk rockers in the UK, they won't notice anyway
They're all too busy fighting, for a good place
under the lighting"

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