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The Flo & Eddie Onslaught Continues

Longtime blog friend submits a live show from 1975, from the Bottom Line......Lou Reed guests on vocals
on "Walk on the Wild Side".........here are some details:
Is SKOTF (note: The Taper) going all "west coast" on us? Well, for this show, yeah. Flo & Eddie were in full
infantile comedy mode here, backed up by some really good rock and roll and a great band.
They were legally not allowed to call themselves The Turtles, but they are introduced as
Flo & Eddie and The Turtles and do a few Turtle classics. They break into spot-on versions
of wacky covers as part of their routines. Two things about this make it even more ridiculous.
One is that LOU REED (perhaps you have heard of him) joins them for an amazing version of
Walk On The Wild Side - no colored girls but some excellent backing vocalists! I have never
heard of this outside of the Archive - my sense is that it is very rare. And it isn't just
cool - it's truly great. The other crazy thing is that they also do All My Friends Are
Getting Married, a Skyhooks cover. I saw Skyhooks when I was 13 (they were banned in
Australia!) and it left quite an impression. When I heard the band break into this I
ran downstairs to look at my Ego Is Not A Dirty Word album and was shocked, SHOCKED,
when it turned out to be a Skyhooks original. This is in mono with a bit of tape hiss,
but it is way-listenable - a fine recording.


Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman - vocals
Phil Reed - guitar
Andy Cahan - keyboards
Erik Scott - bass
Craig Krampf - drums

Special guest:
Lou Reed - vocals on 14

Tracks: (5-7 is really one medley)

01. Intro / Cheap
02. It Ain't Me Babe
03. Kama Sutra Time
04. All My Friends Are Getting Married
05. Illegal, Immoral And Fattening
06. The Lights Go Down
07. You Showed Me / The Kung Fu Killer / Eddie, Are You Kidding? / The Pop Star Massage Unit
08. The Pop Star Massage Unit (Conclusion)
09. The Sanzini Brothers Return
10. Livin' In The Jungle
11. Livin' In The Jungle (Conclusion)
12. Band Intros
13. Do You Like My New Car / Pinball Wizard
14. Walk On The Wild Side (with Lou Reed)
15. Happy Together
16. She'd Rather Be With Me

Thanks to John Baker, please keep the great shares a comin!


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