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Bad Brains

One of the great hardcore punk albums of the early 1980's, came from Washington DC's Bad Brains......it
would be worth it simply for "Pay to Cum", but that's about a tenth of it......their dense, hardpunk/reggae was unique and great. This is their best album, I have them all I think, ask if you have a special request for one/more.


1."Sailin' On"1:55
2."Don't Need It"1:07
4."The Regulator"1:08
5."Banned in D.C."2:12
6."Jah Calling" (live in studio)2:31
8."Leaving Babylon"4:10

9."Fearless Vampire Killers"1:07
11."Big Take Over"2:57
12."Pay to Cum(live in studio)1:25
13."Right Brigade"2:27
14."I Luv I Jah" (live in studio)6:22
15."Intro"/16. "Outro"

NOTE: There has been an important addendum placed with the "Older UK Band" post......might want to check it out while you can!

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