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Siena Root

"A Dream of Lasting Peace" is album 7 from the back-to-basics rockers, Siena Root.....hailing from
Sweden, this band has been of interest for sometime......here is a brief review......thanks to Fabio for this one

With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act gained in more than 400 live shows, Swedish root rock bandSiena Root is releasing their seventh album due to production-related reasonsNOW on May 26, 2017, with Hänsel & Gretel/MIG Music. The cover artwork of „A Dream of Lasting Peace“ was designed by Sofia Sagerberg, Patrik Kindwall and Siena Root.
The bandCONTINUED their passionate quest for analog sounds. With a superb result: The new album shines with heavy drum grooves, solid bass riffs, screaming guitar/organ dogfights and powerhouse vocals.
The first single “Tales Of Independence” is going to be released on March 9, 2017.

  1. Secrets
  2. Tales Of Independence
  3. Sundown
  4. The Piper Won’t Let You Stay
  5. Outlander
  6. Growing Underground
  7. Empty Streets
  8. No Filters
  9. Imaginarium
  10. The Echoes Unfold

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