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RIP Chris Cornell

If ever a voice were born to belt out heavy rock vocals, for my money it was Chris Cornell's
(Soungarden)....he sadly took his own life this week, which is always additionally sad as we understand how much pain the deceased was in...he will be missed....

Soundgarden made a pair od classic grung/metal albums in the 1990's, "Badmotorfinger" and "Superunknown"....I have decided not to post those however, likely few who would be interested already have them......but the two earlier efforts included here might be of interest.

1988's "Ultra Mega OK" is a fine album, "grunge" to the maximum three years before anyone used the term....the album mixes metal, punk, and psych to create the seeds of a new sound......I always wondered if Soundgarden were like Blue Oyster Cult or Wolfmother or Monster Magnet, where we cannot tell if they are REALLY serious or halfway satirizing, but they rock so hard it matters not....this album contains good tunes like "Circle of Power", but also has a few deliberate odd ball numbers, see "665", "667", and "One Minute of Silence".....if interested in the roots of Soundgarden, this is the one.

"Louder Than Love" is more mainstream, heavied up a bit and sounding maybe a little less "grungy", but still a fab album (supposed original title: "Louder Than Fuck"), with the great "Big Dumb Sex" and "Hands All Over".

Soundgarden were a great, great band, at least up through "Superunknown" an occasionally afterwards....they were also fantastic live, I've got a few boots I'll put up later if I think of it. The two albums here, though, are essential listening.

Goodbye Chris Cornell......I wish your time with us would have been happier, and I hope you are at peace now......thanks for the great hard rocking tunes.

Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Andrew Wood, Layne Stayley, Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland.......the great singers of the early 90's are leaving us in record numbers.

Don't forget the work they left behind.

Links in comments

ULTRAMEGA OK-01 Flower/02 All Your Lies/03 665/04 Beyond the Wheel/05 667/06 Mood For Trouble/07 Circle of Power/08 He Didn't/09 Smokestack Lightning/10 Nazi Driver/11 Head Injury/12 Incessant mace/13 One Minute of Silence


1."Ugly Truth" Chris Cornell5:26
2."Hands All Over" Kim Thayil6:00
3."Gun" Cornell4:42
4."Power Trip" Hiro Yamamoto4:11
5."Get on the Snake" Thayil3:44
6."Full on Kevin's Mom" Cornell3:37
7."Loud Love" Cornell4:57
8."I Awake"Kate McDonaldYamamoto4:21
9."No Wrong No Right" Yamamoto4:48
10."Uncovered" Cornell4:32
11."Big Dumb Sex" Cornell4:11
12."Full On (Reprise)"

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