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Scott's Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz, Part 16

Home stretch for these comps, unless some one sends me a third huge torrent ("Grandsons?") of little known
classics like these......up to letter "R" today, with another truckload full of buzz-fuzz outbursts, with no overlap with the "R" volume of the first "Garage Fuzz" series.......thanks to you all for DL'ing/enjoying these, and thanks, once again, to James for creating them, a spectacular effort, superhuman damn near.

PART 16-01 RAVEINS-The Edge of Time/02 RAIK'S PROGRESS-Sewer Rat Love Chant/03 RAINMAKERS-Tell Her No/04 RAINY DAYS-I Can Only Give You Everything/05 RANDY & THE REST-Confusion/06 RANGER SOUND-Ricordami/07 RAPIDS-Seven Little Numbers/08 RASPUTIN AND THE MONKS-Roadrunner/09 RAVENZ-Just Like I Want Her/10 RAY BROWN & THE WHISPERS-Ain't It Strange/11 RENAISSANCE-That Someone Isn't Me/12 RENEGADES-Thirteen
Women/13 RESTLESS FEELINS-A Million Things/14 REVELLS-I Feel Lonely/15 RHYTHMS-Every Time/16 RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-Nasty/17 RICHIE BRUCE-Plan My Life/18 RICK & RON WITH THE VICTORS-Let the Good Times Roll/19 RIOT SQUAD-Not a Great Talker/20 RISING TIDES-Little Girls/21 ROADRUNNERS-I Love the Way You Love/22 ROB ROYS-Do You Girl/23 ROCK GARDEN-You Got Me Signed/24 ROCK-A-GO-GO'S-I'm Out to Win you Over/25 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Flash & Crash/26 ROGUES-Train Kept a Rollin'/27 ROJAY & FABOR-We're On the Move Now/28 ROUND ROBIN-I'm the Wolfman/29 RUFF FRANCIS & THE ILLUSIONS-Misery Loves Company/30 RUINS-She Doesn't Understand/31 RUSSELL HARVEY & THE ROGUES-Keep a

This particular volume is one of the best of either series, IMHO.......


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