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Starting off in an odd direction, perhaps

OK, Fabio sends the latest effort from a band this 55-year old listened to in 5th grade, kind of afraid of what this is gonna sound like......but like Fabio says, "A band that needs no presentation Hawkwind".....well, he's right there.....what this sounds like is anyone's guess, but I guess my curiosity is spiked a bit.

So here is their latest effort "Into the Woods".......I wonder if they latch onto current stoner type trends or what......should be of interest.

Hawkwind - Into the Woods (2017) 
01. Into the Woods.mp3
02. Cottage in the Woods.mp3
03. The Woodpecker.mp3
04. Have You Seen Them.mp3
05. Ascent.mp3
06. Space Ship Blues.mp3
07. The Wind.mp3                                                                                                            
08. Vegan Lunch.mp3
09. Magic Scenes.mp3
10. Darkland.mp3
11. Wood Nymph.mp3
12. Deep Cavern.mp3
13. Magic Mushroom.mp3

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